Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mother's Day! I Love You Mom...

First giving honor to God who is indeed the head of my life... To all Mothers that may come across this blog, greetings. I pray that all is well with you and that you are truly enjoying the day that is designated to recognize the true beauty of your life and the influence that you have on others, particularly your children...

I am so blessed to have a dynamic, spirit filled, intelligent, talented, giving, gorgeous, and loving Mother... I guess that I am more fortunate to have obtained life after she gained a few years of experience in parenting and caring for youth. Thanks Eric =^) --- Since the late 80's, it has been proven to me that she is the best for the responsibility and that her concern is always for other people, never herself.

Many people in the world would long for the relationship between a son and a Mother that mirrors the current relationship my Mom and I have. There are no boundaries, limitations, or lost words. Our conversations are uplifting for one another and we always seem to sew in the life of the other individual. From being raised then at home to traveling the road abroad now, we have evolved into a partnership that is joined together by the will of God. We have grown to a spiritual consistency that is powerful amongst many men. And, we are learning how to better the human race simply from our interaction.

Thankfully I am blessed to have a Mother that does not need any special recognition on a specific calendar day. My Mom knows that I love her regardless of what the world says or celebrates. Thankfully I am blessed to have a Mother that doesn't determine how much of her love she will give based on my imperfections. My Mom gives to me without question and accepts my faults, and instead of criticizing... she prays for me. Thankfully I am blessed to have a Mother that is God fearing and doesn't need a visual confirmation to understand her duties in the world. My Mom gives me timely advice on any and every situation... and not one time have I come to her and she not had the answer. That is a true blessing.

What exactly is a Mother other than the person that births a child? Well a Mother is a nurturer, a teacher, a provider, a comforter, a listener, a director, an example, and more importantly a friend with benefits. A Mother for some reason, is a person that knows all the answers well before a child tells them anything. A Mother for some reason is the most patient and understanding with her kids, seeing the future of their lives long before the child even thinks about it. A Mother for some reason is un-movable when the world hits, well at least mine is.

The reason we go through things in life will never be revealed while we are going through it. So as I sit here, unable to do something extravagant for my Mom, I carry on with no worries. As I sit and think about all the things that I would like to give my Mom that I can't, I carry on with no worries. And as I set here wondering what she will think when she reads this, I still carry on with no worries. Why? Because I know that my Mom will love me regardless of what I do and I know that she will appreciate my efforts and purpose above anything materialistic.

So Mom as you read this, I want you to know that there will never be another Mother on this Earth like you! This to many may seem like a vague statement, but to me this is quite true. You have been in my corner when no one else was. You have helped me out when no one else would. And you have loved me when no one else could... Without you, I would not be half the person that I am today. God has definitely shown great favor in my life, with you being the first gift that he expressed this action with.

Listening to the stories of how I wasn't supposed to make it through birth and hearing the stories about how I acted in my youngest days, I am so blessed that God lined us up. Though I may not be able to give you half of what you deserve Mom, I pray that you understand my life is dedicated to making your life better, and allowing you to reach the goals and achieve the dreams that you so wish to see. As long as God gives me breath, I promise to do all that I can to ensure that you will live a life reflective of all that you have done to make others better.

I hope that you will celebrate your life more so than just a day designed to be celebrated. You deserve the world, so allow God to give you as much of it as he has planned. I will call you later! I love you more than you will ever know! Thanks for being the best Mom that anyone could be! One day soon I will shower you with things I feel you deserve. Hold on for a little while longer. My life will be reflective of the great plan God has for us! My prayers and thoughts are with you! Be blessed and walk into your blessings! God is so good!

Happy Mother's Day Mom! 

Friday, November 30, 2012

DAILY THOUGHT #98 "Where are We Going?"

"Determining the Destination and Getting Up and Going are the easy part... Figuring out the signs and  staying on the right path, that takes focus... Are you mentally prepared?"

Hello there my people! How are you? I hope that all is well with you... I am fine, just dealing with the daily tests of life hoping to better myself and those around me. We each should tackle our circumstances in that manner. I believe when we have a spirit to be positive and improve ourselves regardless of the stature of the problem, we will be better off in the long run.

Do you ever get upset with yourself? Do you ever feel that there is so much more that you could be doing with you life? Well I think that it is safe to say that I was recently in a similar mood. For some reason I had a "liver's block"... Now don't get this confused and assume that I am talking about my liver, that's in my body... Yes I've had a few drinks in my day, but not enough to have a liver block (laughing to myself on the inside). Just like an author or lyricist that seems to go blank in the brain for a period of time, I kinda did that with my life.

