Thursday, September 29, 2011

Daily THOUGHT #67 "The Wrong One"

"Don't let your life get turned around because you behaved in the wrong manner with the right person..."

Hello there my people! How are you? Happy Thursday. I pray that everyone has had a great week thus far and that you are getting prepared to have an even better weekend. My apologies for those of you who were expecting to read a blog yesterday. The laptop I use at home was stolen Sunday and I didn't have a way to the yard yesterday, so I had no way of writing it. I am just going to do and extra thought between today and tomorrow to even everything out, so just stay tuned. Have any of you caught on to what I was doing this week? Well I will reveal everything this weekend in the World News, so be sure you check it out.

Don't you just hate being the first person that someone sees when they are mad or ticked off about something? Sometimes it doesn't even matter if you are first...if one gets too worked up, they tend to take everything out on anybody they come in contact with. What's quite interesting to me is how when people do get upset, everything else around them seems to irritate them even more. If one is driving, the traffic begins to get on their nerves, if one goes somewhere to eat, please don't let the service be poor or you will never hear the end of that...You try to reach somebody and they don't answer the phone or reply, go ahead and add them to the $#!+ list too (excuse my symbols for all my sensitive readers).

I like to believe that the enemy works just as hard as God does if not harder to lead us in certain directions. I think God takes the best friend approach and the devil takes the evil professor approach. You know how your best friends tend to know everything about you right? Well they always give you advice based on how they know you act, trying to lead you in the best possible direction...but when you are stubborn, they let you learn on your own and then comfort you when you fall on your face! Whereas the enemy will give you all the facts, prepare your for a test and then assess you on material that had nothing to do with what you were learning. Not to mention he's never in during the expected office hours.

We as humans miss out on so much simply because we get distracted or we base our actions on our own agendas. We, at all times, must be mindful of what our true mission and purpose is at all times. I guess it would be smart to figure out what that is first...Do you know? Follow the signs, it's probably directly in your face, you just aren't paying attention. Life works in phases, so be careful that you aren't just going through a phase. I laugh all the time when I think about how my fashion taste and personality developed over the years. Somethings that I wore and did "back in the day" I would never do now...quite hilarious.

Why do we allow material things and the actions of others to get under our skin so much. Do we ever sit down to take a chance and ask: "Is it time for this in my life?" Do we ever analyze the surrounding situations in order to guide us in the direction we need to go? Or do we just rush everything...wake up and hope for the best? Believe it or not, the majority of the people that live in our society just get up and do whatever. We have to break this cycle. We look at the elegance of a young lady, how she should be graceful, elegant and sweet mannered this is what we expect. But when a young lady is using strong profane language, dressing inappropriately and doing things out of good character because of anger how do we respond? What do we say...what should we do?

I would love to see the day where humans actually acted on their intuitions. We make eye contact with so many people, but continue to walk past them. We run into the same people, whom we don't take time to know, all the time but make no effort to find out why we keep doing it. We go places and silence our own characters and personalities just to fit in with our surroundings. When will we understand the respect of individuality? When this day comes so much will be better here in the world.

If you are mad about mad, because sometimes we are mentally or physically tough enough to endure certain life problems, but don't let that interfere with you interactions with other individuals. You never know who you may run into or what they may be able to do to improve your life, how you can improve theirs or how collectively you can change the world. Don't be so caught up in your own understanding that you dismiss the emotions and feelings of others. Don't be so overwhelmed by the actions of humans that you retaliate negatively to those around you. Life was never promised to be simple, easy, fair or always enjoyable, but as long as you make the efforts to keep things positive, positivity will follow you and those who you may come in contact with. Leave the stress alone. Smile my people. Peace!


Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Daily THOUGHT #66 "Look at Me Now"

MJ said it best...Start with the man in the mirror...

It's Tuesday my people! What's the word? How are you? I am doing pretty well...starting to feel as if this storm that I have been in for quite some time now is beginning to settle. Because of the life path that I have chosen to travel, I know that the storm won't completely die out, but at least I will be able to find comfort in life's daily situations, versus them pulling me down or holding me back. It's almost Wednesday, and you know I like my readers to examine the mid week go ahead and get things done today. Put a little more pep in your step.

I love watching people grow up for some reason. When you meet people and they stay connected with you for a number of years, you are allowed an opportunity to witness the progression or regression of that particular individual. If they are truly important to your life, how they live will effect you also. It's imperative to have friends in your life...people who won't necessarily carry you through a situation, but more so be there as you endure what it is that you go through. Sometimes just the security of someone else being with you is enough to take on the tasks of the world. When you find someone that you know is dependent on your personality, abilities or even just presence, you should offer the same assistance.

We look at how people place things together, either in hopes of self glorification or the benefit of others. Sometimes this is short term related or long haul intended. You examine founders of organizations who put in place a chance for long term relationships and service methods to be constructed and endorsed...whereas you find members of these organizations who attempt to use their rank in order to manifest some self indulgent idea that righteously is only beneficial to the individual. Why is this? Why is it human nature to gain attention in any and every aspect of life? You ever been in a conversation with two or more very competitive people? If you have or have not, the next time when you are, notice how intense things will get. People will start interrupting each other, some will even keep talking as someone else is in mid conversation and of course you will have those that profess that "Oh I already did that...I do that all the time...see when I do that I" and so on.

1966, to me, has a lot of "Look at Me Now" situations. The first acid test is conducted in San Francisco up rooting the Hippie Movement, Robert Weaver becomes the first African American to be appointed to the Presidential Cabinet as Secretary of Housing and Urban Development. Texas Western, now known as UTEP, with five black starters defeats the national renowned Kentucky Wildcat basketball team opening the door for black recruitment. Gene Cernan completes the second space walk. Caesars palace opens in Las Vegas. The idea of the first video game is constructed and Star Trek debuts. Because of several riots, the U.S. Department of Transportation is created. The AFL-NFL merger is approved by the U.S. Congress creating the NFL as we know today, no to forget the highest scoring game in league history was played this year by the Washington Redskins and New York Giants (35 years before 9/11...NYG scored 41 points 9+11+20+01= 41). Funny how Walt Disney would die and "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" would appear huh? Well at least Kwanzaa's initial celebration took place shortly after.

We look at HUD today and how it really plays no role in the upkeep of our housing, particularly in the urban areas. Why would this department be so poor in action? We examine politicians that come out of Texas and their lack of concern for African Americans, but look at the difference those five blacks made on collegiate sports. Amazingly, I saw a light skinned young man yesterday with a black and whit Kentucky shirt on. This year the NFL season openers included the New York Giants versus the Washington Redskins and also a match up between the Dallas Cowboys (America's Team) and the New York Jets (self explanatory). Disney films are constantly changing the face of the world and we all know that the Grinch is a tradition every winter. What now will effect the future generations? What are we doing to prepare a safer and brighter future for our youth?

Surprisingly a lot of times those type questions are not our concern. We tend to do things with intentions of helping or pleasing ourselves. Eventually we have to realize that actions like this may seem great temporarily, but sooner than imagined it will take it's turn. Some mentioned yesterday that when you become a parent you must engage a selfless attitude. I feel we must be selfless at all times. We are placed in situations to give a message to someone, as well someone is also placed to give a message to us. Let's start working as one that we may be able to progress together. Believe it or not when we open the gates of opportunity anything is possible. When you look at yourself be thankful and know that if you are living, have family and friends and you are doing something you want to do in life...then you are rich beyond measures. The more open you are to the world, the richer you will be! Peace!


Monday, September 26, 2011

Daily THOUGHT #65 "A time of Laughter"

Even a child can sense when something is not right...Laughter is the only things that will get us through some of today's foolery!

Hello My People! How are you? I am hoping that everyone has started their week off properly...All smiles and organized in an orderly fashion. If not you still have time to regroup and get things the way that you would like to have them. Go ahead a plan ahead for the upcoming days. Don't procrastinate on that assignment or task you need to complete and be sure to find ways to relax and enjoy yourself. I am doing pretty well. Things aren't exactly how I would like them to be, plus a lot of stuff is just piling up...But I am so blessed to be living and to have the people in my life that I have. Because of this, all is well.

