Monday, July 18, 2011

Daily THOUGHT #41 "Where there is a WILL there is a Way"

Find YOUR WILL & Blaze Your Trail...

Happy Monday everyone! I hope that you had a wonderful weekend, mine was pretty eventful. I am really looking forward to this weekend the most though. If you are unaware, this Friday July 22, 2011, 6pm at J's Special Occasions, 5080 Meridian St., "Success 4 the Future" Charity Foundation 4 Kids ages 3-18 will be hosting the 1st "Reading is Fun...The Mental" Benefit Dinner in efforts to raise money to donate 5,000 books to kids in the community as well renovate the Councill High School building in Huntsville, AL to be used as a Student Learning Center and temporary headquarters. Tickets are $10, if you are in the area PLEASE support this worthy cause. Businesses also please contact me so we can discuss ways to advertise your company. "Where there is a WILL there is a way"

I wish people would be more willing to support the endeavors and ambitions of people like it was back in the day. It seemed like there was a desire to stand up for something. There was a reason to know the people that were around you. There was a true purpose behind being educated in something. There was a true respect for history. As time has progressed, we have begin to dismiss the simple things that gelled and held things together for the uplift of a collective people. We have moved into a market based society and technology ruled environment and because of that we relinquish our passion to be exposed to and involved with what's going on in the world.

Too many times we come up with bright ideas or speak certain things that even surprise us when it comes out of our mouths. But instead of analyzing what just happened, we kind of brush it off and shrug our shoulders to it. Think about that one situation in your life where you could have been gone, but God spared you. Imagine that same situation occurred,but he just shrugged his shoulders and let whatever was going to happen to you happen and that be it. You would be in pretty bad shape. We must treat our ideas and what we consider crazy and ironic events as God did when he spared us. If we do, the manifestation of overflow is directly around the corner.

When you have a WILL to do something, you then begin to speak the things that you need in order to make things work, and turn that dream of yours into reality. By talking to yourself and to others about your ideas, you then open the door that leads to other rooms, all pertaining to the mission and task at hand. Next time that you think of something you want to accomplish, speak it and do it with confidence and watch how results begin to prosper! Don't think to far out on this one, but it's all in the tongue!

As you tackle the heavy burdens that are destined with this thing called life, speak over and control your situations. You have the power to make things the way that they should or shouldn't be. Which will you choose? Your chance to change the world may be right before you. Remember God don't wait forever! Say today that you will have a positive week. Continue to speak it and watch how things pan out! Take Care!


Sunday Reflection #3 "THE WILL OF GOD IS OF THE KINGDOM"

Really listen to your heart...It WILL tell you the right thing!

It's still overwhelming to me in what mysterious ways our Lord and Savior works in. How he will put us in situations where we will be able to notice that he is speaking to us. The hard part is actually recognizing what he is saying and what we are supposed to be doing in reaction to what has been put before us. From the usage of vehicles, to people we have never seen before, to the weather, words that our friends say and even something that surprisingly occurs at the workplace, we all get signs...It's just the matter of when we will finally pay attention?

For some purpose we each were put here and because of that, God loves us each as his own...Yes, even if you are way off in left field, doing things you know you shouldn't be doing, putting yourself and others in horrible situations, stressing yourself out over uncontrollable things, being disobedient to your heart or even causing physical harm to others...He still loves you and WILL forgive you, if you ask and believe. There are so many blessings that are out there just ready to be received, but we have to walk into them and the only way that is possible is if we understand what exactly we are walking into and we listen with all of our senses, not just our ears.

The WILL of God is like the constitution of the United States of America, only he doesn't write something, declare something or say something and then make complete and total disregard to what he has fostered as to be true and confirmed. Sure enough the constitution sounds great, but who in the U.S. can actually say that we are running our country based on the beginning principles of the founding fathers? Heck, that was thrown out of the window the moment that our settlers invested in slaves. Please dismiss me from any conversation that involves the the astonishing amazement of the American way! Because honestly to me that is a bunch of crap.

