Thursday, May 24, 2012

Daily THOUGHT #92 "Pomp and Circumstance"

"When musicians look at sheet music as just notes on a page, they misinterpret the delivery and purpose desired and created by the composer. All humans must view their lives in the same manner. Misunderstanding daily details will alter the manifestation of our destiny!"

Greetings! What a wonderful Thursday it is. I pray that everyone is doing well and making preparations for a very exciting and eventful weekend. How have things been for you thus far this week? Regardless of how you may answer, your determination will guide you to the feelings that you desire, only if you follow your determination. Push after your goals and make them happen, not just imagined.

Today marks 7 days and 7 years since I graduated from high school. Wanna know something else that's quite interesting? Let's look at the numeric dates... I graduated on 5/17/05 and today (graduation day for one of the kids I mentor) is 5/24/12... Well 5 x 5 = 25 and 2 + 5 = 7 (5 represents May); also 05 + 12 = 17 and 1 x 7 = 7 (05 and 12 are the years). Now what is so important about this you may ask? Well it's simple 7 is the number of perfection and to me "Pomp and Circumstance" is a perfect moment. Ironically my older brother graduated from high school in '92, that's which Daily THOUGHT this is.

Anyways... What does "Pomp and Circumstance" mean? Well the general definition implies that this is a splendid celebration with ceremony and fuss. Sir Edward Elgar viewed it as a musical expression worthy of exceptional regard. He wrote the very popular song that we hear today at graduations, originally for the coronation of King Edward VII. Well what do we have here... another 7 (VII). "I guess it's safe to say that some things line up in life well before any of us even step foot on earth."

When we think of circumstance, we must consider the old phrase, what goes around comes around. In a time of culmination or commencement, we must reflect from which we came. "Daily we graduate into the next moment of time, leaving behind memories that we will never see again but emotions that we can definitely embrace forever." What is there to celebrate in life with all the circumstances that surface as we attempt to go about our daily routines? What are we moving towards in our lives? Are we remaining stagnant? How do you embrace the same emotions that built your character, on a daily basis?

This is the season to push ideas. This is the time to fulfill purposes and develop habits that will follow you into upcoming years. As an educator one is exposed to so many life situations. Kids tell you stories that you would never imagine were possible, especially at such young stages of adolescence. Personally I think to myself, what in the world lead up to something like that happening? We find some kids only eat when they are at school. We see some kids who battle depression, simply because they can't fit in. We see others attempt so hard to be different, that they fail to fulfill the requirements needed to graduate. And more upsetting, we find kids who come to school just because they have to... with no ambition of doing anything with their lives. This is the circumstance that we must change!

I have always been amazed at the wardrobes that are present during some of our most celebrated events. We look at prom, weddings, graduations, coronations, balls and dances and various religious functions for examples. "When we want to, our people will dress to impress and create amazing atmospheres simply because of the attire." My challenge for each of you is to dress up every situation that may come your way. How do you do that? Well it's very easy... "When an occurrence finds you, whether good or bad, address it with analysis, concern, respect and the future in mind."

Never assume because something seems to be going well that it will remain that way for a lifetime. There are proper steps that one must demonstrate in order to keep things in positivity. We have the right to live, think and grow freely. Never restrain yourself from learning opportunities and social advancement. We, regardless of skin tone, origin, religion, age or social status are all under one makeup that originated long before anything that we know of today was thought to be in existence. We must remember this when we address or interact with our people.

To all of those who are participating in the graduation experience at this time, I wish you well in all your endeavors. I hope that you will often, reflect on the experiences you observed and absorbed before your commencement. Those memories will serve as lessons for you in the future. Take your mistakes as stepping stones and allow them to propel you to higher heights in your destiny. Take you accomplishments and use them as guides to who you truly are as well, evidence that you have the ability to accomplish whatever you put your mind to. I believe in you! Now believe in yourself, for that is all that really matters!

Be safe and speak to someone that you don't know. Peace...


Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Daily THOUGHT #91 "Give Me More!"

"If all your knowledge is received, instead of being gained or observed, your life will bring debts you could never imagine"

Greetings my people! How are you? I hope that all is well with everyone. It's Tuesday, so I know as things are starting to unveil you are preparing more and more for the end of the week. Be patient in your endeavors and all will pass before you know it. Take this time to get organized and place your priorities where they belong. This will qualify you for an all expense paid, productive week. The rest will solely be on your interpretation of and reaction to circumstances that may come your way.