How many Tom & Jerry fans do we have out there? Can you believe that this show debuted 46 years ago yesterday? Yea, that show is old. 1965 was just a year of laughter, if you look at it from a 2011 point of view. What do you mean by that Reggie? Well let me tell you. Did you know that Martin Lawrence, Chris Rock and Bill Bellamy were born in 1965? Oh yea and those guys are hilarious. Martin is my favorite of the three. i think that I connect to him a lot. There were three more very serious events that took place that year, but like I said if you look back now, it was a time of laughter.

This indeed was still a time for our nation where people would shoot first and ask questions later. Majority of the shooting was from White supremacy, so there was really no need for questioning anyways, we all know they just did what they wanted to do. Many people were disheartened as Sir Winston Churchill died after falling very ill, while others were in turmoil and confusion upon the assassination on Malcolm X. Did not this man just profess his thoughts of society and attempt to reach solutions to a failing country. I guess that didn't matter if your skin tone wasn't approved by the hierarchy...We can notice this in the massage age difference and way of death experienced by these two individuals. But hey what significance does their lives have anyways? Society is in a completely different direction.

President Johnson was sworn in to his own term this year in 1965 after having to complete the term of previously assassinated President Kennedy. Johnson's main idea was implementing his "Great Society" Plan. This was very similar to that of the "New Deal" and "New Frontier" plans proposed by President's Roosevelt and Kennedy, only it was more ideal to the current national crisis' that were at hand. The main concentration was of course poverty and segregation. Shamefully many states, particularly in the south, were still not ready to conform to the new ways of the nation. Sad that people actually thought like that, but when I look at the world now...People are just as uneducated as they want to be, only in different subject areas.

The Voting Rights Act was signed into law on August 6, 1965. Has it truly served it's purpose? If you look at it as just giving us a right to vote, then yes it has. But if you view it for the principle of what certain minorities were then allowed, then no it has not served it's purpose. People kill me when they complain about how things are in the world today but say nothing about it, to people who can make a difference. I have yet to understand why our nation has moved to this mental state which makes us to believe that the government controls us. When will we again realize that we control the government. WE decide who goes into the office and it is left up to us to make sure they adhere to what they campaigned on as well understand and work to fix the problems of society. How can we complain if we do nothing about it?

I just got through watching Obama live in the Silicon Valley as he informed the people how we would begin moving our country again, fixing unemployment, bettering education and securing a better fiscal budget. In his closing statements he urged our nation to be vocal and express to their elected officials how we felt about what is going on in cities and states. He emphasized that we must make moves that will benefit all not just one particular political party. As we look at Congress and other politicians, it seems they are focused on the now and temporary political positions rather than trying to do what is best for the future of our people. When are we going to step up and stop allowing this to happen. In the 60's, when there was no internet, bills and laws were being passed swiftly because people took action.

All these privileges we have been granted have made us lazy and complacent. Since we don't have to go out and get anything anymore, we have become satisfied with the little that we have. People have died for the right to be vocal in a country that is said to manifest freedom of speech. People have been tried in our court system because of race and religion, in a land where everyone is supposedly created equal. And now, we witness as a minority holds the highest position in our country...only to have blashpemy spoken to his name and constant attacks from people who would allow the country to fail and fall down to unrecoverable states before supporting him. Sad day...have things really changed here?

As you go forward in your daily walk, understand that something got you where you are today. In the words of President Obama, someone invested in your life, that you may go on to be something spectacular if you put your mind to it. Why not be all that you can be regardless of what situations may come your way. Why not take advantage of all opportunities that have been provided and why not support those people who are trying to make a difference in the world. "Where many are joined for one cause, there will be change...but where many thoughts are joined with no support, there will be complete confusion!" Speak to someone you don't know today. Don't make our life something to laugh at. We can do all things...Remember that and let Christ be your strength. Peace!


Sunday, September 25, 2011

Sunday Reflection #6 "STILL PRAISING"

Dear God,

Hello! How are you? I assume that you are looking down wondering why we do the things that we do in our daily lives...pondering about how we get to the conclusions that we reach, which lead us to act and react a certain way. I guess it gets frustrating, seeing the people that are made in your image drifting off from the passage in which you paved for us. I can only imagine how heart breaking it must be to see our living conditions this day in age. I feel like it's only more disheartening having to watch as we allow situations to pull us further and further away from our abilities to implement change, simply because we don't know how to deal with trials and tribulations. I won't even begin to attempt to compare that to anything in my life.

I am at a state of need...That's how I am feeling. I'm not feeling bad, but I am just in need of clarity and direction. Seems like regardless what I do, the enemy is there lurking and waiting to attack like a predator in the jungle does his prey. Please don't mistake my words for fear or disbelief in who and what you are to me, but I need you to lead me where I need to be. I thank you for my ability to remain calm even in the most hostile of situations, but please work through me that this will remain forever consistent...because the circumstances are becoming more and more overwhelming. Only you can guide me through this.

I wish that I could just see things sometimes. I wish that I would be able to recognize the signs as soon as you place them in my surroundings. I wish that I was able to truly interpret the atmosphere of wherever I am located at any time. It has been my belief for quite some time now that all things are indeed for a reason. The days events take place, the people involved with the action and everything that led up to that moment all linked up somewhere down the line. Any great professor can explain what something is by reading material from a book, but it takes a true teacher to be able to explain how everything came together in order to make something happen the way that it did and what will be the latter result in the future. Make us to be great teachers.

For so long we ask the question why us? Why do we have to suffer? Why is it that we always seem to take 3 steps forward and then out of nowhere, 5 steps back? Why do we have dreams that give us visions of great and marvelous things, only to have them taken away from us or blocked out of our reach for some reason or another? What happens to that same spirit that gets us to the point of belief, when things go wrong? Does it flea as well...was it really there or was it an allusion? Every thought imagined down to the number of steps we take on a daily basis are for just cause right? I know so, make me to cultivate the who, what, where, when and why, that what is to be fulfilled will be fulfilled.

As I look at my life, dating back to my previous birthday, I realize that I am on a specific journey hand made by you God! I thank you for chosen me to fulfill whatever mission it is that you have before me. From the death of my Grandmother and Great Aunt, from my uneasy departure from the Music Program, from the lost of my car, from my iPhone being stolen, from my other phone line being cut off, from my job and university screwing over my funds placing me in a horrible financial bind, from various attacks towards my band and business, to my home being broken in today and we having a 40 inch flat screen television and two laptops stolen, one of which containing the only remaining pictures I had from my grandmothers funeral and every song that I ever wrote on it...I STILL PRAISE YOU!

The Bible tells us the story of a man named Job, who had everything taken away from him by the devil but his life. The devil asked if he could attack Job and you granted him permission as long as he knew and understood that he could not take Job's life. Today when my home was robbed, I was sleep. You spared my life and for that I am so grateful. Sure enough these material things were taken, but I am still here able to testify about your many blessings and continue on in my journey of fulfilling a task that you had for me long before I even existed. Thank you! Show me how to think, walk, talk and live like you! Help me understand, that I may be able to help others! Live through me that others may see you!

I guess the enemy wants me to be worked up and against you, since all this stuff has been happening. I thank you for allowing me to see who my real friends are during these situations. I thank you for helping me to recognize how the world thinks and I truly appreciate you seeing something in me that will one day be beneficial to others. Bless my International Family. Help us to be more like you and guide us daily that we know you are there with us! Love you dearly...AMEN


Friday, September 23, 2011

Daily THOUGHT #64 "What In the World?"

In this two toned world, life could be all smiles...But we chose to live differently...

