Monday, August 29, 2011

Daily THOUGHT #47 "True Colors"

Tongue: The most POWERFUL instrument on the body!!!

Hello there my people! I hope that all is well with everyone. I know it's been a minute since I have been on here, trying to get school stuff situated has taken a bigger tole on me than I thought it would have. But, things are on the up and up now, so I will be back to my regularly scheduled, daily output of "The Scoop". There is so much to be talked about now, I pray that you are ready. I think it's about that time for me to start leaving it all on the table and let the world feast as they please!

Today I want to tell you about "True Colors". Well what do you mean Reggie? How can colors be fake or false rather? Well my fellow viewers, this is how. In society we find ways to give expressions with the use of words in different context from what it actually means, take for instance the words: hot, bad and dope. Now initially one would think hot as in temperature, bad as in opposite of good and dope as in the substance that gets people locked up and raises taxes to care for the jail and it's new occupants, even though this product is way less dangerous than our beloved and legal alcohol. But, that's for another day, anyways...These terms too, represent something totally different. Hot now becomes fly or trending, popular. Bad is good in this sense and dope only solidifies how awesome something is, usually during the initial reaction to finding something out. So there is opportunity for something to be different from what it actually is, or fake!

So what determines the truth of colors I guess is the next question someone would ask. "True Colors" is more like a phrase used to the describe the real personalities of an individual. What's actually on the inside versus what is displayed on the outside. The part that is most interesting to me is how colors are formed. We look at schools, organizations and professional teams, observing the selection of colors. This is very important, because this makes a statement. Colors have so much richness. Understanding the many variations would make your walk in life a lot easier.

I like to believe that the "True Colors" of an individual is made up based on surroundings, intelligence and self evaluation. Whether you know it or not, what you surround yourself with is what you normally become. The knowledge that you put in your brain will determine how much you are able to put out of your brain for the world to use and how you look at things makes the difference in working somewhere you dread and doing something that will be remembered even long after the day when you are gone from this place. It seems like so often, we take for granted the ability we have to analyze a situation or circumstance. Instead we allow the situation to control us and set us back from what we had planned to make happen.

What are your "True Colors"? Do you find yourself in a constant state of unhappiness or are you really living and enjoying life? Are you happy with the attention that you get from the people who truly care about you or are you doing everything that you can so someone can notice your presence? Are you really that warm hearted and welcoming to people or is that just what you do to gain fans? How we are should not even be measured by the observational judgement of our fellow man. Our presence should represent what we believe is the right and positive way to be.

Life is too short for our "True Colors" to change like mood rings. We have to understand what our inner personality is and learn to adapt according to each and every situation. I like to look at myself as somewhat of a chameleon. These amazing creatures have the ability to change the color of their bodies according to their surroundings. Imagine how much better the world would be if people were like that. Sure enough you are going to go places and be around people that you don't like. Why allow an already understood circumstance to pull you out of a comfort, happy and peaceful zone.Utilize this situation as a chance to prove that you can handle any obstacle before you and do it as graceful as the floating clouds.

We have an opportunity my people. We could be truthful to ourselves and the people around us. We could show who we truly are and because of the effort give respect to one another. We could recognize when we are out of place as well embrace when we should be involved. Examine the things around you today. See what you can find out about "True Colors". You all have a great week. It's on you!


Friday, August 12, 2011

Daily THOUGHT #46 "Owning the Stage"

It's time that we began polishing our acts!

Greetings my fellow viewers. Thank God it's Friday! The weekend is here. Even if you have to work this weekend, find some time to just relax and take a load off from all that you had to endure this week. You deserve it! My band, Plan3t 3 will be traveling to Mobile, AL. my hometown, tonight, then to Birmingham, AL on Saturday and finally back to Huntsville, AL on Sunday. So you all be sure to pray for our safe travels please. It would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!

Today I would like to speak to you about "Owning the Stage". Yea, I know I always say talk or speak to you about something when I am actually writing and you are reading, but just imagine that I am talking to you anyways, you'll get it. I know that several people have already labeled this topic in regards to entertainment, seeing that I started my greeting talking about Plan3t 3. Well, kind of...but not quite. See the way that I look at life, I believe that everyone has a stage. Whether it's being a janitor, being a teacher, being an engineer, being a poet, serving in politics, managing a restaurant, running a business or just simply volunteering in the community. These are all stages.

Take a minute...think about your life right now at this current state of it's existence...What is your stage? What is your time to shine? When do you perform the great abilities that you have within? The reason I loved high school so much was because there were so many organizations that a student could be involved with and they all some kind of way connected to one another. Everyone had there own stamp on things and you knew what that stamp was based off of who the individuals were. When "Owning the Stage" it's imperative that you make your mark so that you may leave your mark. "Everyone will leave a mark when they are gone, but it you make your mark, it will leave itself". Practice regimes and consistent reminders of the passion behind your drive are two vital components to a successful stage performance, remember that.