We are so blessed to be able to live in a nation where people like John F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King, Jr. and Bill Clinton walked the same places that we are able to align our feet with. These gentlemen were prime examples of God's will and a testament that God makes no mistakes. If you can't step outside now and feel that something astonishing is about to happen, you need to sit down and do a little recollecting. So many energies are controlling the atmosphere now. We are amongst a war that we are not even aware of, but we steady fight in it on a daily basis! I will let you figure that one out.

When the children of Israel were set free, they wondered in the wilderness for 14, 600 days on a journey that could have been finished in 11 days. Now why is that? Simple, that's what happens when you are disobedient. See this is the thing, God made a promise to his people and so he made sure that he adhered to that. But just as he promised to secure their existence, he also asked that they do as they were told. The fact that they would soon reach safety was affirmed but the way by which they would get there, it was on them.

God has prepared something special for each of us and if we are Willing to embrace his presence, we will be able to achieve and obtain things that are far and beyond anything that we would have ever imagined. There is something that God has in his WILL for you as well. What are you doing to make it happen? What are you learning from the people around you and the situations that occur in your life. What are you noticing from the places you are going and things you are seeing?And most importantly, when are you going to start doing something about it? Time is steady winding up. Why leave this earth having something inside of you that could have been shared with the world. Why leave this earth feeling that you are incomplete and unfinished? "The WILL of God is of the Kingdom"...Are you?


Daily THOUGHT #40 "PROMISE as I Would Use it"

Where are you with PROMISE?

The Living Webster Encyclopedic Dictionary of the English Language defines PROMISE as "A declaration made, as to another person, with respect to the future, giving assurance that one will do or not do something, or that something shall or shall not happen; a pledge; vow; something that has the affect of an assurance; and indication of what may be expected; an indication of fulfillment or future excellence."

When comparing to the moods and personalities of individuals, a PROMISE is something that is agreed upon to happen between oneself or a group of people, but is subject to alter due to the occurrence of certain situations and motives of the involved parties. When you look at the government and military units, there are several things that are not supposed to happen as well several things that governed citizens should know about because of a PROMISE, or oath that was taken by the elected or appointed officials, but because of their own judgement, they choose to do and say what they want to say.

Many people find themselves in relationships that are full of PROMISE, especially at the beginning, but as true traits of the human begin to become exposed, it become really difficult to strand true to the original purpose. No man made thing is of full PROMISE, so we should never depend on it to be so, nor should we react in a manner of frustration because something stopped working or malfunctioned, because it was meant to do that. Just as we were born in a world of sin, it was made in a world of imperfection. So deal with it. 

I hope that you learned a little something from the "Week of PROMISE". Be careful how you use that word, because some people only know the definition, they haven't been exposed to the way things go when people put themselves before their word. Some people still assume that things are genuine. Be kind to someone you don't know and I PROMISE something special will happen.


Friday, July 15, 2011

Daily THOUGHT #39 "What You Know You Will Never PROMISE!"

Really? No you don't!

As you know I usually designate the 4 & 9 Blog for my viewers opinions. So this week I want you to tell me about the things "What You Know You Will Never Promise!" even if you have felt that for years or you just recently came to that conclusion because of some life changing experience. I mentioned earlier in the week how strong this word is and how loosely it is used however. Let me know what the word means to you as well.

 I like to think about how parents always make comparisons to their parents. It's funny how there are the things that you automatically know you are different from the two parties and then there are the things that you don't have to be a parent to experience. If you reflect to when you were growing up, there were things that your parents told you to do or that they did on their own, which you said you would never do in any lifetime...But as you got older, my, my, my the similarities.

Put some THOUGHT into your expressions. The person with the best response will receive a FREE ticket to The "Reading is Fun...The Mental" Benefit Dinner to be help on Friday July 22, 2011, 7pm at J's Special Occasions. Looking forward to your entries.


Daily THOUGHT #38 "The Broken PROMISE"

What cracks Your shell?

From the blowing of fast air on the cartridges of the original Nintendo games, from having to constantly press the reset button on every other console that came along as technology advanced. To slamming laptops and throwing cell phones in the water because these products simply weren't performing on the level of expectation. We have all encountered situations where the expected PROMISE of the product was Broken. Some people have had trouble with home appliances, vehicles and sometimes even the machines used to prepare or store our foods and other necessities.