Hello there my people! How are you? I am doing okay...I hope that all is more than decent on your end. I know that everyone is excited about the weekend =D What do you have planned? Share some ideas with me, I would really like to know what you guys and gals get into. It's kinda muggy outside today, so I guess that's relaxing weather for me. I have been trying to settle my nerves lately. A lot is going on and you know when you preach something it's pretty difficult eating your own words, but it teaches you a lot all in the process. Think about that as you go on with your daily activities.

I used to pick a weekly theme and branch off of it daily when I wrote these blogs. I am going to do something similar to that, today and next week. Anyone who truly knows me, knows that I love the 70's. It was just a time of open expression. From the hairstyles, to the style of clothing, all the mixtures of various colors and designs, the funk that was introduced to music, the humungous framed shades, the revolutionary movements put together by the last remaining rebels and of course all the new TV shows that would be hits for ages. If you saw my hair now, you'd think it was the new version of back then. But even with my passion for the 70's, I feel the most influential time of our nation was the 60's. This was the time everyone began making their own rules and judging actions from individual morals versus the tradition of given morals. Blacks were fighting for civil rights. The nation was at war overseas and technology was booming. Not to mention the political scene was monstrous.

Let's take a glimpse at 1964. Lyndon Johnson declares "War on Poverty". The Beatles release their first album in the U.S. and claim the top 5 spots on the Billboard charts. Magaret Smith, the first woman elected the the House and the Senate, becomes the first women to run for President of the United States. Television cameras make it to the moon. Nelson Mandela is sentenced to life in jail. The Ford Mustang is revealed. The HEMI racing engine debuts at the Daytona 500. The final Looney Tune is released. United Kingdom witnesses it's last two executions ever and of course President Lyndon Johnson signs the Civil Rights Act of 1964, abolishing racial segregation in the United States. Ironically Michelle Obama was born this year as well. That's how God works, better pay attention. Oh yea the man, who shot the man that shot President Kennedy was arrested too. Amazing how things work out the way that they do.

Our nation was under so much turmoil that it was effecting the entire world. Surprisingly it was both good and bad. Pope Paul VI and Athenagoras I met in Jerusalem. This was the first time since the 15th century that the Roman Catholic and Orthodox churches came together, so this was positive. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. became the youngest man to ever receive the Nobel Peace prize for his Civil Rights efforts; this was world changing. But of course there were wars and attempts to create bombs and use them. Was technology advancement such a great thing, or did it only propel our people into lunatic mentality having citizens? You had those who moved into the decade and enjoyed the new fashion trends and use of bright colors, but really had no interest in what they called "all that extra mumbo jumbo". They were satisfied with the cannabis alone.

This was indeed a time of change, that I feel many in our nation were not prepared for. Our public school systems witness outrage from day in to day out. This was also the first time that we witnessed student riots developing all over the nation. What use to be safe ground had turned into open field to open opportunity. Are you familiar with the federal reserve? If not you should research them, those are the people our nation owes for taxes. President Kennedy, along with designating funds for the advancement of technology, attempting to involve minority races in societal ordinance and having world changing experiments in outer space, was formatting a budget proposal that would rid our nation from having to pay taxes. Guess the man who was learning how to get rich and stay rich wasn't to happy about that. That's for another day as well. People never cease to amaze me!

Do you ever imagine, while you are in your history class, what in the world would make our people act the way that they do and go through with plans of destruction and self manifestation that they propose? It's so hard for the bad guy to stop because of greed and misunderstanding. Most bad guys are usually good, but someone didn't want to hear their plan or someone stole their idea and reaped the benefits. Can you blame them for retaliating the way they do? It's just like our society today...Government continuously raises taxes, gas prices are sky high, there are no jobs available, schools are unequipped and not secure, communities are UN-kept, some even disregarded and the term inflation is an understatement for our market economy nowadays...So why is it confusing when the crime and robbery rates are up, when school drop out rates are at an all time high, teen pregnancy is booming like a sub-woofer and no one seems to really be connected as neighbors anymore? Ha! This doesn't shock me one bit.

Look around you my people! What in the world is going on and what are we going to do to change it? Many people are confused about why Obama hasn't just gone into the White House and fixed all the problems...well that's simple, because he has no support. See in the 60's people voiced their opinion and had no fear about standing up for what they believed in. This was true because many people then focused on the bigger picture and that was progression for the masses, not just opportunity and royalties for the self. We must once again find the spirit to stand up for what we believe or we will continue to suffer as a nation. We must also learn to base our decisions off the effect that it will have on the masses, not just ourselves. Are you willing to make sacrifices in order to have a better nation. Are you willing to speak against wrong doing or do you want to foster the traumatizing condition that we have currently become accustomed to? The choice is yours!  

Enjoy your weekend! Make the best out of every situation. Be sure to find time to rest, you'll need it as the week begins again in a few days! Speak to someone you don't know. Peace!


History in the making...Kinda described our fast pace driven society at the time...

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Daily THOUGHT #63 "Writing the Script"

"In life don't be fooled by the cover...There is so much more on the inside!"

Hey there my folks! How are you? Hope that all is well with everyone and that your week has been progressing forward smoothly. I am slap dead in the middle of a storm right now, but I am so grateful for life, so I know there is only room to improve and get better. Seems like troubles come in the most horrible of times and when they do...My, my, my, like the old people used to say "When it rains, it pours!" Dealing with the time before things begin to slack up is the most difficult, but realizing that the shining sun is only around the corner should give us all hope and relief.

Since I started doing this blog thing a few months ago, my mind has really began to wonder about all the chances that life has to offer. There are so many places that one may travel to. There are so many movies that could be watched. There are so many innovative opportunities to be fostered and manifested in various societies. And finally, there are so many people that could play such great roles in our life, if only we'd let them. I often wonder why the human mind is so nerve racking. Why do we think about things so much that we pull ourselves away from possibility...? Even with the simple task of flipping a coin, one experiences possibility. It will either land on heads or tails and if you are fancy it may land on it's side. Who knows? But we do know there are options.

I talked yesterday about variety. Variety and options really go hand in hand. When you go to the grocery store, especially the larger and more furnished will see that there are several different versions of the same things per-say. Why? Simple...Our society is broken into several classes. There are economical classes including wealthy-making it-and poor, educational classes basically those exposed to different cultures of products-and those not exposed and the "what I prefer" classes, basically people who just stick to what they like. By creating options, our market based economy is able to flourish, well at least until the people who are supposed to govern the market get completely deviated from the matter at hand to deal with unrelated issues, usually turning their attention to be focused on the concern of personal matters and unnecessary topics of discussion...but anyways, we'll talk about those people and that situation on a later date.

It seems like when things are going well we make plans, but more so allow events to fall into place. Whereas when we are going through things, we find ourselves making road maps to A). Get the heck out of the situation and B). Making it so we will never have that experience again. But see with option B, that's where we mess up. See here on earth there is nothing that is definite. There is nothing that man can say will be a particular way and it have no room for error. So why do we expect our life to be that way? Why do we assume that there is a possibility for us to write the script in our life and everything work out the way that we want it to? To me, by having this belief you are only making matters worse in your mind and eventually in your reality. See there is a difference in the director and the composer. We have to learn our role!

What's so great about our creator is that he gives us options. He allows us the opportunity to make our own decisions and live with what decisions we have made. Our tests come as quickly as someone asking us a question...How we respond could possibly determine how the cycle of events will occur for you in the next series of days, maybe even months or longer. Imagine someone giving you a script and then saying you were the director. What would you do? Would you attempt to make the script your own and fill in parts the way that you think they should be...or would you analyze the product before you and find ways to embrace what was given and make the material the best that it could be? Life is the same way.

God has given us each a gift, which is supposed to be used to foster our purpose here on earth. Our gift is our script. See there is already a plan for us, but how long we take to get there and if we get there at all is on us. See each day we have a chance to surround ourselves with various characters who play many different roles. In our mind we are thinking of what has happened most recently in our personal life on the majority of occasions because of this we then base our emotions on how we interact with other people and surroundings as they begin to become involved in our life in a timely manner. What we then must be able to do, is decipher who or what is actually for us at that time and most importantly who or what is of the past time or sign of something to come in the future.