A person of my faith and personality lives by the signs given on an everyday basis. From things such as conversations, commercials, events, newspapers, work, practicing my religion, meditating and socializing I receive my answers to the many questions of life... even those that haven't been asked yet. But the task of processing the information and applying it to situations in life is where the difficulty emerges. Sometimes there are so many thoughts that you can't seem to register which would be best for that moment in time. And if you are quick to become overwhelmed, thinking at a pace that I do might be detrimental to you.

Eventually, thanks to the big man in the sky... we receive revelation on how things should be in our lives. We get the answers that we seek so much. I came to a realization that you really do get everything that you ask for, it just may come at a time that you didn't expect it or it may be presented in a form that is completely different from what you may have originally imagined.

Why do we desire things? Why do we wish to be categorized in our methods? I believe that people seek to be different in everything that they do, but never to the extent of alienating ones self from the approval of others. Life since the beginning of time has revolved around appeal. Because of this we constantly find our international community at a stand still economically and extremely chaotic in the realm of peace and war. If we took time to examine, compare and execute we would find ourselves living much easier and more successful lives, this I genuinely believe.

So the questions arises today "Where are We Going?"... What is next on the plate of the human society? What expectations and limitations will we set as a people. A lot of times we seem to forget that everything is for a reason. Think about your ears; they are on both sides of your head, so that they can work with your eyes in contemplating things going on around you that you may not be able to see and as well so that you sound might be balanced from all angles. Who and what are you listening to? I hope your heart and those that wish the very best for you.

Obstacles come like night and day.. Just as solutions appear all the time like the change of gasoline prices. We just have to have enough will power to actually speak against how our flesh wants to feel when things don't go the way that we would want them to. Because our leaders have become so selfish, we are forced to deal with decisions that are not always feasible to the life styles which we want to live... but does this mean that it's the end of the world? No... there is always some form of delivery on the other end you just have to be willing to receive it.

So from this moment forward do me a favor... map out where you plan to go: emotionally, physically, financially, romantically, educationally, and especially spiritually and watch how things come to fruition in your life... this I promise you! Be considerate to the feelings of others and be compassionate to the issues of the world. Poverty, racism, starvation, segregation, violence and killing still consume the majority of our society. I f we walk forward with a will do attitude and true compassion to love our fellow man we will see everyone financially satisfied and in harmony. Speak to someone that you don't know. Peace...


Thursday, October 25, 2012

DAILY THOUGHT #97 "Who's Traveling With You?"

"If you're going to bring someone along, make sure they fit your mood... If you are going to go along, make sure your mood fits the destination!"

Greetings. We have made it to the middle of the week, I know that you are very excited. I'm so excited that my fingers are moving super fast just typing this. We are only a few days away from the best HBCU Classic on Earth... The Magic City Classic, between the Alabama A&M University Bulldogs and our nemesis the Alabama State University, whatever they are =^) Hey! It's classic week, I had to get at least one joke in. If you plan to travel down to the game in Birmingham, I wish you traveling grace and I can't wait to see you there.

Where are we going nowadays? Where do our ambitions carry us to? How far is to far away in the eye of life's journey? I personally know that I am seeking rest in my life... I want to be peaceably happy. I want to be secure in my finances, active in my community, engaged with all citizens and proactive with my gifts and abilities. Though it may seem like a lot, it's really not. These are simply the things that we should be doing on a daily basis anyways.

Ever had that moment where you just needed a little extra boost in order to get something done? Ever had to get that word from that very close friend as a source of motivation? I know that I have. When I marched in the band at A&M, I loved going to Friday night rehearsals because I knew everyone would be extra "crunk" (excited and of high enthusiasm) and it would push me to play even harder and with more intensity. This was a rush that made me feel complete as a bandsmen. It would not have been the same if I were by myself.

Imagine being the only member of the U.S. Army... Who do you think would fear you? More than likely, no one. Let's compare this to life. Someone had to feed you, clothe you, and bathe you... Someone showed you how to walk, play your favorite sport and to read and write... someone taught you the lessons of love and friendship and someone showed you the things that you don't care for in life whether intentional or not... So why do we believe that we should just do things on our own?

Now for many people, they have come to the realization that others are needed in life to be successful and knowledgeable. However most people struggle with finding the right influence needed to grow and prosper in the world. So many times, positive people have their lives turned around simply because they choose to hang with the wrong crowd. I like to tell my students all the time "Stand out instead of fitting in!" With this attitude you learn to set standards for everything that is involved in your daily walk. When you set standards you create a minimum level of expectation for everything that you share your time with.