So tell me this... when is too late? When do you feel is time to let things go? When must you pull the leash and take away any forms of freedom? These are questions that run through the minds of spouses, parents, teachers, employers, friends and even our enemies. "We as humans tend to put so much faith or confidence in the hands of others, to the point we over extend our expectations." Think about a love of your life that seemed to be perfect the moment that you laid eyes on that person... there could be no better match huh? Well everything seemed to be that way until you truly learned the ways of this individual. Then of course these feelings quickly and drastically transformed.

Those who are pet owners, particularly those with a dog, are familiar with walking their animal periodically. Usually, unless it's in some open field or vacant area of some sort, the owner will use a leash. "The use of the leash is simple symbolism of how much margin of freedom one should have and the power to take away that same right at anytime." When we encompass our emotions and allow them to direct our paths, we sometimes become too lenient or over protective with our ideas. When there is no balance of forces, this creates various altercations that will either end up in our favor or prelude to our doom.

Now don't let these words stir you up too much, because what we must realize is the control of our situations is in our hands. If humans would ever come to this realization, then the desire to be given something all the time will gradually descend. I like to refer to a phrase called "spoon feeding" all the time when I speak with young people. I inform them each time, that this is something I will not do for them regardless of the circumstance. Some may think that I'm not to nice because of this, but those who are wise about life completely understand.

The world from the beginning of time has been made up of individuals who determined there destiny by going out and getting something. The risk takers are the individuals that humans read about in class or during personal general study. Those who were brave enough to embrace their ideas with ambition and to chase their dreams with enthusiasm and determination are those who are remembered for lifetimes. How do you want to be remembered in life? These are questions we must ask before we take action... with anything. Pure laziness would be an understatement if used to describe the overall personality of our people.

"We have become lazy in our traditions, our customs, our standards, our efforts, our beliefs, our study habits, our methods of teaching, our advising, our communicating and our loving." So many times the source of all our daily encounters are developed from a desire or love, attention and acceptance. We have become programmed to believe that being given something is a form of deserved love. True enough we should always give in regards of expressing appreciation and genuine concern for another person, but we should not expect things in life to be handed to us. Many times we have the tools, but we choose not to build... we have the information, but we choose not to read... or more so often we have the vision, but we choose to remain in solitude.

The challenge, what humans must realize, is not the incidents that occur daily... but life in itself. Life is designed to confuse and mislead us. Earth has become a domain of individual ratifications and stipulations. Because of our natural rebellious intuition, it still remains difficult for guidelines and principles to remain overtime, as individuals often find themselves eager for change. My challenge for you this week is an easy one. Find more ways to provide for yourself. Find more discipline in yourself that will guide your steps of preparation.

I am very confident that my people will soon be back on track to living peacefully and prosperously... but it will take the efforts of all individuals. "What we speak is what we endure.. What we endure is what we allow... What we allow is who we are!" Who are you? Have a great day! Speak to someone you don't know...


Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Daily THOUGHT #90 "Words of Wisdom"

"A wise man not only carries wisdom wherever he goes, but he also shares it with whomever he knows..."

Greetings my people! Happy Tuesday to you! How is life treating you? I hope that things are well on your end. "Things are definitely on the up and up for me at this time... not because I have received everything that I desire, but because I know that great things are in store to those who walk accordingly, and I am completely focused on doing just that." The path we choose to walk is filled with various options of adventure, the longer we walk, the more we discover.

Over the past few months, I have really had an opportunity to watch and observe the mannerisms of human behavior. The human is first influenced by inner emotions. These emotions are derived from the personal experiences of home and family initially. "How one is loved and nurtured is vital in the understanding of our purpose in life." Although we each are made to independently complete a mission while here on earth, we still survive only when we are instructed by valuable resources.

The home, though rarely analyzed, is a representation of many situations. The human feels it necessary to be free in the place of residence. As one grows in age, there are various principles and methods that are adopted while building character, discipline and assertiveness. These same traits are expected to be displayed in all circumstances that may occur while at home. Why do we embrace so many persona's in life? Especially at a young age, but even as adults... we sacrifice so may things for the idea of having a happy home, whereas when we are off doing things that are more personal or that may pertain to our individual goals, we break those barriers of solitude and selflessness for the acceptance of our personalities.

"Knowing when something should be done is nothing compared to doing something you know needs to be done when no one else is willing to do it." Discipline is more than being quiet when you are at an assembly... Discipline is a craft, your craft! Discipline is a self awareness of all surroundings whether physical, mental or spiritual. Those who are able to encompass all three elements will truly be happy with their days.