Just yesterday I made plans to do something. Because of the people involved, my plans were deterred and I was lied to. Now any normal person would have been highly upset with the situation that I was in...Honestly at the initial point of the experience I was very upset, but then I realized that it must have been for a reason, all the things that took place. I made special preparations and even a few sacrifices to get where I was going, only to get there and everything be changed. "Some people make things so personal that in the long run they end up hurting themselves."...Don't end up like that, because when it's all said and done, you're going to wish that you took advantage of given opportunities. Although things didn't go the way that I wanted them to go, I learned so much in the midst of the circumstance. I saw people that I hadn't seen in ages and it made way to a great evening with friends that I will never forget.

When storms come, they wash away certain elements of your life. Sometimes these elements will never return, other times they will return when you least expect it...only to answer questions that you have pondered on for a long time. Be sure that you are ready to take notes when the signs speak to you. Endure but for a little while. The humble man will find much great fortune in the future. The greedy man will reap...but only temporarily. Do not be one of those doing whatever to get whatever. Make the proper life adjustments to receive what you desire. Stand firm in your beliefs and know that soon a change is going to come. There is no way that we could possibly determine the complete outcome of how situations occur...but we can select the characters carefully, the plot and our role in the production. Enjoy your gift --->"the script"...If you are a reader, make it a best seller and if you are a movie person, make it a box office hit. In the words of the guy from the movie "Water Boy"...YOU CAN DO IT! Peace!


Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Daily THOUGHT #62 "Excitement In Variety"

"The fruits of Life will only be discovered when you release the chains that imprison your mind!"

Hello there my people! How are you? I am pretty well. You know my motto...One day at a time. I like to believe that by looking into the future while reflecting on the past this will allow you to pace yourself in the everyday journey of life, piece by piece and experience by experience. It's the middle of the week, so if you have something pressing to do by the end of the week, at least go ahead and start on it today if you hadn't already. If you haven't made plans for the weekend, think of something exciting that would be beneficial to your personal growth and then let things happen, something will probably come up anyways.

Anyone who knows me understands that I love tradition. I adore the history behind events, organizations, cultures and people in general. These are the foundational elements that build our everyday society. What traditions have influence on your life? Is it the school that you attend or graduated from? Are you a member of a club or social/service group? Or do you just have a long cherished family lineage? Either of these fall into the same category of continued tradition. I know for myself, each day I start with a reflection of all the things that the Lord has done for me and I know it leads my path to what I endure as the time progresses. This is a tradition for me per say.

As I examine fashion, style, music and television it's amazing to me how different things are compared to decades ago. The type of programs that are on various networks, the songs that are on the radio and of course you already know how intense the internet life is. It seems like everything is so accessible nowadays...but do we really reach out to see what else is out there in the world? I know that I have trouble doing that a lot because we all tend to get complacent in our individual territories. See my typical day will include ESPN, The History Channel, Centric, facebook, YouTube and all forms of music. I guess it's safe to say that these are my daily necessities.

I like to believe that everything in the world is pretty accessible. It depends on the approach, who all is involved and of course the timing to determine how the outcome will be. We as humans, tend to base opportunity off of our personal experiences rather than acknowledging the moment. Like today, I have been calling several service lines, only to be welcomed by bad attitudes and unanswered questions. Most people would respond according to how a reaction was received...please understand this will probably only result in more drama and you still being at point A, versus making progress. We have to learn to remove our personal issues from various encounters with our fellow man. You never know, the person that you are communicating with may be the person that will change your life in a direction that you never imagined.

Why not find ways to explore cultures and different ways of living? Why not go eat somewhere that you have never eaten before? Why not listen to a radio station that you would normally despise of and of course why not interact with people that you assume would have nothing in common with you. I like to reflect on the April 27 tornado disaster in Alabama. I had never really spoken to my neighbor other than the daily "What's up man, how you feeling?" simply because I thought we would not be typical friends. Come to find out, this man plays the violin and cello and had been playing for twelve years before he gave that up to travel to Italy and pursue the culinary arts. Mind you he is currently the kitchen manager at a local Ruby Tuesday. What's significant about that? Ruby Tuesday was my first place of employment. I used to say how ironic coincidences like that used to be, but that was before I REALLY realized that God just works in mysterious ways.

As I always say, you are put in a particular location at a particular time for a particular reason! Embrace that in your everyday life and allow there to be room for variety. When you buy the bulk bag of chips, there is a variety of flavors on the inside. This gives everyone a chance to not only pick there favorite, but have options if one has a different desired taste. In school, our places of employment, churches and neighborhoods we are blessed to be surrounded by so may different personalities, backgrounds and opinions. Love that you can contribute to the make up of our local and international communities. Find where people can help you out and make the effort to uplift others. With variety you create spunk, life and reasons to be enthusiastic. Don't be afraid to try or do new things in life. You may find that your next move was all you need to jump start yourself in the direction that you have be waiting to travel for quite some time. Be nice to the people you communicate with, even if they are ill mannered to you. All that you sow will be reaped. Peace!


Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Daily THOUGHT #61 "The Easy Bruisers"

"Never cover up the lesson of life's bruises...but always protect yourself from further harm!"

Greetings and Happy Tuesday everyone! How are you? I hope that all is well and everybody started their week off great. I am in a middle state of mind right now. It's like I feel as if everything is not really lining up the way that it should, but I am nowhere near letting these occurrences bother me. I feel as though I have accepted my journey. Finding people that will understand me will be quite difficult, but even if I don't find them...I been kicking on my own for a long time, so it won't stop me now. It takes a lot to knock me down!

I wish it were like that for a lot more people! It just seems today that people let the smallest and most UN-important things get to them. This then creates a snowball effect that leads to solitude, which turns into a bad attitude, which is followed by mistreatment of the people closest to you, which then turns into miscommunications, altercations and sometimes long periods of disconnect that clearly could have been avoided! Are we supposed to let things get under our skin like that...or is that why the skin and outer tissues are so thick? How else do you think we will be able to take on the world...We are built to sustain anything that is thrown our way. Here's the catch though, you have to be able to combine that human toughness with true mental stability. This is the only way!

Ever got cut or bruised...? Well I have been branded several times, seven to be exact, and let me tell you that is no great feeling. Sure enough the actual brand didn't hurt that bad...It was extremely hot O_O but that pain only lasted for a short period of time. The hardest part was the healing process...the scab turning back to skin. You have to imagine how large this scab is. This is not your normal scraped knee from basketball practice, this is having your skin removed and now it has to grow back. How do you deal with something like that? Well, the answer is pretty just deal with it. It's so amazing, just like with the brand, in life we ask for the situations that we end up in. You have those that warn you about how it will be, what is the aftermath and sometimes they even provide you with how long you will suffer because of your decision making. Do we listen? Usually not, but hey that's what makes the world go round right? Right.

I look at my brands all the time and reflect on how painful it would be to lay a certain way, have my clothes brush up against my wounds and the reaction of "oh my gosh I should slap you" when people would hit my brands, not knowing they were there. Same kinda logic applies to the brands of life. When we get hurt, it even makes it hard for us to function in the various places that are home to us. All the things that used to seem so great to us then become back burner residents and finally it seems like everyone and every situation is there to knock us down. Why do we mentally shut down like that? Have we been programmed through media, public speakers, the government? These are questions you should really ask. I thank god for peroxide though, it made the healing process a lot more bearable. What is your peroxide in life?

When you think of Christianity, you know that Baptism is a common process. This is used as something like a crossover as well a period of cleansing. While my brands were healing, the peroxide served as a similar common purpose. It cleaned, sterilized and protected my wounds all while lessening the pain. We as humans must find the things that will do the same for us mentally and physically. The only time that we are able to fully return back to our responsibilities and duties is when we are able to completely release ourselves from the routine state of mind. If you live this life thinking that you won't suffer, it'd probably be best for you to be gone out of this world anyways, because the troubles are have to learn what things make life easier for you and embrace that when times get hard.  