As you move into the coming phases of your life recognize that you are what you eat. Ever noticed how eating certain things leaves a lingering smell on your breathe? Well hanging around certain people has the same effect. We as humans are influenced by what we see and hear. So understand that whatever you keep around you consistently will eventually become apart of your life. Surround yourself with positive, uplifting things and all will be well for you.

A mentor of mine told me that there is good in every situation regardless of how bad it may seem. So if you desire to walk with a certain crew... learn from miscommunication, learn from great experiences and most importantly... learn from the actions of other and observe everything that you can in order to travel prosperously. Speak to someone you don't know. Peace.


Tuesday, October 23, 2012

DAILY THOUGHT #96 "The Morning After"

"Don't wake up with regrets... It's not worth it!"

Hello there my people! How are you this fine Tuesday? I pray that all is well with everyone. I am doing well, just going through the day best I can. "Although it's difficult... sometimes we have to realize that being the bigger person is a necessity. Even when you don't want to mend broken issues, we must remember that if there is no bandage the pain will continuously linger in the form of a undesired memory."

Moving on... Am I the only one that was amazed by the order of the Presidential Debate last night? Man... this moderator wasn't playing any games. It reminds me a lot of the current schools systems across our nation. The same kids (candidates), but different attitudes and behaviors for different teachers (moderator). Why is it such a hard task for people to conduct themselves accordingly in all places? Why are we so inferior to positivity? These are questions that I seek answers for on a daily basis.

What is the motivation of the everyday human? Eat, sleep and see what's sparking up the world I guess... I figure I'd be asking too much for our motivation to involve: constant self meditation, common generosity, equality, 100% effort, and consistency in promises. One day...

Our world is faced with so many afflictions. Did you ever think that situations as such don't just fall out of the sky? Something leads to everything. Remember that. In recent weeks, I've found myself reflecting on the aftermath before the occurrence... Yeah, take a second and let that sink in. When you are intelligent enough to analyze the results before something happens, there is a far better opportunity that you will be happy with the outcome.

Now I'd be untruthful if I told you that I don't let things get to me or that I've never done something that I regret... But I would be doing a dis-service to myself and others if I didn't mention ways to prevent similar instances from happening. We have the power to control so many things with our mind and our tongue. We just have to be brave enough to trust our feelings and carry out our ambitious desires.

How many times have you done something to a friend and grew to regret what you did? You feel beneath yourself and you seek instant reconciliation... When we begin treating every person on the earth with the same regard we give to our friends, regardless of the circumstance... Our living situations will be so much better.

I don't want to prolong this blog, because the topic is very simple. Remember this... Although things may be in good standings now, that does not mean it will be that way forever. If you are doing things for the good and nothing is working out... remain steadfast in your quest to find answers. If you are doing things for the bad and everything is working out... be certain that a gust of wind that will knock completely off course is headed your way very soon! Do what you know is right and worthwhile. Have a memorable purpose that will last in the minds and hearts of all people, even after you are dead and gone. This attitude will propel you to unimaginable heights. Trust me. Be blessed and speak to someone you don't know today! "The Morning After" will be great if you do so! Peace...


Monday, October 22, 2012

DAILY THOUGHT #95 "How Long Will It Take?"

"Do something to make things better in your life... It's up to you!"

Hello there my people! How are you? I pray that all is well with you! I a doing wonderfully. Today is my birthday, so I am more blessed than grateful to see another year and continue this walk towards my God given purpose. Seeing that I plan to become President of the United States (#46), it's just amazing that the 1st Black President's final Presidential Debate falls on the day I was born. Be sure that you tune in tonight and witness both candidates. Also, make sure you get out and voice your opinion about the direction of our nation by voting. But, more importantly, open your heart and mind to receive the signs God wants to give you!

Symbolism is an acquired gift in my eyes. Because we are humans, we tend to view our surroundings based on our emotions and experiences, instead of actually embracing that which is before us. How do you embrace what's before you? Very simple, just engage! Because of fear we don't speak to one another, we avoid asking and answering questions and we tend to not trust and mistreat our abilities. Life was not designed to give us all the answers automatically, but neither was it designed for us to live in a manner of fear, complacency and complete misunderstanding.

I am so thankful for the relationship that I have developed with my inner-self over the years. Because I have learned to relax my mind and spirit, I am able to jump the hurdles of life with a little more ease. Many times we are turned down for things, just to see if we will continue seeking our desires. I like to call that the test of life. Just this morning, I went to the library at Huntsville High School to use the internet. The librarian told me there was no computer with access, seeing that all the students have laptops now. I then went to the front office. They suggested the library....right. So then I decided to walk around and amazingly I found a computer lab with internet access. This is the kicker though, as I began to introduce myself to the teacher in the room, she informed me that we met already when I spoke at her church, while running for the School Board. Crazy how things work out.