Believe it or not, a lot of that comes from the inner belief towards the advertized promise, becoming an outward expression. "When you believe something is a certain way and then begin to solicit a feeling towards that object, you then create and environment of anticipated results." However we must remember not to acknowledge such pieces as full pies. What does that mean you say? Man made objects are exactly what they are called....Man made, so the idea that these products will function in a perfect manner is obsolete and righteously should be disregarded, because the moment that you most need it to work or prove your declaration, that's when it fails to perform.

Interesting how a minister once said in a sermon that people tend to praise the blessing and leave out the bless-er, that is a big no, no. I believe that we have certain devices to do certain things and we should respect them accordingly. When you glance at how technology has improved over the centuries, it's amazing to see how powerful the THOUGHT processes were for our crafty innovators. They were able to piece together a puzzle that has kept it's shape and in some cases even expanded.

One thing we can not forget however is that everything in life comes from trial and error. And some of the most important inventions came from making a mistake. We must analyze our lives in the same light. We do things because that we believe are appropriate for the time being. Whether that action be right or wrong, it is what we decided to do. We must make sure that we are making notes of our habits, abilities, demeanor's and ways of living. Once we do that, we may then begin an investigation on ourselves. Evaluate yourself to see what makes you happy, what makes you upset, what makes you distracted and what makes you prosperous. Once you know this information like the back of your hand, apply it to your everyday life and watch how things begin to manifest.


Daily THOUGHT #37 "Is there any PROMISE in that?"

It's all in the expressing...Think about it...

Webster defines the word doubt as: "To waver or fluctuate in opinion, to be uncertain respecting the truth of fact, to be undetermined, to question or hold questionable, to withhold assent from, to hesitate to believe and to suspect or see in suspicion. Wow! That is a lot, but still very simple and concrete all at the same time. "Doubt is the prelude to the musical masterpiece ~Can't~"...Can't is a movement composed by composers that are not sure of things and composers of earthly mental dwelling.

See when your mind is fixed on the interpretation of what someone else believes or practices, you then become content with the methods and motives of people rather than the correctness and appearance of a situation. By sacrificing opportunity, you only submit yourself to the negatives of possibility. Expression is made upon what we believe is Promised in a circumstance or idea. We must ensure that we are collecting and filtering the THOUGHTs that make up our daily actions.

If you think something should be done and it will benefit a majority in a positive light...Why not? Go for it. The fact that someone is saying that it won't happen or road blocks that just seem to appear out of nowhere pop up only solidifies that the test of your faith is upon you. It is so simple for things to go the way that we want, when we are doing positive and speaking things into existence. The matter of you believing will determine how long it takes and to what extent your mission will be manifested. We live in a time where dreams have become just what they are called instead of the blueprint to innovation that helps shape the world!

How long can we sit and pretend as if we don't base our actions or beliefs towards people simply on what they can PROMISE us. It's actually sad to me, because I look at life as an opportunity to gain from association. By aligning yourself with multiple personalities and ways of thinking, regardless of what they can physically give you, you must respect and appreciate the mental challenge and development that will be established from the many acquaintances. You will be tested from all different levels on several different occasions.

When looking out into the adventures of the world, determine if there is any promise in that. When doing for others, don't do things for recognition or the belief that you will get something as an equalizer to your services. Do good things and know that there is a PROMISE of great reward and favor to those who go about things in that manner. When taking risks, know that it is exactly what you want to do and not the influence or adaptation of a particular surrounding. Think it through and you will be fine! A lot of stuff coming today, so enjoy!


Monday, July 11, 2011

Daily THOUGHT #36 "PROMISE Keepers Losers Weepers"

A man is only as good as his word...

I know that everyone remembers that phrase from when we were little: "Finders keepers, losers weepers", well it has come back into play today. Only this time, I replaced finders with PROMISE. Let me explain why...This is the "Week of PROMISE" in #TheScoop and I THOUGHT this would be a very interesting challenge for me to tackle. You must understand that this is knowledge that I write fresh every morning, like going to the meat market and watching the butcher cut it...When I wake up, whatever I am thinking, that's what you get.