Silly humans are so wishy-washy these days, so be sure that you are careful who you depend on. Notice I didn't say who you were friends with...because you should try to befriend everyone. We are all brothers and sisters. This however has nothing to do with whom you will trust and allow to socialize in your inner circle. Why do I say this? Simple...people bruise so easy these days, they don't know how to tolerate negativity or hardships. So overwhelmed by misunderstandings and assumptions, most people today take the smallest things, blow them out of proportion and settle with being unhappy simply because they don't know how to deal with pain. If you are one of those who holds grudges and takes things out on people, remember you are only lowering your own standards. There is too much going on in society to be worried about petty things. Remember that. Silly how the U.S. Congress is more concerned about an anti-planking law than they are about passing the Jobs Act proposed by President Obama. Guess it would cut too many people too deep to see a black man fix a white mans (Bush 43) problem. (Don't take it as racism, just stating facts)

Be safe today. Quit complaining about the simple things. Stop getting mad a people over the slightest issues and learn to love and be happy. I promise it will make your day and you walk in life so much better. Speak to someone you don't know today. Peace!


Monday, September 19, 2011

Daily THOUGHT #60 "Don't Be Fooled"

Don't be fooled by a great combination of words...

Hello my people and Happy Monday to everyone. Hope that your weekend was well. I had an amazing time. This was the first home game for me since 2001, dating back to Murphy High School,  where I wasn't suited up in a band uniform taking the field. Indeed it was a crazy experience and I wanted to be in the stands with the band, but being with all the people who marched with me "back in the day" =D was a great feeling. We laughed about some of the good ole' times and just really enjoyed each others company, not to mention the band and the football team destroyed Tuskegee, so it made the day even better. 

You know when you hear or see certain things, you expect those things to be a certain way. When you hear something related to Ruth Chris Restaurant, one thinks of great steaks, an elegant atmosphere and pretty expensive prices. When a struggling foreigner looks at the United States, they see a land of opportunity and a chance for better living. When anyone who knows basketball hears the name Michael Jordan, it's automatic, the greatest player of his time and in my eyes of all times. What people fail to realize is that there is so much that makes up what you see before you when you are visualizing a presentation. Ever went to Wal-Mart? Sure you have, do you think the store just looks like that? No there were people behind the scenes that made the store what it is.

Too many times in our life, we get so caught in what is before us visually, that we forget what got us to that point internally. What is your definition of class? What would you describe as being unlawful in the realm of courtesy and respect? What is too much in a presentation or expression of feelings? Should we consider the feelings of others before we say things or should we just appeal to our surroundings and whatever we think is right at the time? These observations should be considered pivotal in the process of being real or being sincere. As I observe my people on a daily basis, we tend to avoid the unpopular just to create a feeling of acceptance. I like to compare that to people who use drugs to cover emotions. Sure enough the right amount of anything will make you feel great, but too much can be detrimental...besides it eventually will wear off and you'll be back to square one. Emotions are the same no matter how you decide to treat them. 

When dealing with the everyday person, one should be able to analyze the truth. One should recognize the clarity of another individual. I like to believe that eyes tell everything, but when you can't see the eyes...follow the gestures and when you can't see the gestures, pay very close attention to the comments and if no comments are made ask questions. We have to get out of the mode of passing by people and not conversing with others simply because of what we or other may have us thinking. Life is too short and we as a people are connected more than you think.

It mind blowing to see certain people act out of character, but who makes up the rules of character. What makes you think something is the right or wrong thing to do? Regardless of your answer, it probably will be different from the next person. We must learn to respect others in the midst of expressing ourselves.If one feel that washing dishes their way is the only way, that's fine but observe and consider other ideas before trying to force your way on somebody. I said that I wasn't going to write much today, because this is a touchy matter for me, but I will close with this...People, over the years, develop several masks. With these masks, they go from place to place leaving an image in the minds of others. Be sure that you know the masks of the people you associate with. Understand them fully, not to tear them down or separate yourself, but to learn the root of this mask's existence. From that point you will be able to truly understand someone. That should be your goal with all your friends and those you come in contact with.

I leave you with this challenge...Do all that you can this week to truly learn the people you say you love. Now sure enough you can't learn everything in a week...but that is a great start. I wish you well in all your endeavors! Peace!


Friday, September 16, 2011

Daily THOUGHT #59 "Eyes Alone"

Be cautious of how wide you open your eyes...and how soon you close them...

...takes a seat after hitting multiple back flips...Ow! It's Friday baby! That means the weekend is here and what greater time for a college student than football season? I am so amp-ed about the game this weekend between Alabama A&M University and Tuskegee. This is promising to be a great turn out and a great day for my people. If you are in the Huntsville area, be sure to meet the Normalites at the Old Gym for the pep-rally at 6 tonight...Good Times! So how are you all doing? Regardless what your answer may be...devote the rest of the day to making yourself feel great. You will be happy you did.

You know there are somethings in life, that you try to avoid but no matter how much you try it never fails you end up directly in the situation with no ability and sometimes no desire to leave it. We allow our curiosities to get us so tangled up that our sense of pride kicks in when there is trouble, only to increase the level of concern for the matter however. We then move on to make rushed decisions in attempts to avoid further confusion, only to risk even more the chance of making the incident worse. Why do we always seem to add weights to our race? This will only slow you down. Think about it.

I think it's so wonderful though, the energies that the human body releases when surrounded by others. If you're happy you want everyone to know it and usually to know why. When you are upset, normally one will bottle up their emotions not seeking the input of others at the time...and of course when you are mad, everything kinda just seems to flow on out easily, attempting to knock down anything that seems like a wall as you pass by. For some reason we are very protective of our emotions and rarely seek the acknowledgement of others. We get upset when people can read us, but should we? If everything is for a reason...why not?

Ever watch politicians speak? They use a lot of hand gestures to express there points. Preachers use a lot of continuous dipping and voice fluctuations. Teachers use various head nods and parents we all know have more emotions and ways of getting messages across than there are colors in that huge Crayola Crayon box, real talk. I feel like we as individuals do similar things and in the act of trying to avoid reaction we crate entirely new atmospheres in our mind. When this happens, one expects immediate relief because this is something completely new. All of this could be avoided when one is straight forward with expectations, feelings, goals and just life in general.  

Sure enough, the tongue is the most powerful thing on the body, but I truly believe that the eyes are a very close second. No matter who or what you are, your eyes tell just about everything about you. From how you feel, what you've went through, what's on your mind and whether or not you are sober, these are just a few things that the eyes solicit. Whether you believe it or not, it's possible to tell someone exactly how you feel about them without saying a word. My father tells me stories about his childhood all the time. This one story about him in church is quite fitting for today's topic. He told me about how he may be in church acting up, and all Grandma had to do was look and he knew what to do! He said that she had the "Boy if you don't stop that right now, I will..." look, the "Ooo son, when we get home from church, my, my, my, O_o" look and finally the most hated look of them all, the "Get yo a$$ up right now and meet me outside, obviously you aint ready for church" look.

What expressions do people see from you? I know that you do realize, every time you walk into a room full of people, they observe you and then think about you. See the brain remembers initial encounters, OMG moments and immediate past experiences. Those three traits then combine with right then and there in that moment. Eyes will either seek and find or give and show. Depending on how strong one is emotionally a lot can be displayed creating awkward atmospheres. There is no need to worry about this if you learn to control your emotions. To control your emotions doesn't mean shut everything out, it only means be able to adjust with your surroundings and give off what energies you want to release and all those around you completely understand. Don't be afraid to ask questions, just ask them in discretion. What one wants the world to know, he or she will tell it. Be safe this weekend. If you are traveling I wish you traveling grace. Make memorable experiences. Peace!


Thursday, September 15, 2011

Daily THOUGHT #58 "Classic Timing"

Right on time is so hard to find...