While I was in New Orleans this weekend, I had plenty of time to think... clear my head, and prepare myself for the many ambitious goals that I wish to accomplish before the end of 2012. I was also able to see the beauty of marriage, the consequences of being disobedient and the satisfaction of doing what you love to do and getting paid for it. Why can't everyday be like that? Why is it so difficult to simply enjoy life? This is something that I would ask everyday... now I don't have to anymore.

See what you must remember is this... there is someone who is greater than anything else ever to grace this planet, the Creator. What we must realize is that he has a plan that only he knows. Once we come to that resolution, we then must understand that we each have a unique purpose in the fulfillment of that plan. Then we must also understand that somedays we will be in the dark as far as what we should do. Other days we will feel there is no purpose for us to even exist... but the moment when things seem to be amazing we must understand that it was only a gift of grace.

Many people say that world peace is impossible. I totally disagree. Where there is respect, there is peace. Many people believe that our economy will never be balanced again.. definately not a surplus. Once again I totally disagree. Where there is opportunity, there is action. Many people believe that there is no way to be happy everyday of your life. I have learned over the past few weeks... that I totally, absolutely disagree. Remeber people, there were times when people survived with none of the things we are fortunate to have today. There are times when people survive with no access to understand what was going on in the world. And of course there are times when people may have everything taken away from them, but their life... that is mercy!

So I ask you today... "How Long Will It Take?" for us to realize that we have so many wonderful things going for us... to realize that the world is at our fingertips, we just have to grab it... to realize that we can get along with any person in the world, we just have to have the heart and mind to do so... and to realize that life and all it's situations are what you make it! Be the master of what transpires in your life. Think positively, have endurance and always believe that the best will come and it will be apart of you! All is well my people. Thank you for reading. Tell a friend about the blog and speak to someone you don't know!


Sunday, September 2, 2012

Sunday Reflection #12 "A Woman to Cherish"

"Pain endured from birth increases love to unimaginable heights... it is our duty to cherish that endurance and carry on the responsibility of love, just as a Mother carries her child until time to debut to the world!"

Hello there my people. I hope that all is well with you. I am blessed and thankful to see yet another day. College football season has started and the Labor Day weekend is underway. I can't help but to be happy regardless of how the enemy attempts to attack me. I heard something on TV the other day. A man stated: 'Even when you are upset, if you smile... you will be in a good mood!' Think about that as you face your challenges of the week. I promise you will see positive results.

It's been a while since I last did a Sunday Reflection, but I felt today was especially important so I had to do one. For those who are unfamiliar with the difference in my posts, a Daily THOUGHT is an expression of worldly situations and how to cope with them... Whereas a Sunday Reflection gives reverence to the almighty and how he works in the world. We are so blessed to have a Father who is merciful and everlasting. The gifts that he provide will never be compared to the works of man.

What does it mean to cherish something? Does it mean that you care for it dearly? Or does it mean that you care for it so much that you would never let it go? I believe that cherish has several interpretations. Some may view cherish as a term that represents voluntary sacrifice... meaning because you cherish something you would do anything for it. Others may view cherish as a reflective term... meaning it's nothing to really be handled physically, but admired and adored emotionally and mentally. Either way in order to cherish something it must be of worth.

We find ourselves as humans searching daily for an answer to the questions of life. Never satisfied with what we have, we search for something that we can call our own and be proud of to possess. We endure many hardships, hoping to find that ounce of completion in materialistic things and approval of our peers, to the point where we forget the simple blessings which we had been granted since birth. But how can you cherish something that you know nothing about? What if I had been separated from the acts of love when I was born? What if I was conceived into a world of negativity and lack of opportunity? What do I do then?

Many times we struggle in life because we don't know where to look for the answers. Or when we look for them, we become impatient simply because things don't move when we would want them to. If you haven't realized by now I am here to tell you, that your journey was not meant to be traveled swiftly... but it was meant to be paved that others will be touched by and follow your trail. What are you doing to create a pathway of harmony and success in your environment. What are you praying for on a daily basis?

Well I will tell you all one thing that I pray about everyday... and that's how thankful I am to have a real Mother in my life... "A Woman to Cherish". She has been my backbone in so many difficult situations. She has mentored me through so many circumstances. She has shared with me so much information that has been beneficial to my intelligence. She has cared for me in my lowest hours. And most importantly she has given me the space and encouragement to become just what God has destined for me. If I were to tell some people the things that go through my head on a daily basis, it would make them perceive that I am a fool or some crazy psycho who needs some form of medical attention. These same things however, when shared with my Mother, are door openers that help me to understand how to deal with the spiritual warfare of our international society... as well symbolism that proves I was selected from a special tree of life that I should be extremely proud of and thankful for.