Smiles are hard to come by nowadays. Seems as if everybody is suffering from something, not knowing how to manage... Was there ever a time or will there be a time again when people are comfortable enough to live life together? "When we all absorb the actions of mother nature, it makes it much easier for us to cope with the dealings of life." John F. Kennedy arguably had the chance to be known indisputably as the best President of the United States of America in history. If it had not been for the selfishness of one particular individual who felt he was worthy enough to end another man's life, citizens of our country would have witnessed this act of miraculousness. "We always seem to want, to have the great things in life, but when they are right before our eyes, we turn to darkness instead of visualizing light!"

Today, my "Words of Wisdom" are very simple. We never know the impact that we have on the lives of others. We never truly know who is watching every move that we decide to make. We never know who is actually listening to what we have to say when there is complete chaos in our surroundings. We never know who is actually moved by what we consider to be our normal personality. With that being known, who will you be for the world to see? Saying hello or serving as an ear alone, sometimes makes the world of a difference. "Be the image that makes life better, not a reflection of an image that makes life worse!" Peace...


Monday, May 14, 2012

Daily THOUGHT #89 "Our 2 Cents"

"The simplicity of given worth is sometimes the folly of understanding true value..."

Hello there world. I hope that all is well with everyone. I pray that all Mothers are recapping an amazing Mother's Day weekend. I also pray that all families are still taking the time to give the deserved praise which all great Mothers should have. This, just as any other monumental holiday which calls us to give reverence to a particular entity on a particular day, should be celebrated at all times, year round... not just on the day man decided to make it annual. "Show love to others all time that you can. This is indeed a mission of worth."

I am so thankful to have a Mother like the one I have. She serves as an ear, a comforter and a guiding light in some of the darkest periods of my life. I am so grateful for her "2 cents" that she shares with me whenever we communicate. Today however, I want to take a different outlook on the terminology "Our 2 Cents". Do you ever find yourself in position to take control of a seems like the right thing to do but you eventually find out there's nothing right about it at all!

Let's take superstar athletes for example. When these individuals are placed in situations where someone must come up with the big play or someone must lead the team from defeat to victory or when their is a powerful message needing delivery... but the coach can't give it, it becomes the nature and instinct of the superstar to take control and offer his "2 cents". If it works out, the person is praised and placed on a level where such abilities are always expected... but indeed we are human.

Many times in life we fail at the big moments, not because it wasn't meant to happen, but because we were not prepared for the opportunity. "We gather our lives and forget to gather our surroundings." Many times we are placed exactly where we need to be, but because we are in search of our own understandings of understanding... (yes, take some time and think about that) we tend to miss the forest from the trees. I wish my people would gather a desire to observe. With observation, one can conduct research and with research one is able to produce statements and formulas that lead to solutions.

All in all, everyday of life is structured for the human to find solutions to all occurrences that are presented on a daily basis. Life in turn, trickles various understandings to multiple people at many different times. Those who are like minded, usually are determining the same solutions, for similar situations around the same time. With this in mind, we should truly be able to figure out our purpose, as well help our fellow man in determining theirs.

As you go about your daily activities, don't get so caught up in trying to figure everything out, that you miss the things that are right there in front of you. So many times we find ourselves angry at someone else because for some reason, some person always has something to say in regards to what we are wishing to do individually. I like to call those kind: passenger seat drivers. They always seem to have all the answers. Some days, we do the same thing to ourselves. Everything we need to know will be placed before us, but because of our own personal emotions or misinterpretations, we suffer.

Examine, examine, examine and make a decision that will have a long lasting positive effect. Consider any and everything of a situation before coming to a conclusion. When the only person you consider is yourself, you will reap all ends of a matter... both good and bad! When you make decisions based on the wellness of every entity involved, you prepare much deserved prosperity in your life. Seek things that are worthwhile. Have a great week. Speak to someone you don't know! Peace...


Friday, May 11, 2012

Daily THOUGHT #88 "Why So Serious?"

"Being a Joker with everything in your life is not always the best thing to do!"

Plagued by the ignorance of the fallen community... Shaken by the strong hand of a plotting society... Ignored by the emotions of the crying child... I often imagine if the current generation of youth will wake up and understand the constant movements of regression we take daily as we live out this obstacle called life. I wonder where does their anger stem from, for them to be so young? I ponder where they wish to exploit their energies.