Well what about stage fright? How do you factor that in? Simple...thank God that you got it. This lets you know that you are human. Once you figure that out, it's then time for you to pursue your abilities as a super human. Yes, a super human...Someone who can connect with the energies and spirits of any arena (arena = situation and environment) and deliver in the most affective way possible! You are bound to meet challenges in your life that seem as hurdles, don't let that boggle you down, just jump them and keep it moving. By reaching a certain level you can then begin to feel at home on the stage and allow an entirely different side of you to be exposed as your foster the responsibilities and inner characteristics of your profession, hobbie or task at hand.

So many times we are on stages and don't even know it. Be careful or you could end up providing the the drama for undeserving spectators. A lot of time when you are involved with a massive amount of people, you are always on a stage. I don't know about you, but I like to look at my life to be something like a movie. I wish I had cameras around most of the time, so that people would gain an understanding to why I am the way that I am. Growing up you have to be on stage for your parents, guardians and elderly family members. Not to mention, you have to be that way with your siblings and anyone else who may be in the same age group as you in order to develop your own persona and way of things. Use what you have learned growing up to guide you in the present and future.

Anytime that you get on the phone to talk to someone, try and get someone to buy in to whatever it is that you are promoting or marketing you are on the stage. Same way if you are driving somewhere, only this time there are way more people sharing the stage with you. Regardless of the task, allow your personality, feelings and emotions to flow when you are on the stage. Be sure that you get feedback from your audience and make sure that your audience knows your appreciation for them and your task at hand. Live your life as though you were being filmed. That means give your all at all times, do what would meet your approval and enjoy everything that is before you! It's the weekend my people. Make the best of it! Happy Friday!


Thursday, August 11, 2011

Daily THOUGHT #45 "Playing the Role of God"

Are you sure that's what you wanna do?

Hello my people! I hope that everyone is doing well on this great Thursday. Remember, only one more day until the weekend begins, so if you got plans go ahead and dot all your i’s and cross all your t’s so that everything will go according to plan and so that you will have the most enjoyable experience. In the words of that guy from Adam Sandler’s “Water Boy”…You can do it!

Today I want to discuss the topic “Playing the Role of God”. Seems like the society we live in has so many people who feel they hold the responsibility of controlling everything in the world. There is no problem with diplomacy, meaning international relations, but it must be a relation not a ruling. Now when I say playing the role of God, I am not just referring to people who think they are in charge of everything. I am also making much regard to those who cast judgment. Something that I have always lived by is, until you live in a glass house…Don’t be casting stones to no one! It may take some of you a little while to understand that.
As I examine the daily routines of life, I see how emotional and confusing humans are. We tend to get so worked up over nothing and then take it out on everyone and everything around us. It’s as if we expect everything around us to be perfect even though we have so many faults of our own. Look at some friendships that you are in. Ever had someone get mad at you about something, not tell you why they got mad, but just mope around, say nothing to you and treat you like you don’t even exist? Well I know I have. What amazes me though is how people claim they want things one way, but don’t take the time to actually go through the process of making that happen. See if you want to play the role of God and judge people, you have to be willing to guide them in the direction of which you want them to go. If you make perfect sense of the matter and they still don’t understand you, that’s when you let it go until they are on your level. This will take sincere patience.
See what people don’t realize is that we are little Gods and Goddesses put here to have complete dominion over the world, but until we tap into our inner abilities we will always be in a state of inability and misunderstanding. What really trips me out is how people misuse those who really care for them. It’s like humans don’t want to accept positivity, balance or love. Why is that? I believe because we are so worried about the judgment of others that we would rather do a few people who are genuine to us, dirty and wrong, only to please another majority of people that probably don’t righteously have concern for you. Uphill battles are so difficult, especially when the battle is with yourself.
It takes a lot for someone to realize when a friend or even foe truly understands you. Having another individual be able to recognize and label your every move whether positive or negative is sometimes difficult to cope with. For a long time, I know this was something that I battled with, but now I thank God that I have friends and enemies on that level, because they can pin point your faults and help you even when you don’t want the help, as well congratulate you when you are successful, particularly for a project that may have been rather difficult for you. Now Reggie how does that work with your enemies? Simple, your enemies congratulate you by hating…Got to be doing something right to have people looking to find you doing something wrong. Also enemies serve as motivation; the idea of accomplishing something when others try to deny you or say that you can’t is a feeling like no other!
When you look in the mirror, you should see a God or Goddess. You have the power and opportunity to do whatever it is that you desire, you just have to have the heart and persistence to get it done. This also means that you have the responsibility of making things work around you, from emotions to actions. Life is on you, do with it what you need, want and should do. Take your place in making a difference.


Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Daily THOUGHT #44 "Being the Examiner"

Don't waist your time being mad at human beings!

Well people it is Wednesday, that means the middle of the week. So since you’ve had an opportunity to see the flow of things, examine the mishaps, miscommunications and all those faults you made and don’t look at them as a bad thing, but as a foundation for how to improve. You still have the chance to manifest whatever it is that you want to see done in this week, mentally, physically and emotionally.
Today I want to talk about “Being the Examiner”. There are so many things in this life that we are able to examine, the ride from the house to work, the weather, the rise of gas process, the TV, your children growing up and most importantly the energies of the world. So often we find ourselves in moods that irritate us or make us to become shallow, inexpressive and sometimes even very rude, simply because we are on the outside looking in. Now Reggie what do you mean about being on the outside looking in? Well fellow viewers it’s simple. See I believe in life we get so caught up in the things going on in our daily process of living that we forget others are experiencing the same patterns, only sometimes better or worst depending on the time of the year and their specific situations.
Somewhat like cooking, of course you can know all the ingredients to a meal, but if you don’t know the correct proportions of what should be used, that mouth watering food sensation might not be as delightful as you expected when you take that first bite. People are the same way. Sometimes we feel that we know so much about folks, when we really don’t, that we really understand what they are reacting to. As I take time to meditate on the feel of the universe, I find myself connecting with the energies of all the things that are around me. When you allow yourself to open up mentally and spiritually you will become overwhelmed with the amount of reception you receive even from unimaginable sources.
Posture, conversation, attire, the way someone walks and talks and the people that surround someone are all great solicitors of how a person feels.  You can look at situations in everyday life and see how you are connected with others. Just this past Monday I went to freshmen band camp and the new Trumpet Section Leader, who shares my same last name I may add, had the same shirt on as me. We didn’t plan that. Just yesterday while I was at rehearsal with Plan3t 3, I walked outside and saw some of my band family at the gas station. Ironically another Trumpet player, the previous section leader, had the same shirt on as me as well. And today, my bass player Sweet Fig and I arrived at practice first, but no one was here so we went to McDonalds and low and behold who do we see? Mr. Black, the guy who made Plan3t 3 possible, man how God works. These are not coincidences my people, we are spiritually and energetically connected. Those are the vital people in your life, the ones that you are connected with, on a larger scale than physical understanding. 
Remember the clues that Mother Nature and Father Time leaves for you on a daily basis. When you see things reoccurring, reflect on when you were first exposed to whatever that is. When you see things repeating themselves, examine how it makes you feel and how it affects you. When you see things passing you by that you love and need, prepare yourself to be ready when it comes around again. When something distracts or harms you, learn how to let it go and when you do, be done with it. When you notice a certain energy from the people around you, don’t be afraid to embrace it, because in actuality that moment was meant to be. Examine life and everything that it has to offer. Love your life for it is special.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Daily THOUGHT #43 "The Things We Leave Behind"

What have you left behind?

Greetings fellow viewers! I hope that all is well with everyone. I have been pretty well myself, just living life and observing all of its experiences. I am so grateful for all of the ups and downs. I hope that your energy and spirits are in the same light. Positivity is so easy to possess, it's just very hard to express.

 Things are starting to pick up here in Huntsville where I am located. Grade school is back in and the students are gradually rolling back into the city, ready for college. I am very excited about this upcoming semester, seeing that it will be my last here at Alabama A&M University. From 2005 until now I have learned so much, but now it is time to let some things go. Now don't misinterpret that statement. That simply means that there will be some closure in my life, so that new doors will be able to be opened.
Life has a funny way of balancing itself on a regular. Some people like to call it karma. I like to refer to it as human spiritual and energetic nature. This is the process of human energies connecting with the inner spirits of our feelings and emotions, creating the atmospheres that we dwell in. Sometimes you find yourself constantly opening a door for someone or speaking to people you don’t know and then sooner or later you see the same thing in return. This is how things always come back to where they start… something like a boomerang.

 Now don’t think that when you do something that means that the exact same thing will be returned to you. See the balance of the earth is determined by our THOUGHT process and our reaction to what we think. Depending on where your heart is, a simple gesture of helping an old woman get her groceries in the car could result in an overwhelming reward that you would have never imagined. We must recognize this is equally vulnerable to the not so nice things that we do in the world. Imagine being a professional entertainer, going out of town, having a horrific attitude with your fans and others involved. It wouldn’t be to ironic when the sound system goes out, someone misses a cue or you leave something valuable in the city when you depart from the concert. Even though this was one action of having a bad attitude, it was only the prelude to an awful experience.