I guess you can say that I have made that PROMISE to myself to get up and make sure that I spread the word to someone, even if it is just one. We find ourselves in situations where we are dependent on the vocal delivery of certain individuals in our lives. We see ourselves expecting to receive something, especially when the feast has been laid before our eyes. Is that wrong to do? No! If someone says that they are going to do something then you should expect them to do it. The moment that you begin doubting the actuality of it happening, it then becomes a possibility, and let me warn you...Possibility is a dangerous energy.

For those who follow my blogs pretty frequently you know how much I like to discuss how relevant the energies that we give off are, to our lives and all the life in our surroundings. With the energy of possibility, you are then put in a place to prepare for something, anticipate something, adjust for something to arrive and even promote to others for something that has now become not necessarily guaranteed. Man...what a bind this is. By speaking your emotions on the subject matter, you are then placing the results into the hands of the atmosphere, so be careful what you say and what you wish for!

"PROMISE is such a strong word, that is used so weakly"...We are such humans when it comes to pleasing ourselves through others. We live in a manner in which we determine how we feel based on what others feel about us. We must learn that it is our job, indeed, to care for others but not be subject to the judgement of people unworthy to judge. You must make a PROMISE that you will love others as you love yourself...First and foremost. I will be the first to tell you that I will give my last for another person, as well I will be the first to tell you that I will help anyone in any fashion that I can. If I was unable to put myself on the same pedestal, then that would only be a statement and I would indeed be a loser.

Don't mistake the word loser for somebody who is worthless or of no importance. This simply means that you were defeated in battle. This life we live is a war and you either have several allies or several enemies. Whatever PROMISE you make or break will determine what color light sabre you are fighting with! Just cause you lose doesn't mean that it is over. All this means is that you have to find away to not be in that situation again. You must PROMISE yourself that you will do what it takes to get where you want to go and be what you want to be. I mentioned in yesterday's Sunday Reflection how we must listen when God speaks to us. He made a PROMISE to us as well and he fulfills it day by day to those who are willing to believe and receive. Are you ready to be a PROMISE Keeper and dwell in positive energies or do you plan on remaining a Weeping Loser? Your Call...


Sunday, July 10, 2011

Sunday Reflection #2 "WHEN HE SPEAKS...YOU BETTER LISTEN!"

Pay Attention ALWAYS! You Never Know Where Your Message Will Come From!!!

First giving honor to God who is the head of my life, I want to thank each of you who take time out to read my blog. I would love for you all to become followers and start leaving comments. Let's use this medium to manifest good things in our lives. It's very seldom that you will find an opportunity to be expressive and interact with a writer on pressing issues, especially one in the building stage of their calling fulfillment. I am so blessed to have been given a gift with words. Help me use this gift to help the world! The time is now. Hope you are listening with your eyes...

This topic for today is so powerful. As I have began to grow in my faith, God has opened my heart, mind and soul to so many things of the world. He has shared with me visions that would seem of insanity to the common THOUGHT process. We must learn to expand our minds beyond that of which we see with the naked eye! We must learn to hear things other than just what we are listening to at that moment. We must collect all the sounds that surround us. Because God works in mysterious ways, it's no coincidence when overwhelming things happen in our favor or in accordance to some situation that we are dealing with. God will use our friends, colleagues and even strangers to give us answers to all questions, those that we have been pondering over for long periods of time and even those that we hadn't even asked yet!

Pay attention to the next time someone pops in your head sporadically, not because of some emotion that you have created and now you have them in your imagination, no...Just the genuine recognition of their being. There is some reason that they are on your mind, figure it out. When we pass by people or we see people in our everyday situations, God is speaking to us but we have to make sure that we are listening. Ray Charles was one of the most talented musical artists to ever grace this planet, and he did it as a blind man. Because he couldn't see, his ears became his eyes, his hands, his feet, his nose and most importantly his inner-being became his eyes. Whenever we have enough faith to let our inner-being become our eyes, we are then on the road to righteousness.

The Bible teaches us that any man that is righteous will face afflictions, but that does not mean that you have to suffer pain. God gives us dominion to not only rule over the land but also over the spirits and ways that corrupt the earth, from selfishness and jealousy to sickness, pain and suffering. We must speak out against those beings, have faith when we do it and not allow our self pride or misunderstanding to block us from our blessings. Too many times we are in situations where we think everything is going against us, we feel as if we are the one suffering, gathering emotions that the situation isn't fair and ready to blame and point the finger on everyone else but ourselves, when in actuality we are the root of the problem. Because we are humans, when we finally realize that, it's usually too late.