It seems as if the true responsibilities of life are distant in the minds of our youth. Gradually granted forms of freedom, only to be misused and held in no high regard, are facets of tradition and opportunity that we as an international body have lost. Over and over again we find ourselves replaying the slave mentalities that Black's had to endure centuries ago. "Only this time the shackles aren't on our ankles or hands, but around our minds and hearts." We become so closed minded to the positivity of life that we never recognize those things that are good, letting them just pass us by.

We place so much focus on the ideas of others... longing for acceptance, yearning for approval and hoping for love! Do we really hope for love however? If we did, we wouldn't avoid it when it appeared before us. Humans have the tendency to create their own definitions of what things represent. Therefore when time comes to absorb a meaning of something (i.e. what love may have truly been for that situation), we miss it because it fails to meet or agree with our personal criteria. "Why So Serious?"

Does life take all your time away so that you can't relax and let go of your worries? Do you ever feel as if circumstances are just sequentially becoming overwhelming? Well of course you should... if you don't understand the elements of balance. One must be able to delegate personal tasks, just as a principal delegates daily expectations to his staff. "We have so much control over the tests of the world, but we have to remove ourselves from fear if we are to prevail."

Many people frown at the trial of having multiple options when faced with trying dilemmas or even the movie to watch or what restaurant to eat at. "Why So Serious?" Why not embrace the multiple choices of the world while you can?

I long for a time where my people will be serious about things. I pray daily that my people would be able to know their place in the overall master plan. By knowing so, we are then able to walk in directions that are not only benefiting to us individually, but also collectively. "You are not truly accomplished until you have served as a benefactor for others!" By becoming selfless in thought and action, you become extraordinarily beneficial in the lives of many.

As you go into the weekend, let your mind be free. While you are free, explore all the things that you can and be of assistance to someone, even if it's just a smile or hello. I wish you well. I hope that you will be safe. I pray that you will get serious, regardless what may be your endeavor! Peace...


Thursday, May 10, 2012

Daily THOUGHT #87 "Sustaining the Rebuttal"

"The world hears your heart even when you believe no one is listening...So don't beat yourself up when life absorbs the mannerisms of the world... Be patient in your endeavors, but steadfast in your ambitions!"

Hello there world! How are you? I am well, steady doing the usual, trying to survive this life one day and one situation at a time. The school year is winding down, so emotions are high, energy is sometimes being misused and individuals are expressing themselves in manners that are not necessarily appropriate for the expected scholastic atmosphere but fortunately, the time is passing by pretty swiftly. What are you doing as we grow closer to summer's season. I am very excited.

Many times I find myself going to restaurants or places where there is employee and customer react, and the service is not always that great. Now I do keep in mind, unlike most people that there are things that can happen, that will happen and sometimes are happening right then that we have no clue on... and this causes an employee to display a certain negative demeanor. This is not to serve as an excuse, but to blueprint some form of understanding. I myself, personally believe that whatever occupation one pursues, should be not only representing of the style one wishes to live but also, a rib to that persons life.

"When we choose professions that balance our personalities and emotions, we are indeed in route to success." With a clear objective, no obstacle will hold forever. Life has its ways of presenting tribulation, but he who withstands is surely granted a worthwhile reward. I admire those are able to be humble even when denied deserving opportunities. So many times in life we see the good person having to suffer and the not so good person, prevailing in all situations and living a lavish materialistic life. I too am one who has a fancy for different valuables, but I am also loyal to that which is truly important in life.

Ever feel like everything you plan just won't work out? Ever actually took the time to map out your goals and desires for a particular time period, and as you attempted to check off your list, more and more situations and tasks seemed to appear? I know I have. I think about my Great Aunt who tells me all the time how she will go to the store to pick up two or three items at max and then leaves out with a basket full of groceries. She chuckles because she knows that her intentions are not always carried through as expected.

When this happens to us in life do we chuckle or do we frown up? When we make plans and these plans create their own path how do we respond? Any wise man knows that the enemy is forever lurking when positivity is brewing. Because the enemy knows us and others so well, the enemy will place us in situations that will not only take us off topic, but instill anger where we were peaceful. Sometime in life things will appear from your plans and turn out better than you would have possibly imagined, but when this rare instance is obsolete and turmoil is around the corner how do you react and how do you survive?

Stand firm in your beliefs and remain committed to your desires and responsibilities. Times will come where you will believe that there is nothing that will go right and your ideas have no purpose. When these tests make themselves evident, prove yourself worthy by "Sustaining the Rebuttal" life attempts to throw at you. by continuing to push forward you eventually will stumble upon that lighted path needed to place you in the right direction. Speak to someone you don't know today... and when life tells you no, you just say OK, because eventually you will be strong and wise enough to tell life how things will be. Think about that! Peace...


