Forever Birth Records, Inc.

Forever Birth Records, Inc. is an enterprise separated into 3 Branches.

Branch 1: "Success 4 the Future" Charity Foundation 4 Kids ages 3-18
"We understand that our species learns from the tender age, by copying what we see. We must move now to imbed in the brains of our youth, learning materials that will build a genius generation that understands the true foundation of the world & all the entities that make it up." -rjhii

"Success 4 the Future" will operate under the following 4 Guidelines: 1). Faith in God 2). Uplifting Education 3). No! 2 Violence 4). Sharing

With a foundation of such structure, students will be able to learn the essentials of character, teamwork, the economy & healthy occupations. Not only will this help the overall intellect of our youth, but by traveling & offering extra-curricular activities, students will gain an enjoyable experience that will create a lifetime of memories & a lifetime of change!

Branch 2: "The Completion College of Music, Industry & the Performing Arts"

Completion College is designed to serve as the Berklee of the South. It will afford Southern Citizens & low income families with the same opportunities of Fine Arts education that is offered at some of our nation's most prestigious institutions of higher learning. With degrees in all the standard ares of Music, Industry & the Performing Arts, Completion College will help flourish the talent of the South, all while contributing to the economic development of our region & nation. Completion College will also serve as a feeder to Branch 3 of Forever Birth Records, Inc.

"By establishing an institution of this caliber it will not only assist in the education of our international society, but also open doors of extreme business, networking & trade to the area of which it is constructed. An investment of this nature would create decades even centuries of success for any metropolitan area." -rjhii

Branch 3: "The Label"

The label has but a simple mission & that is:
To spread a good message through quality music; give back to the worldwide community & enjoy the blessings of the world.

It is my goal as the Chairman of the Board for "The Label" to produce music at it's highest level. This will therefore open the door to financial advancement, which will be used to sponsor Branches 1 & 2, as well bring back the teaching that is involved in music. Anyone who is knowledgeable of the Fine Arts, knows that music is the only universal language known to man. Regardless of our nationality or background, we can still understand the emotion or idea expressed in any particular work of music, as if we were all of some relation. Generations have been impacted by the message delivered by artists. It is my belief that we can raise willing musicians to again bring music back to the forefront of teaching instead of creating hostility, confusion & violence.
With Hopes of Making a Difference,

Reginald J. Hill, II
Forever Birth Records, Inc.
VP of Resources & Operations