We point fingers and then join crowds that do the same. We listen to what we want to hear and block out the things we feel are unnecessary or just irrelevant to us. Simplicity as an art at it's worst. Sometimes the simple things are the things that mean the world of difference, but when that is absorbed as a mentality of thinking it then forces the individual to submit their mental and psychological freedom to the ways of the earth, which is ran a lot by the Devil, he is busy. And please don't believe because you are up in the church or regarded as being holier than thow that you will not be tested, tried and even submerged by the ways of the enemy. There is only one perfect man that walked this earth. You have to be mature enough to accept when you are wrong and listen to God when he tells you the answer. You will never know where the answer will come from, but you will know that it is the answer, whether you like it or not.

As you begin your week, relax a little bit more and actually take time to observe the things that are going on around you as the world turns. When you pray this week ask God to give you clarity. Ask that he will walk you right into what you are meant to be. Ask that he would guide your feet, your mind and your tongue. Tell him to dispatch your angels out into the world to move on the hearts of those who can help you see what you need to see to fulfill his will. He has intrusted in us great deeds and missions. It is up to us to follow through and be obedient. He's calling you daily, remember we don't know how long it'll be before that phone stops working...So "WHEN HE SPEAKS...YOU BETTER LISTEN!" Think about it! Love you'll! Have a Blessed week.


Friday, July 8, 2011


Regardless of the hand you are dealt, you still gotta go for 7 books when you playing spades!

Thank God it's Friday! Hey people! How are you? Hope that all is well. As you know on Friday, I give the audience an opportunity to pick the topic and then I write the message, well this week our topic comes from an up and rising Music artist D. Flowe. As I thought of how I would relate this topic and still find some way to be different from the others, it kind of all just came to me, as I thought about making music with my band members Plan3t 3 the other day.

We were in a very hot atmosphere, because the air was out...But the more we got into the music, we didn't even care how it felt, we just wanted to feel the connection that is given with great artistry and musical interpretations. This week I took the time to highlight some of the issues that are going on in AMERICA. I also brought some ideas to the table on how we should operate as citizens of this land. Sure enough I don;t agree with much of what goes on here, but I am very grateful.

When you examine the situations that you are in you must remember that you are still living. So many people no longer have that privilege of living life. That alone should serve as strong enough testimony for how good we have it! Regardless of the pigmentation of your skin we all are more than blessed to be breathing. When natural disasters hit, they don't ask for your gender, race, religious preference or sexual orientation, they just come through, leave you in aw and watch as you alter your entire life pattern do the the results of a circumstance.

Regardless to how bad the money in my pocket may look, how many people want to destroy me, how many obstacles come my way or how much pain I may think that I have to endure....I'm still " AMERICA". Take this weekend and make it a stress free celebration. Get in touch with your inner-self and see how you really feel. "Life is only a song that you are the composer of...Go out and make some hits!"  


Thursday, July 7, 2011

Daily THOUGHT #34 "AMERICA the Fallen"

We all can be Captain AAMERICA's...Gotta catch her for she falls all the way!

Is it just me or was AMERICA in great condition or what when Bill Clinton was the President. Becoming the first Democratic Party President since Franklin D. Roosevelt to win a second full term in the oval office, Clinton administered the longest period of peacetime economic expansion in U.S. history! Not to mention, he administered a budget surplus that was unheard of in our economic system. So this should not have been a surprise when he left office with the highest end-of-office approval rating for any President after World War II.

In the words of Chris Brown..."Look at me Now!" Can't really say the same thing for our current situation. Have you ever notice how ironic it is that President Obama is the 44th President. Think about it. Baseball is called AMERICA's past time. Our nations sport so to speak...Those who know baseball know that the 4th batter is the cleanup spot. Yep, that's where out current President is the clean up spot. What do you expect to be happening now in society when a man not only has to come and implement his own objectives but also re-mend the shattered peaces of success that were left by the hands of George W. Bush. Now don't get me wrong Bush "The Son" was as much of an American as you were gonna get. And, believe it or not he had a pretty good heart, he was just influenced by the horrible people around him that wanted to use their positions and abilities for self gratification and greed.