Man do these weeks fly by! How is everyone? Judging by the weather here, everybody is still in rest mode. The approach of autumn does that to the body seems like. I am doing pretty well. Trying to balance my desires alongside life's situations is still the task at hand...gets more interesting everyday. It's Thursday, so go ahead and get your weekend plans together if you hadn't already.

Do you ever ask God to just lead you right into what it is you feel you are supposed to do? Well, I have been doing that recently and let me tell you...when you ask him to show you something, he will do just that. The struggle in the mission however is truly understanding the given message all while fighting to ultimately do what you want to do...I look at the many temptations of life and wonder why are our minds so programmed to have things a certain way, more constantly...our way. Is it really that difficult to entertain a different perspective or choice of opinion?

When in search of something, patience is really not your ally in the battle. Now don't get me wrong, when you are training for a task, patience is vital in understanding what you need to do, but when it's time to go to work all of that kinda goes out the window. See when you are patient with a task, you allow for so many other situations to come a long and distract you. You need clarity. When one has clarity you then can organize timely and put things in it's proper order. With clarity you also know the objective, so you can know how to avoid road blocks.

Many times in life we will encounter altercations where we feel we are the victim in a situation. Do you look at this experience as a negative or positive influence to your life? Remember even in the midst of bad, there can be good. Sure enough, who in their right mind wants to be submissive when the outcome doesn't seem beneficial? I know I don't...but I also know that mentally, we are all on different levels. Life's various journeys will lead us in many different directions, a lot of times to only be redirected to a central location with people that are of importance in our life. So many times we go through something and do all we can to prevent it from happening again and then right when you least expect it,'re going through it again.

Just imagine this...Say you have a roommate, you buy food for the house and you don't mind sharing, but every time you come home nothing seems to be saved for you, your living environment becomes more like a hoovering environment. Because of this you decide you want a new roommate. Again you imply that you have no problem sharing and surprisingly this time the other person feels the same way. One weekend before you leave to go out of town, you go and buy let's say $200 worth of groceries, because you know your cousin who has no money will be in town next week. Ironically your roommate plans a party the same weekend you go out of town...long story short you come back all your food is gone and your roommate has no money to pay it back. After this encounter you decide you want to get your own place. Now is that really going to solve anything?

By being placed in similar situations on more than one occasion, the mind and physical emotions begin to analyze and formulate an idea on how to feel and how to react. It's kinda like how people treat intimate relationships at times...too often we base our present state off of previous experiences. Once a day is here that is the first time that we see it right? So why not start a new...because whether you want it to or not, yesterday and all the days before that, we will never see again...Any who, so while at this new place you find your lover and devote your time and energy into making things work accordingly for the two of you. Then along comes a friend of yours who constantly asks to eat with you, they never really contribute to the dinner but they always show up. Imagine that. What is your expected response? You have already went through this before, now even in your own place you feel this spell has followed you. UGH!!!

One thing we must always remind ourselves of however is that we never know the story of another individual unless we take the time to understand it. We never will realize why we go through what we go through until we take the time to understand everything that leads up to something happening. If you catch a head cold in the summer, you probably slept under too much cold air or you had some allergy problems. Something led you into having a cold. This is the same to how something led your first and second roommates into doing what they did. With your new encounter, the storyline might not be the same. This may be a good person who is going through something and is seeking assistance. To decipher what it is, is on you. By seeking understanding, you will find it and from there you will be able to make the right decisions. Everything you do leads up to a moment. Analyze and think more about the future before you decide how to react. Sure enough every tiger has stripes, but those same stripes vary in size, count and design.

Things will line up in a timely manner if you let them...but you have to seek that kind of lifestyle. Search for clarity and be responsive in  your situations. Have a great day...Peace!


Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Daily THOUGHT #57 "Stability in Hostility"

Tough Times call for Tough People!!!

What's up world? How are you? I am doing...okay today. Seems like things get lined up the way they are supposed to be and then something happens all the time huh? Well at least that's how things have been going for me. I love my life because it is filled with so many people who teach me so many things. I also love my life, I guess because I am loved back. It just seems like all the time in between where I am deep in thought, the entire balance of life being productive is thrown off.

I was watching a cooking show the other day. I could not believe how intense things get in the kitchen. Emotions were flaring, tempers were rising, there was constant screaming, some were cursing up a storm and a lot of personal remarks were being thrown was crazy. Sure enough it was a competition and the viewing audience does need the entertainment, but some things are just a bit too far. Surprisingly I am a person that has no judgement on the use of words I just have an opinion on the context for which words are used. Take for example the word ignorant, most people you know get heated up if someone calls them ignorant, right? Myself, I use the word all the time...simply because it means not knowing something. If you haven't been exposed to it or you don't understand it, you are ignorant to that matter, simple.

"The fuel of competition may burn too fast for most engines." Think about yourself and others that you associate with. How do we react in times of competition or when we are under extreme pressure? Do we take initiative and find a solution to the issue? Do we get involved but then panic and retreat, allowing someone else to figure it out? Do we act as if we know the answer when we really don't or do we just sit back and see what happens? All of these traits are what make up the society that we live in, along with the people that antagonize and create negativity. As humans we are under extreme pressures even when we don't know it. Every idea that comes to our brain will lead to our next action. Examination is vital. We must make sure that we manage and organize our thoughts in order to remain stable in any situation.

Yesterday was my Grandmother's birthday, sadly this was the first one that any of my family had to experience without her being here. Indeed this was difficult, but bearable. This year was also the first year since '05 that I wasn't packing up with the band to travel and perform. This too was very difficult but bearable.We as human must understand that the Stability and Hostility of any circumstance lies in our hands. "We can control the fate of occurrences when we learn to control our emotions..." What would life be without hardships, failing at something and bickering with the persons that you care about the most? Pointless, unappreciated and dull...There are matters that we don't have control over, but we can control our conduct.

What does it mean anymore to be loyal or confidential? Is there any more belief that word is sacred and bond is everlasting? These are questions that so called best friends, organization members and leaders should ask consistently. We find ourselves so many times involved with projects that calls for the opinion and ideas of other people. We must realize that every time will not go smoothly and everybody will not always agree. Respect is key in order to remain stable. I feel that once humans realize that each person has their own individual thinking pattern, we may then begin to embrace one another in more healthy relationships.

Health is not just about fitness, just as hostility is not always a dual or grueling match up between two hated parties. Health also deals with positivity, production, effort and purpose. Hostility is anything that is opposite of what health represents. Are you working towards a healthy life or a hostile life? Think of things in the long term before you make decisions and listen more to truly understand where your peers, colleagues, friends and family are coming from when they are expressing something. Don't be so quick to be offensive. A strong, stable and humble defense will always win! If you are going through a trial right now, keep your head up! If you are the cause of  tribulation, fix things where you can. Move swiftly with integrity. Remain stable in all hostile situations. Peace!


Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Daily THOUGHT #56 "All In Search..."

Sure enough...Seek what you value! But above all things, value what you seek!!!

Greetings everybody! How is your day going THUS far? Thought I'd start it off a little different today...and only fitting, seeing today's topic of discussion is "All In Search...". I figured it'd be pretty interesting to reflect upon your day even up until this point whether it be early in the morning or late in the evening when you read this. Map out where you've been, what has led you to this occasion in your daily story; read this "Daily THOUGHT" well and see how it fits in your life at this moment. I promise it will help you in the future. Let me know if it does.

You know when you go off to college, there is this feeling in your mind to how you hope things will go. There is this vision in your heart to how you expect experiences to go. It's not always like we imagine however. What I feel is ever so interesting about the fact that we spend so much time attempting to create things a certain way, when we really never know the outcome...or do we? Everything is a mental state is it not? We create emotions, that create statements, that creation reactions, that create atmosphere. Simple enough. Our atmospheres are like the steam that comes from a boiling pot of water on the cooking stove. There has been so much put into process from walking into the kitchen, picking the pot, filling the pot with water and much more before the steam has actually had an opportunity to rise. The steam is the release.