 All things aren’t meant to be left behind, but because of our inability to balance the mind and heart at the same time, we tend to make decisions based solely on emotions or something that we thought of, not really examining thoroughly and contemplating complete logic. Complete logic consists of the combination of expression and idea. When successfully adhered to, one will review how he or she got in the situation, what is going on in the situation and what will be the latter result, based on decisive actions. It’s about time that people start understanding that we all connected and what we do affects more than just us, it changes the international community.

 I always hope to live a life that will be carried on for centuries and centuries to come. That is what I want to leave behind, a legacy of selfless humility and excellence. We each should be living so that our life will become a story that is relived through the expression and lifestyles of people touched by what we do. Someone is always watching you, so be the example that will create positivity for the future. Pass things down so that others will understand heritage and traditions, stray away from things that bring you down mentally or physically. Do things as you would wish to have them returned to you, cause before you know it…right back at square one. Have a great day. Be blessed!


Friday, August 5, 2011

Daily THOUGHT #42 "When Life Gives You Lemons, Build a Restauraunt"

Be able to make the BEST out of all situations. And if the world isn't willing to understand...Let them Wonder!!!

First off let me take the time to bring you proper greetings! Hello great friends of mine who take time to read the things going on in my head. I am very appreciative of you. Your actions are quite humbling to me! For those of you who check the blog out on a regular, I would like to apologize for this long gap since July 18th, the last time that I posted. I kinda had to go on a mental journey to grasp a hold of what I truly had with this blog as well other situations in my life. All the occurrences since then have helped me realize so much and I am going to do my best to share this with the world, hopefully my experiences will make a difference in someones life.

Funny how we take time to watch every reality show on television, but don't even recognize the one right before our eyes. Amazingly enough...A camera rolling for my every encounter, I believe would make millions. Honestly, I feel like everybody has the life like that. Only we choose not to give attention to the details of our daily walks. Life has so much involvement that is manifested through the moving energies and spirits of this earth realm. Our connections with higher powers influence us to do things that we feel are great, as well things that we feel are not so good. The way that we channel these emotions and direct their ordinance will be the deciding factor in how this thing called life really is.

Drinking from the fountain of purity and justice doesn't always taste the best, nor is it always the greatest temperature, nor is their always a lot of it, but by the time you finish the glass and let the atmosphere soak in, you will feel better as a whole. It's time that we drag ourselves out of this enclosed box of complacency and selfishness. It's time that we drag ourselves out of these unnecessary states of depression and anger. It's time that we drag ourselves out of this time of ignorance and misunderstanding. Why drag yourself? Simple, so that you will feel every possible inclination of negativity that has evolved in that time of trouble.

So many times we pass up on things in life, simply because we are unaware of what may come in the future. Because of the simplicity of our surface thinking, we only rely on the past to make a decision for right now. "Where as any wise man would reflect on the past, evaluate the now and consider the future." Our everyday situations are more than just something that happens at that moment. People must begin to realize that your every move, thought and incident is dealing with and affects lots of people, not just you and the situation. We must begin to examine every possibility before we conclude with an answer or ordain our solution.

Fantasia came out with a song not too long ago called Bittersweet...I like to look at lemons the same way. The initial taste is extremely bitter and tart, especially if the fruit is fresh, but there are so many sweet things that you can do with a lemon. Think about a nice cold, refreshing glass of lemonade or iced tea, baked and grilled fish cooked with sliced lemon, fresh garden salads topped with lemon juice as a dressing, pasta topped with lemon juice for flavoring, lemon pepper, cleaning appliances with lemon as the main ingredient, home air fresheners with lemon, lemon juice on vegetables used as a preserver, lemon peels used as fertilizer and the list goes on and on.

We have to take the bitter moments in life and treat them the same way. When someone does you wrong, it's okay, smile. You can be the one to be bigger about the situation and if you are sincere, the outcome will be in your favor anyways. When something that you expected to come through fails you, you don't have to allow that to pull you into a state of captivity mentally and emotionally. Find out what you need to be doing at the current time and if what you desire is truly meant to be, in due time that destination will arrive as well. When you are receiving mixed signals from someone, be patient enough to walk alongside them, but stern enough to let them know nothing lasts forever. Be fair and true to yourself above all. If you don't know how to make sweetness from your own bitter situations, you will never be able to build restaurants just from lemons. Lemons make more than just lemonade, just as afflictions and bad situations make more than just drama and troubling times. Figure it out. Be happy and make a difference in the world. Speak to someone you don't know today. Have a great weekend!