Whenever I decide to find the woman that I will spend the rest of my life with, I hope that she will resemble the spirit, humility, beauty, work ethic, intellect, humor, dedication, determination and love of my Mother! Anything less won't do. Many woman do not understand how powerful their responsibility is to the world. I thank God that my Mother accepts the adversities of life and meets them with prayer, positive outlook, and the power of Jesus Christ that each of us have down on the inside... waiting to be released. She has blessed my life abundantly and I only hope that in my lifetime I will have made her proud.

As you go forth in your daily routines, take time to think about the important women in your life. My Mother and I will talk for hours even when we intended to ask one question and get of the phone... but that's love. If you cherish something, don't let that be vocal alone... make it known through your actions. Be patient and faithful in your endeavors and all your desire will be met and all will be well. Thank God for the little things that you have and watch how many great things he will send your way! My Mother taught me that. Happy Birthday Mama! I love you. Speak to someone you don't know people. Peace...


Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Daily THOUGHT #94 "Respecting the Battlefield"

"Sized in variations and structured with several interpretations, seeking similar manifestations...though different in appearance we are the same in creation...where have our minds gone?"

Hello there my people! How are you? I am very well and blessed to be living. We must give thanks for the simple things in order to learn appreciation. Once this is done, the larger things will fall into place before you know it. Be sure that you are truly ready for that which you seek.

Well it's the morning after elections in Huntsville, Alabama. I would like to extend a warm congratulations to all of those that submitted themselves to stand as a public servant for the citizens where they are located. I also would like to extend the hand of job well done to the winners of the race. I wish you well in your endeavors and I pray that you will make decisions that are best for all people equally. Thank you to those that supported! God bless you!

Life will place upon us several opportunities where we could grow to hate something. Hate however is such a strong and negative term. Used so often, many would think that it is a regularity to the make up of society. There is rarely a time when you aren't surrounded by someone who hates something, even if it is something as simple as mustard on a sandwich. Over the years I have learned that you don't have to like something, but indeed you should respect it. Why is that? Why should I respect something that I don't care for? It's simple, because there are things that we do in our lives that others wouldn't agree with...but because we are still people, we expect people to treat us accordingly regardless of what we may think personally.

For centuries, Blacks have had to deal with the issue of color as being a hurdle in scholastic advancement, career choice, economic status and even living conditions. As a grade school student, my father would tell me all the time that I would have to work harder than the next guy if I wanted to go far in this country, simply because of the color of my skin. Don't be mis-guided now...this isn't simply because the White man would work against me, but because my own kind would do the same.

We find ourselves discouraged when something we regard in a highly manner is torn down or revealed to be something other than what it truly is. Let's take the death of Martin Luther King, Jr. When this event rang out across the world, Blacks begin to divide. "We can never expect to progress when we collectively are not on one accord." It doesn't matter what you are professing if you don't have a level playing field. It doesn't matter how well you can do something, if no one can see you do it. It doesn't matter how great of a plan you have, if you don't have the resources to execute.

Because humans are distracted by the materialistic things of society and inspired by the approval of others, we miss so much in life. Now clearly I am not of fan of fitting in with the crowd. I would much rather stand out. But, I must respect the fact that everyone isn't as mentally independent as I am. If I want them to understand me, I must be able to present my foundational essentials in attempts to collectively move forward. As well I must show them respect for their own interpretations.

When going into battle, regardless of your mission and the purpose of that must create a level playing field. When things are not equal across the board, you can not expect similar results. Poverty stricken areas suffer educationally and occupationally. Does that mean the smartest person in the city can't still reside there? Does that mean the best athlete can't be born there? Does that mean that every citizen in that area is depressed or strung out on drugs? just means they don't have the level playing field to get where they need to be.

Remember that in life when you truly have a passion to do something, the time will come. However when things stand in front of you to prevent your destiny, your faith and trust must grow even stronger. Life's hardships are designed to work as stepping stones. Step over your struggles and propel your heart and mind into battle for all things that are good! And when you are in a bad situation, don't be angry because others are in great conditions. Don't become jealous because you feel you deserve something and didn't get it. And please don't be spiteful and take things out on others when things don't go your way. Simply respect the fact that something happen to make things the way they are. There is obviously another mission at hand for you. Treasure that responsibility; do that well and then your desires will be more than you would ever imagine. Get ready for war people! And be sure to fight the good fight! Peace...