Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mother's Day! I Love You Mom...

First giving honor to God who is indeed the head of my life... To all Mothers that may come across this blog, greetings. I pray that all is well with you and that you are truly enjoying the day that is designated to recognize the true beauty of your life and the influence that you have on others, particularly your children...

I am so blessed to have a dynamic, spirit filled, intelligent, talented, giving, gorgeous, and loving Mother... I guess that I am more fortunate to have obtained life after she gained a few years of experience in parenting and caring for youth. Thanks Eric =^) --- Since the late 80's, it has been proven to me that she is the best for the responsibility and that her concern is always for other people, never herself.

Many people in the world would long for the relationship between a son and a Mother that mirrors the current relationship my Mom and I have. There are no boundaries, limitations, or lost words. Our conversations are uplifting for one another and we always seem to sew in the life of the other individual. From being raised then at home to traveling the road abroad now, we have evolved into a partnership that is joined together by the will of God. We have grown to a spiritual consistency that is powerful amongst many men. And, we are learning how to better the human race simply from our interaction.

Thankfully I am blessed to have a Mother that does not need any special recognition on a specific calendar day. My Mom knows that I love her regardless of what the world says or celebrates. Thankfully I am blessed to have a Mother that doesn't determine how much of her love she will give based on my imperfections. My Mom gives to me without question and accepts my faults, and instead of criticizing... she prays for me. Thankfully I am blessed to have a Mother that is God fearing and doesn't need a visual confirmation to understand her duties in the world. My Mom gives me timely advice on any and every situation... and not one time have I come to her and she not had the answer. That is a true blessing.

What exactly is a Mother other than the person that births a child? Well a Mother is a nurturer, a teacher, a provider, a comforter, a listener, a director, an example, and more importantly a friend with benefits. A Mother for some reason, is a person that knows all the answers well before a child tells them anything. A Mother for some reason is the most patient and understanding with her kids, seeing the future of their lives long before the child even thinks about it. A Mother for some reason is un-movable when the world hits, well at least mine is.

The reason we go through things in life will never be revealed while we are going through it. So as I sit here, unable to do something extravagant for my Mom, I carry on with no worries. As I sit and think about all the things that I would like to give my Mom that I can't, I carry on with no worries. And as I set here wondering what she will think when she reads this, I still carry on with no worries. Why? Because I know that my Mom will love me regardless of what I do and I know that she will appreciate my efforts and purpose above anything materialistic.

So Mom as you read this, I want you to know that there will never be another Mother on this Earth like you! This to many may seem like a vague statement, but to me this is quite true. You have been in my corner when no one else was. You have helped me out when no one else would. And you have loved me when no one else could... Without you, I would not be half the person that I am today. God has definitely shown great favor in my life, with you being the first gift that he expressed this action with.

Listening to the stories of how I wasn't supposed to make it through birth and hearing the stories about how I acted in my youngest days, I am so blessed that God lined us up. Though I may not be able to give you half of what you deserve Mom, I pray that you understand my life is dedicated to making your life better, and allowing you to reach the goals and achieve the dreams that you so wish to see. As long as God gives me breath, I promise to do all that I can to ensure that you will live a life reflective of all that you have done to make others better.

I hope that you will celebrate your life more so than just a day designed to be celebrated. You deserve the world, so allow God to give you as much of it as he has planned. I will call you later! I love you more than you will ever know! Thanks for being the best Mom that anyone could be! One day soon I will shower you with things I feel you deserve. Hold on for a little while longer. My life will be reflective of the great plan God has for us! My prayers and thoughts are with you! Be blessed and walk into your blessings! God is so good!

Happy Mother's Day Mom!