Too bad we don't have a time machine to go back and do all these things that we could to make things better for now. But we can plan and execute. As you know I like to allow my viewers to give me feedback on how they feel and I usually try and give you all something in return for you efforts. So this week is nothing different. If you want something to do on Sunday, here is your chance! LOVE JONES will be held this Sunday at 7pm. Tell me how you think AMERICA has fallen and then come up with a plan that you feel would help bring about change. Let me know what you think and be expressive! Best entries will get the tickets!


Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Daily THOUGHT #33 "AMERICA the Now"

What AMERICA are you living in?

Ever took the time to just sit outside and listen as the birds sing, as the winds blow, as the animals move about, as the cars sound, as the kids laugh and play or as the world turns? If you hadn't you should and you should start today! Sometimes you just have to go back home. Many college students experience this when they leave the nest and venture off into independence, especially those who may travel long distances, sometimes across the country. Home sick would be a great way of describing it. Seems like today, that's exactly where we are in AMERICA, Home Sick!

I reminisce about the days where my grand-parents used to tell me that they could leave the doors open in the neighborhood and not have to worry about anyone coming in and stealing or doing harm to them. Everyone was friendly to one another and helped one another out. I have even heard stories of how children and even adults would just walk in to the homes of their friends, sometimes only just to speak. Where has all that gone?

For Blacks it seems like the mission was equality, integration and opportunity. However those efforts only brought us injustice, public prejudice and the highest unemployment rates in history! Sometimes it makes me think how would things have been if the blacks of that time would have just went their own way and formed their own type of government and their own military services. Do you know how many people and allies probably would have teamed up with the blacks to get rid of the greed filled white man? Just think about it!

Not to say that there have not been several whites who have stood by blacks since the beginning of time, but one voice can only make a difference when it touches the masses. People come up with great ideas everyday, but what is the purpose if you aren't going to embrace it and implement what you believe? We live in a country now, where so many people have so many ways that they feel would help change society, but instead of getting up and doing something about it, we just sit there. "AMERICA the Now" has made it common to look at everyday necessities as secondary issues simply because of a brawling political system that is being ran by individuals who desire to secure themselves and their families versus working to secure an entire nation.

As an employee of the school system, you are allowed to witness the everyday routines of even the smallest citizens. Great observations can be made about their thought process, way of reasoning, people habits and work ethics. Are the kids not a reflection of the adults? So many people want to place blame on the teachers nowadays, expecting them to not only serve as mind nourishers (yes I made that up), but also disciplinarians, baby sitters and magic workers! Where they do that at? Our communities, churches and families have to once again take the collective effort of bringing about adjustment. I think that it may be wrong for us to automatically expect change in this time of society, simply because people have become programmatic in the conditions of an international community. If we take it step by step a goal can be reached.

We live in a society where it seems wrong to speak to your fellow man if you aren't from the south. We live in a society where it seems uncool to say yes sir and no ma'am to our elders, anywhere.We live in an environment that is not only polluted by the trash of lazy citizens, but the horrific energies of those same people who just seem to take up space and let the world pass them by. We live in a society where an education is becoming pointless. Students work so hard to live out the American Dream of getting an education and finding that fantasy job to build that fairy tale family, but when they get that degree, they have to sit and search, usually for years not because of them being unqualified, but because of an ever failing economy. That is "AMERICA the Now"

My people I advise you step up if you want things to happen. Speak them into existence and believe that your desires will come to pass. Instead of being jealous of the success of another individual, find out how you can be of assistance and watch how doors will open up for you as well. Instead of having such an un-kind spirit be courteous to strangers and watch how peaceful your life will be. Having a warm accepting spirit will allow others to attract to you like magnets. When this happens it makes dealing with the ways of the world so much easier. We have the minds, we have the ideas, we just have to gain the ambition and aspiration. Make it happen people. Go out and adjust the world!


Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Daily THOUGHT #32 "AMERICA the Terrorist"

Be wise in your judgement!