Depending how involved the energies are in something, the larger the outcome will be. Many people gathered in a location to feel a certain way will come into that place initially expecting to do something in a particular fashion. For instance, when you go to a party, one would expect to ultimately have fun, right? When you go to a music recital, one would want to be enlightened and entertained by an artist's interpretation of various pieces of musical literature. And of course if someone goes to a wedding, one is or SHOULD be expecting to attend the culmination of two souls finding each other and linking harmoniously in an everlasting bond...but that's for another days discussion. So...those people involved, now bring their immediate previous experiences along with the long haul memories which fuel their personalities to this particular gathering. From here people will begin to express themselves through words or visual gestures that pertain to the scenery.

Do we really initiate enough things in life? I know there is a lot that comes to your brain constantly, it's human nature...but when it comes what does it do? I am very happy that I am reaching that point in my life where I sit down and really analyze everything that is going on around me.When you do this, it allows you time to process what's next. See we are all messengers and the people that are in our life give us the directions to where we should be going. Ever really had something on your mind and then you talked to someone randomly and they answered what you were thinking? If you haven't be patient; it happens to me all the time. The quest is before us. The drive is in us. The clarity of purpose is always the question.

Murderers to me are so over rated compared to some of the people who aren't incarcerated. I witness everyday, people who are so fortunate to have life, but have several misfortunes simply because they kill ideas, not just others but their own as well. Pride has been become so important in the lives of our society now that we are willing to do some of the most hateful things only for the boasting of our own "good character". When this becomes your lifestyle...what are you really in search of? Material is just what it is, material. In the age of adolescence that is hard to realize, simply because our materialistic fantasies become our believed to be necessities.

Let's say there are nine letters, three each of A B C...they all go to a place called # in order to retrieve the numbers 4 5 the process the letters get scattered...Situation I- A1 gets connected to a C3 who is connected to B2 who knows A3, mind you A1 knows A3 as well (may wanna read that again), but because they are on different missions A1 and A3 have been separated....Think about that. Situation II- C2 knows B1, who knows A2 who knows C1, mind you C1 has never met C2. They are both C's, but never crossed paths. Each of these letters were in quest of finding a certain number, because there were others that had similar ideas, various letters became connected . Also in the process the letters that were unaware of previously existing connections were now connected on another level. We as people do the same thing. Go look at your connections and tell me what you figure out.

We are "All In Search..." of something. What that is only God, you and the people who truly know you can elaborate on efficiently. Affirmation may come in the least expected of places, be sure that you are ready and prepared to receive and accept it. When you go outside at night time, you realize even bugs come to the light...We always want to see where we're going. Sometimes we don't need to see, we can see all that when we get there. Live your life knowing that it is for a purpose. Express yourself knowing it will only lead to the answers of questions that you and several others have pondered on for lifetimes. Everyday leads to another piece of what seems at times to be a puzzle that can never be finished. Keep collecting and continue storing. Your harvest will reap before you know it. Peace! Speak to someone you don't know today...


Monday, September 12, 2011

Daily THOUGHT #55 "The Follow Up"

Sometimes it may take you a while on your most challenging endeavors...but keep pushing!

Hello my fellow citizens of the world! How are you? I hope that all is well...I'm making it around these parts nowadays, one foot in front of the other and one day at a time. Do I sound really old when I type like that? Just curious...I like to think that I am just a little more wise than my age wants to allow me, but that subject is for another day. This is the beginning of the work week so get to work! Organization for the week is key on this day, so get everything done.

Now tell me this...maybe someone has figured out the answer. Why is it so hard for people in our society to Follow Up with things? And I ask this, because I am a victim of the same behavior. We see it all the time with proposed agendas, appointments, rehearsals, events, individual progress and the list goes on and on. We look at our initial opportunity as enough to settle any progression. This means that our mind tells us the fact that "something" is done should be enough...there should be no need to go any further. A lot of times in the business world, you well see executive professionals present a plan and give a deadline. Not quite that simple with us common folk per-say.

The forest is filled with a plethora of trees. Many are in the same family, but no one tree is made identical to the next...people are the same way. Not to say that deadlines are always included, but even when they are set...a lot of times people, especially of the middle and lower class brackets, tend to deviate from what was intended. I am currently working on my first book entitled "The Study of Progress and Redemption" and though it is based on creating cohesive learning environments for students and teachers alike, it fits for the type of comparison that I am trying to do now. This book is a complete dialogue on understanding the ways of the mind of how it functions at certain ages and because of surroundings, family backgrounds and life situations. Not to make excuses, but this too is what happens with the people of our society. This has great effect on this matter.

There must come a time where we are able to sit down and not only analyze but forecast the events that are to take place in our lives. Things happen when you speak them into existence, but only when you follow up on what you speak. Just like the old saying about the horse, "you can lead a horse to water, but you can't make him drink"...that is so true with our lives as well. We can dream and imagine some life changing ideas, but what do we do with them? When something goes wrong how do you react? Does this now dictate the mood you will carry wherever you may go? Does this push you into a state of solitude because you develop a feeling that pushes you away from the world? Or do you analyze and forecast for the future? These are questions that we must ask ourselves.

I want to challenge everyone to be a coach for the week! This means that as things happen you will be taken notes. As situations occur, you will be analyzing and as you move from one exercise or responsibility to the next you will evaluate your progress and purpose. Don't let these great minds go to waist,because everyone is of great meaning and importance. As the day gets close to the end recollect on what happen, jot down what you feel was positive and what you thought was negative. Make adjustments and ensure that the next day and all those to follow will be better! I wish you all well, please feel free to comment and spread the word to your friends! Peace...


Sunday, September 11, 2011

Sunday Reflection #5 "POSITION & ABILITY"

Remember, Research, React!!!

Happy Sunday everyone. I pray that all is well for you. As you know, today commemorates the tenth anniversary of the 9/11 attack of the World Trade Center in New York. Let us be sure to be mindful and respectful to this life changing national disaster. Also let us keep in our prayers, the individuals and families who had their lives taken or completely changed in the course of an hours time, during that terrifying moment in history.

I find it so interesting that my topic for today's Sunday Reflection is so fitting for this national day of remembrance. I know that some would not agree with the approach that I make with some subject matters, but I believe that some things are pretty obvious...we just have to stop dumbing down our interpretations. We find that to be the way of society now. Our people have become gullible and very vulnerable. Why is that? being this way, our people believe that opportunity is created. By going along with something, because of the presentation alone, in makes a mindset of trust and hopeful assurance that what is being sold or delivered through verse is exactly what will be given at the designated time.

Why do we run for offices in organizations or politics? Honestly I believe that since the beginning of time it has been divided into two sectors...The first being those people who had to give and because of this they did. Whether it was knowledge, skill, industrial development, resources or monetary assistance...they used their gifts to help others. And then of course on the other hand, you had the people that were a little different...These were the people that usually possessed the same traits, but were not to intent on providing for the people. These individuals were just that....individuals.

I believe, as I always state, that everything happens for a reason. You are in a certain place and point in time for a purpose that you normally don't even know...but when you open your eyes you usually can tell exactly what is going on. Yesterday was quite an eventful day for me. I helped one of my brothers move in to his new apartment and of course, this put me on a quest of testing my brain. I ended up at my old apartment, because my friend knew a friend that now lived there...amazingly the four roommates that used to stay there were together the previous evening. It had been a while since this happened. Finally when I went to Waffle House I got my last sign of the evening. My change included a New York quarter...mind you the date is September 11...

What does all this mean? It means that I have been put in a position to witness something and because of that, I either have the ability to tell others that they may be able to manifest things in their life or I can keep it to myself and be selfish! God has put all of us in positions. What will you do with yours? Will you be selfish and watch others continue to suffer or will you embrace what has been given to you and attempt to make a difference in the world. Time is not promised forever but timeless effort will continue to live on as long as there are daring people in the world. Don't be afraid to test your abilities and don't be afraid to call those out who may be pretenders. It is time for us to get on board and do what we gotta do to change the world! What's your "POSITION & ABILITY"?


