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We here at "The Scoop" believe that it is imperative to deliver the message to "The People" that will help heal the people. It's time out for us trying to save the world! There is only one person who can do that and the more we try to do it on our own and with our own views, we only screw up this place that we live in more and more!

We vow, that we will do our part in helping you to care for Life's wounds!
We vow, to be honest and just in ALL of our Illustrations!
We vow, to be timely and punctual in delivering you the worlds news!
We vow, to work hand in hand in building a Better Today! No more time for a better tomorrow!
We vow, to solicit the works of The People, when they put it in our hands to tell the world!

"The Scoop"

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