Greetings! I hope that everyone had a great 4th of July celebration. I know that I did. It's always fun to grill and and hang out with family and friends, the little moments like those make life what it is. For those of you who may not know, this is the "Week of AMERICA", so all week we will be discussing something dealing with this country. Yesterdays blog was rather interesting go check it out if you haven't already!

What exactly is a Terrorist? Well if you refer to the root word "terror" this is the act of causing intense fear for the purpose of coercing or subduing and to rule by terror, any period or program of violence. Sometimes this is caused by political enemies or or a group of some sort, something that is dreadful or unpleasant. Man, when you look at it like that, it makes terrorism seem pretty darn awful. Well that's exactly what it is and it still lives on today in the U.S.

Many people, when thinking or terrorism, think about the 9/11 attacks that took place in New York in 2001. Not too many people reflect upon the early stages of American Revolution which implemented the action of slavery, or even before then when our founding settlers made it a mission to rid this land of it's rightful natives. Just like in the political and government practices, we find later on down the line in life how so many people find so many ways to cover up so many things. And because we don't take time to actually research and analyze the meaning of terms and actions, we just go on living in circumstances that make up our history or things that we tend to forget!

I watch videos and read articles about the history of African-Americans in this country all the time! It saddens my heart to know what my people had to endure as well it saddens my heart to visualize how we are responding to the ways of life in the present day. Funny how you are needed when things go wrong, something like this nations armed forces. For many years it was wrong for a black man to participate in the defense of his country, simply because of the color of his skin. However when the risk of the entire nation falling was at stake...Hmm, we seem to have gained a little more value! I love to reminisce on how Muhammad Ali responded to his involuntary solicitation to the U.S. Military. He didn't believe in the war and refused to participate simply because he was drafted. I respect that. He stood up!

We find ourselves now still dealing with the acts of terrorism in the school house, in the communities, at our jobs and sometimes even in the church house. Where has the world come to for it to believe that it is necessary to force one belief or idea on the masses. If you don't get but a couple of things from this blog today, I want you to understand that the mind is free and because of that we should show respect! Many Americans celebrated yesterday as the day of Independence. But you must remember this is the world of the free and a long time ago on Calvary we all were set free and given independence.

Find ways to implement peace as you travel throughout various cycles of your life. Also learn to pay attention. Never allow yourself to be blinded so much that you don't recognize your surroundings. "Understand that patience is the key, but action is the door opener." If you want things to change in your life you must get up and make it happen! If you want people to respect you for what you do, you must then show respect for what others do, even when you do not agree. Common courtesy is so hard to come by these days. Don't be a terrorist in your own life! I commend the leaders of the Civil Rights movement, for they responded to American Terrorism with great dignity and honor! Now if only our countries leaders were able to do the same! Go change the world my people...


Monday, July 4, 2011

Daily THOUGHT #31 "AMERICA the Beautiful"

Happy 4th of July. Reflect! Enjoy! Be Safe!

Now why exactly we celebrate July 4th seeing that the Declaration of Independence was actually signed first on August 2nd and up until November of the same year, I have no idea but since that is the tradition and what we have grown accustomed to, it is what it is. Happy 235th Birthday to the greatest country in the world, the United States of AMERICA! I am so proud to say that I am a citizen of this great land. Not necessarily because it's AMERICA, but because of all the amazing things that have happened here since it's founding. I have always been a lover of history and of all countries, this one definitely has history.

When you think of the very beginning of this land that we call AMERICA, you must reflect upon the duties held by the Native Americans. These people laid the foundation to what many of us call home! Because of their ability to become one with the land and each other, they were allowed to innovate methods of survival that indeed influenced the rapid growth and production of the escape ground from the home of the British. I would be dumb if I didn't mention the crusade of our settlers, but I would be even dumber if I hadn't started with the original people of this the AMERICA.

I look at the crusaders, i.e. Christopher Columbus, etc. just as I look at people like the President of the United States. For someone to be bold enough to take on a responsibility of that magnitude deserves nothing but the utmost respect. To risk your life and the safety of others all to complete a mission is indeed admirable and worthy of true celebration. I also applaud the men, who were bright enough to siege this opportunity and break away from the rulings of an unfair kingdom. Do you understand the level of knowledge and the routine of studying that had to be practiced in order to go somewhere and start a new country? Not to mention, the monetary system was now beginning to make its true mark as the source of anything functioning.