Thursday, May 3, 2012

Daily THOUGHT #86 "Unleashing"

"Pass the word to those around you. When the word is good you will hear good things in return..."

Hello there my people! How goes it? Things go well with me. There are spirits in the atmosphere, but I believe that I am ready to embrace them. I've gained certain tools from life's lessons, have I not? I've pretty much mastered the art of analyzation. Or have I?

You know the enemy (any adversary to the mission at hand) is constantly or better yet always building an army of many names. Some people, so blind to surroundings become an announcement during roll call. Has your name been called and you been marked present in the midst of these situations? Have you ever observed when you've been the spokesperson or the one taking roll?

"Humans have a tendency to create their own levels of which they feel all forms of understanding; courtesy and respect go out of the window. Not realizing, by breaking procedure in certain environments one creates consequences that snowball negativity. With this new atmosphere chaos is only temporarily un-present."

I look at my people (persons of many origins) and laugh at how far off we are from realization of what is behind, in front of and before us! Why laugh, do I!? Well it's simple... There is nothing else that can be done... in attempts to remain peaceful and positive of course. If you don't chuckle, you will lose sensibility. My people will push you!

I wish we'd use our several attributes and create conclusions and solutions that produce advancement, longevity, tradition, respect and intelligence. Fear of acceptance halts several demonstrations, but we must soon disregard that attitude or expect to continue suffering emotionally and physically.

"Why not challenge yourself to unleash who you are, not what you are!?" Many times we get so complacent and habitual in mannerisms that we create a persona that is not necessarily beneficial to our various opportunities and abilities. "We must remember to cultivate our gifts regardless of our surroundings... When this is done, the snowball effect is now in your hand and with sincerity and humility, any true desire is maintainable!"

I challenge us to unleash that which truly is inside of us. But you must recognize, before you begin "Unleashing", you must understand what is behind, in front of and possibly before your life. "Every situation is the Preamble to a new path in your life. Develop a pattern which displays how you want to be remembered."

I think I'll talk tomorrow about "How We Place Our Shoes"... Good day my people! Peace, I wish for you...


Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Daily THOUGHT #85 "Puzzling Appointments"

"Some journies are meant to be blindfolded"

Well it's my planning period, so I guess I'll take the time to write the world today! Hello world! How are you? I am doing very well I must say. I'm just walking through mazes, stimulated by the daily affirmations of thoughts amogst my life. What's going on in the world, other than opportunity to experience the scripting of that which we call life right?

Today I want to focus on "Puzzling Appointments". Have you ever wondered why situations seem to fall directly in place when your imagination is trigured in on the matters of the present time? This is viewed by most as coincidence... You think of something, and then it or something relative comes to pass. This indeed, is not a mistake, but a privilege for one to take advantage of the art of intuitive expression. "We are given pathways to various destinations daily. How we respond determines the direction we go and how long it will take to get there."

If you are fortunate enough in life, you will be exposed to the importance of everyone that you see on a daily basis. Several times we as humans, get so wound up in the atmosphere that we deviate from the purpose of our presence in that particular environment. It is an understatement to say "everything happens for a reason"... "Timing isn't everything, but everything is timing" We must remember that as we travel our various journies.

Many people wonder why they miss appointments, forget obligations, show up late to important events and come up short when anticipating something excellent as an outcome for a situation. This is nothing to necessarily panic about or search out rocket scientists for. This is something that is tackled with simple preparation and initiative. Each day there will be obstacles placed in the pathway of our goals and desires. These are not there to hender you pursay, but they can if you let them. Humans must come to a realization that our plans are mere humor to the makings of mother nature and all that she inhabits.

We are surrounded daily by energies and preceptions that create the areas of which we live. We you say something, it opens opportunity for that thought to manifest. Humans must realize, sooner than later, that the tongue is indeed the most powerful instrument on the body and with it we control life, death, positivity and negativity.

As you go forth in your life recognize that we are placed near the desires of heart all the time, even in moments that seem the most troubling to us. "When we are able to dig deep enough to find humilty above the circumstance and integrity above temptation, we then are in route to tenured success!" Be the one that stands firm when strong winds are blowing and the one that stands out while others are fitting in. You never know where you are even when you've been there before. Allusions in life are sometimes distractions to make us miss the bigger picture. Be able to know when you are in line with destiny. Be able to take advantage of your "Puzzling Appointments"... You may find that your piece of the puzzle fits perfectly with the piece that is right there next to you! Everything thing is for a reason! Have a great day my people! Peace...