Quotes from -rjhii ---> (The Composer of Thoughts)

Try to keep up and be sure to expand your way of thinking as you journey, briefly in the mind of "The Composer of Thoughts" himself -rjhii... Witness how he takes simple terms and then turns them into moments that make you sit there and really evaluate what is going on around you. Gain Inspiration and feel the Love! -rjhii

"Life is only cereal in a box that has a prize in it!"

"Music is the only thing that will tame the Devil!"

"The rewind button should have been named the deepest thought button!"

"Simple illustrations of the instilled character to surrender."

"Walk with me now while I have nothing, so that you may be truly rewarded when I have everything."

“To be able to create a memory is like having one of the many powers of God right at your fingertips.”

“If one is able to imprint a lasting impression in the mind of another person or thing, then a true connection has been formed.”

“Memories to me are like friends, sometimes you love them and sometimes you don’t. But either way they touch us.”

“Laughing will cure any mental disease!”

“Make everyday worth the memory that it shall soon become!”

“And all great art has vigorous preparation, organization and structure!”

“The moment you get up you are creating your daily energies.”

” We too commonly disregard those that we call Leader, simply because of some flashy saying, some form of a societal allegiance, or their ability to instill fear in those who are guided.”

” You tell me something dumb and my response will be dumber”

“School days are about making learning fun and exciting and making the expansion of the brain accepted and admired.”

“We are all children of something until we are gone.”

“Don’t lose contact with the people you started with; they were the ones with you when you had nothing.”

“Find something that you enjoy and let it be your escape from the world.”

“We have all the power to change whatever we want to.”

“When you got that feeling to say something, don’t hold it in, because at that very moment you may be becoming a teacher!”

“Once you put the ultimate emphasis on the brain work of your craft, you can be the best at anything.”

“When you say never-mind, you tell your mind…Never!”

“In order to make the proper decision, you must acknowledge what is a gut feeling and what is impure imagination.”

“You either lie to the world or you are true to yourself!”

“We tend to take offense in daily circumstances simply because we are unaware of the entirety of a subject.”

“Doing for the people, the ultimate aim we should have in our lives.”

“We tend to get so caught up in the imagery and animation of some people’s stories that these stories determine how you think.”

“When you surround yourself in something it will eventually make hindrance in your life, if it’s not positive.”

“The people you hang out with will eventually become you; if you have no self discipline

"The ways of the world will kill if you don’t have self sympathy.”

“You have life so why are you so down?”

“Good students will be tampered with affliction.”

“We cannot blame the people for their evil doing, if they know not what they do or from which it comes.”

“We have to love regardless of who it is or regardless of what they have done to us.”

“The wrong doing we do unto one another can cause turmoil for a lifetime.”