It's ironic how so many inventions were pat-toned by people who's skin was of various colors, seeing that AMERICA was named after someone from Spain, who later discovered AMERICA (yea, some 15 years after Columbus...Amerigo Vespucci).Because there was really no printing accessibility, it was very difficult for early expeditions to be recorded and dispersed amongst areas far from the source. Because a printing press was available in Lorraine & Saint-Die people were now finally able to study the "New World" findings, only this time 1492 wasn't the year of concentration.

What still blows me to this day however, is how our founding settlers found it a need to acquire slaves and treat them in the manner that they did. I will save this speech for another time since this date is looked upon as a time of glorious reflection. But the mere THOUGHT of it all will never leave my head! Seems like we always wish to cover up the truth in order to hide mistakes. Get over that way of living. Face your mishaps and make a change that makes a difference.

I could go on and on about how I feel about "AMERICA the Beautiful" as well I could continue to discuss her rich history, but there are only a few things that I want to touch base with. As we take time off from the work place, sit back with family and friends, enjoying great cooking and fellowship, also take time to remember what "AMERICA the Beautiful" actually is. We came here for Equality, Justice and the Right to live FREE! I have been in this country a little over two decades and honestly I have yet to see any of this manifest! Now before you get it out of context, don't assume that I am just talking about the government. I also am talking about us.

Instead of us fostering Equality, we treat one another sometimes as if we aren't even human beings. Instead of implementing Justice, we incriminate ourselves and our peers simply because we can. And finally instead of expressing Freedom, we keep our mouths closed and shut off the ability to think and live individually because we feel we have to. Is that not what AMERICA is truly supposed to be about? When will we as Americans step up and take back our country. When will be become the chief Innovators and Thinkers of the world again? And when will we EVER be "ONE NATION UNDER GOD"? Time, just like a baseball starting pitcher, is winding up! We got time to make things right people. How bout we start today on our Birthday! Celebrate and enjoy the fact that you are living and in a land where all dreams can come true! Thank God that he has protected us in times of need and be sure that you greet one of your fellow citizens today. We all come from the same tree...


Friday, July 1, 2011

Daily THOUGHT #30 "Earth Wind and FIRE"

Color the World with Your FIRE & Expression!!!

Man, I laugh at “Evil”…Ha! “That’s the Way of the World”. But my true “Devotion” to a “Shining Star” helps me remember that I am “Mighty Mighty”! “Kalimba Story” tells of a “Yearnin’ Learnin’” for “Reasons” “All about Love”. “Get Away” and “Sing a Song” on a “Saturday Night”.  Cause you “Can’t Hide Love”! Love will “Open Our Eyes” to “Ponta De Aeria (Be Ever Wonderful)”. No there is no option! I “Got to Get You into My Life”

My Mother and my Lover were born in “September”. That “Serpentine Fire” alludes my “Fantasy” to take me to places I have never seen and “I Can’t Let Go”! The “Drum Song” “In the Stone”, but “I Will Write a Song for You”! “Let Me Talk” woman “You” must “Wait” for me. For “You and I”,  “Let’s Groove” not just tonight, but forever! “And Love Goes On” “Side By Side” “Fall In Love With Me”. It’s a “System of Survival” as you travel into “Boogie Wonderland”!

“Remember the Children” “Mom”, “Build Your Nest”! “The World’s a Masquerade” “Power” “They Don’t See”, but in well raised children, it will be! “Make it With You” I will, for “Time is on Your Side”. “Keep Your Head to the Sky” you must be into whatever you are into. “Where Have All the Flowers Gone”? “I’d Rather Have You” than to deal with these plucked weeds that serve of no purpose. Our Love is “Magnetic”! My “Pride”…You won’t forget it…

Earth Wind and Fire is an amazing band that you should take time and listen to. They will make you groove. I hope everyone has a good weekend! How did you like to illustration? I was using EWF greatest hits. Tell me what you think. If you don’t have your seat at the “Reading is Fun The Mental” Benefit Dinner let me know. We gone get you in there. Have a blessed weekend. Check out the “WORLD NEWS” tomorrow! Love!