Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Daily THOUGHT #94 "Respecting the Battlefield"

"Sized in variations and structured with several interpretations, seeking similar manifestations...though different in appearance we are the same in creation...where have our minds gone?"

Hello there my people! How are you? I am very well and blessed to be living. We must give thanks for the simple things in order to learn appreciation. Once this is done, the larger things will fall into place before you know it. Be sure that you are truly ready for that which you seek.

Well it's the morning after elections in Huntsville, Alabama. I would like to extend a warm congratulations to all of those that submitted themselves to stand as a public servant for the citizens where they are located. I also would like to extend the hand of job well done to the winners of the race. I wish you well in your endeavors and I pray that you will make decisions that are best for all people equally. Thank you to those that supported! God bless you!

Life will place upon us several opportunities where we could grow to hate something. Hate however is such a strong and negative term. Used so often, many would think that it is a regularity to the make up of society. There is rarely a time when you aren't surrounded by someone who hates something, even if it is something as simple as mustard on a sandwich. Over the years I have learned that you don't have to like something, but indeed you should respect it. Why is that? Why should I respect something that I don't care for? It's simple, because there are things that we do in our lives that others wouldn't agree with...but because we are still people, we expect people to treat us accordingly regardless of what we may think personally.

For centuries, Blacks have had to deal with the issue of color as being a hurdle in scholastic advancement, career choice, economic status and even living conditions. As a grade school student, my father would tell me all the time that I would have to work harder than the next guy if I wanted to go far in this country, simply because of the color of my skin. Don't be mis-guided now...this isn't simply because the White man would work against me, but because my own kind would do the same.

We find ourselves discouraged when something we regard in a highly manner is torn down or revealed to be something other than what it truly is. Let's take the death of Martin Luther King, Jr. When this event rang out across the world, Blacks begin to divide. "We can never expect to progress when we collectively are not on one accord." It doesn't matter what you are professing if you don't have a level playing field. It doesn't matter how well you can do something, if no one can see you do it. It doesn't matter how great of a plan you have, if you don't have the resources to execute.

Because humans are distracted by the materialistic things of society and inspired by the approval of others, we miss so much in life. Now clearly I am not of fan of fitting in with the crowd. I would much rather stand out. But, I must respect the fact that everyone isn't as mentally independent as I am. If I want them to understand me, I must be able to present my foundational essentials in attempts to collectively move forward. As well I must show them respect for their own interpretations.

When going into battle, regardless of your mission and the purpose of that must create a level playing field. When things are not equal across the board, you can not expect similar results. Poverty stricken areas suffer educationally and occupationally. Does that mean the smartest person in the city can't still reside there? Does that mean the best athlete can't be born there? Does that mean that every citizen in that area is depressed or strung out on drugs? just means they don't have the level playing field to get where they need to be.

Remember that in life when you truly have a passion to do something, the time will come. However when things stand in front of you to prevent your destiny, your faith and trust must grow even stronger. Life's hardships are designed to work as stepping stones. Step over your struggles and propel your heart and mind into battle for all things that are good! And when you are in a bad situation, don't be angry because others are in great conditions. Don't become jealous because you feel you deserve something and didn't get it. And please don't be spiteful and take things out on others when things don't go your way. Simply respect the fact that something happen to make things the way they are. There is obviously another mission at hand for you. Treasure that responsibility; do that well and then your desires will be more than you would ever imagine. Get ready for war people! And be sure to fight the good fight! Peace...


Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Daily THOUGHT #93 "Going Through to Get Through"

"In this maze called life if we view it as it is viewed from the top...All will be well."

Hello there my people. How are you? I am blessed and highly favored in the Lord, and proud of it. So much is going on where I am. School has let back in for both our grade level systems and our local universities. The temperature is beginning to produce cooler nights and the enthusiasm of politics is definitely in the air. What else is there to want? With band, I mean football season =^) right around the corner I know that the remainder of this year will bring much excitement and opportunity for all those that wish to have it.

Since the beginning of 2012, I can say that I have read more this year than any year previously. Now don't get it mis-understood. Of course I've read more collectively in the other years of my life than just 2012, but on a year by year ratio, I've read more this year than any other single year of reading totals. "The only way to expand the brain is by expanding your surroundings. When you don't have a way to get anywhere from where you are, allow a great book or reading passage to take you there." I've found through reading, many emotions can be centered and several ideas will be developed.

Why do writers write? Why do preachers preach? And why in the world do we go through so much to get somewhere? These have all been questions of my life for quite sometime. Because of wreckless driving, cities have now added speed bumps in communities that at times tear your car up and really keep you from moving smoothly to your destination. Because of terrorist attacks, the screening process to board a plane has extended intensively and many people have grown to feel violated just to travel to a place where going by vehicle would be obsolete. But what about the people who suffer simply because they are in the situation? Where is the justification to that?

Many of us can reflect on times in grade school where the teacher would tell us that the good have to suffer with the bad. As a young child it was very difficult for me to gather a reason to why I had to be punished for the mis-actions of my fellow peers. As I have gotten older, I understand that I have a responsibility as well and if I don't do my part...there is room for error that will effect everyone that is involved.

People so often forget that the motives of humans are derived from our emotions. How we act towards others, how we execute our initiatives, how we create and develop relationships, and simply how we govern our everyday lives is based on emotions. "By failing to be one with our emotions, we will succumb to the happenings of earth." Reggie what does that mean you ask? Well let me tell you...Each day we are placed in situations through the course of life. In those situations we deal with personal circumstances. God and Satan work through others to amplify or deplenish our feelings. How we react emotionally is how we will function as an individual. Got it?

People if you didn't know that we are used in both lights, you better get on board and understand. Let's examine this...Many times you will be going through something in life and have no idea where you will get the answer from, but because you humbled yourself to the incident you opened a door to receive humility in the same light. When this happens your answer will come from anywhere but from where you expected. I find myself so many times confused about what I should do about a particular situation, but because I humble myself...whether it be through a friend, a stranger, a commercial, a song that happens to come on, or even someones conversation I get my answer. Whereas when I'm in a situation and allow the situation to get the best of me, I find myself being surrounded by everything but positivity and a solution.

We must understand, as I have written several times before, that the seeds we sow will definitely reap. And often that reaping is way sooner than you think. By exposing an ill attitude you attract an ill attitude. By exposing sincerity and joy, you become surrounded by the same. Now does this mean that everything will be perfect because you are doing well? No, but it does mean that what you reap from being positive in a negative atmosphere will be more impactful than your dreaded experience, which righteously could have gotten the best of you!

We must learn to find a resting place in our emotions. We must learn to sit still in the midst of our daily storms and we also must learn that you have to get hit in order to be able to withstand getting hit! If there is anything that you should remember from the blog today...Understand that you can't have a testimony without a test! You have to go through something to truly get somewhere. Take on life as a judgement process, but don't be distracted by the judges of the earth who really don't matter. Listen to the voice that will guide you into lights of harmony and peace. Work alongside others, so that when you go won't be as bad, you'll have someone there with you. "Going Through to Get Through"...a very simple statement with such powerful meaning. Keep pushing my people and you will reach your destinations. Make yourself last, but put yourself first. Think about that...It will set in one day. Peace...