Saturday, September 10, 2011

Daily THOUGHT #54 "Silly Rivalries"

Some rivalries aren't meant for the Playground...

I know I said that I would post 3 Daily THOUGHT's yesterday, but the sleep spell definitely took over my body. I was knocked out early. But, I will just post the third THOUGHT today and you may read it along with the World News.

As I contemplated on exactly what I would write about for #54, it kinda just came to me. Football season is here, the food industries are battling it out with the most entertaining commercials and forms of advertisement in history and of course we all know that the political scene is boiling up dramatically, especially with the 2012 Presidential Election right around the corner. What are we doing to embrace these visuals? Are we taking notes and analyzing or are we just going with the given flow of things and responding verbally when something doesn't go our way or according to the instructed plan?

Too many times when we are in altercations based on a siding of parties, we tend to forget that regardless what something says on paper, it too is liable for inconsistencies or even complete disregard to the foundation of the initial idea. Who are we to blame for this? Do we blame the particular parties or do we take time to investigate the implementer of the action? Rivalries, like what we eat and how we live can indeed be healthy. But at what measures based on pride and popularity are we willing to risk in order to tackle serious issues head on? No one can surely cast judgement on another, but one can examine the facts and the records and come to a feasible conclusion.

In all lights where there are various parties involved, there is still always a common factor or an origin to branch from. We look at U.S. Politics, sure over the years there has been the establishment of multiple independent sectors, such as the Tea Party, Socialist Party USA, the Labor Party, etc. but the known dominating parties have always been the Democrats and Republicans. This is the catcher, see our nation is built on reform based on the occurring situations. Our leaders have always been people who should be able to render solutions to the problems of our society, at least that's what the documentation says. Because both parties, over the years, have had people to come in and adjust somethings to fit their own liking, you have found other leaders step up and create other ways of getting answers.

This still does not take away from the fact that the origin of all of this was to govern the people and remain steadfast to the ideals set by our founding fathers. We see this is organizations today as well. We find ourselves joining groups based on what will be afforded to us more so socially than in the efforts of service and meaningful projects that will indeed bring relief to the masses versus our own self righteousness. We find even in our churches, "good" Christians speaking out against the association with "bad" sinners. What kind of world is this? What many people wouldn't believe is that at the beginning the Republican Party probably had more benefits to minorities than that of the Democrats, but based on the people...look where we are now!

There is nothing wrong with a little rivalry amongst friends and even the nation, but we must learn where to draw the line. We must observe the true meaning of that which we give oath to. My best friend is a student at Alabama State University. Many people to this day can't understand how that is even possible with the bitter rivalry that comes from this bad blood between two institutions...but we have a common denominator and that is Music. Because we are both talented, have mapped out and stamped our own journey's and have ideas that will propel ourselves and others in the future, we have respect for one another. This is indeed the key!

I hope for the day when people will realize that we are all different, but because we are made in HIS image we are too all the same. It's just up to us to find where we agree and manifest that into understanding the rivalry. Please don't misquote me now! I still despise of anyone or anything associated with 'Bama State as we call them, but the people there, some are those who I have grown to admire and cherish as friends very deeply. We may not agree with the source of something, but learn why you don't. Don't just base your assumptions or analogies on what people offer you. Do the research for yourself. Find the truths in all that you do. I promise it will be for a more positive outcome! Peace! Have a great weekend...


Friday, September 9, 2011

Daily THOUGHT #53 "Slaps In the Face"

There is more to life than just what's in front on you!

This will be the second of three Daily THOUGHT's today. I think that it will be very informative for most, because it seems that everyone is enduring something. Whether it's family, school or job related...there is something that is going on. But little do we know, the answers to our problems are right there in our faces. When are you going to stop ignoring what is around you?

I like to believe that I do pretty well with words. Whether it's reading, speaking somewhere or writing something, that field is something that I kinda own...and when I found music, I knew how my gifts would one day combine. I feel like I have been put here to deliver a message to the people through writing words and the solicitation of sound and art. This was not a difficult discovery, it just took forever for me to realize it. If you pay attention to the places you go, the people you hang around, the organizations you join, the clothes you wear the forms of entertainment you indulge in and any other hobbies you may have, you will understand how to organize your talents to meet a need in the society.

Do you have a favorite super hero or favorite number? What's your favorite color? Do you see things consistently in the most random of places? Do certain things always seem to appear when you are around certain people or do you have things that remind you of situations and they only seem to occur right on time for an ironic reflection? Well these are what I like to call signs. Because we have industrialized our environment so much, we forget that the original form of interpretation was through sign. Before anyone knew what words meant or how sounds would distinguish emotions, people and other living creatures relied on the signs of the earth and it's surrounding to dictate how things were.

We must begin to walk with the same quest of knowledge and understanding. "We must learn to be a witness to fact versus being an audience to irony." Sure things may be ironic that they happen when they do, but do not allow that to be your last stop on the trail of life's discoveries. We seem, so often, to be amazed that something happens in the spur of the moment or in complete disregard to our anticipations. Because of this we then spend all of our time analyzing the instant, to the point we forget to recollect on why this moment in time is actually taking place...The enemy will especially find ways to manipulate the mind, using any person or issue to draw us away from what we need to be doing at a particular time.

Just yesterday, I was in the Patton Building at AAMU. I saw this guy with a Batman backpack...Now mind you, Batman is my favorite super hero in the whole world (I think I will explain it next week, I will do a special on super heroes) anyways I really wanted to ask him where he got his backpack from because I had never seen one like that, but instead what did I do? I was caught in the irony of the moment, so I started thinking. This guy had in headphones and didn't seem to want to be bothered, so I thought, and seeing that so much else was going on in the hallway I was like forget it, if I am meant to ask him we will see one another again. So I am going to my 2 o'clock class, six hours after I was in Patton, and guess who I see and paths cross yet again...Yep the guy with the Batman backpack, I at least speak this time as I always advise people to do but that was about it, also consider there were only 3 people walking on that part of the campus at time including the two of us.

Finally, I go to my class and there is a young lady who is in the course as well but she has a class conflict. This means that she is enrolled in two classes that meet at the same time. So she comes and gets her assignments and turns them in at here leisure, just by the due date. It was amazing to me though, when she came in she had already completed the assignment that we were currently working on, so she asked if she could introduce herself to the class and tell us about her work and of course the professor was enthused, so she did! This was crazy, because she didn't know any of us or how our reaction would be to what she had to say, but this didn't stop her. She shared with us things about her and then we returned the gesture. This was indeed a Slap In the Face for me, because I knew that I should have done the same thing earlier in the day.

We never know when it will be too late to handle something. Nor do we know the outcome of our opportunities when we wait until the last minute. When you know you have something that needs to be done, do it. And when you get a sign that is reflective to a situation acknowledge it and progress from it. Don't allow visuals to serve as coloring books. The art of life is deeper than that. Keep your eyes open and you will be amazed the things that you begin to figure out. Take notes on the sequence of events in your life, you will then discover how you operate. The chance is yours. Live to be wise, don't get slapped in the face forever unless you like that kind of thing...


Daily THOUGHT #52 "But the Simple Things"

Don't make life so Complicated!!!

Hello my people! I hope that all is well. It's the weekend, so get ready. Football season is here so make room for all the fun and excitement. Best wishes to all those who are going out of town to see a game or something. May you have traveling grace. I believe the last time we had a discussion was Tuesday, so today I will be posting 3 Daily THOUGHT's. There has been a lot going on energetically the past few days, I had to collect my visions. Things seem to be so much more obvious when the weather changes.

Interestingly, I had a slight encounter with someone the other day who really wasn't that fond of history. Now depending on who the teacher is, what frame of history is being taught and the time of the day when the class meets, yes...History can be a bit boring. Now don't get me wrong, this isn't because of the content of the text, but simply because of the societal atmosphere that we live in. Everything now is so accessible, today is so a microwave.

The importance of research and discovery is slightly fading away, basically because there is no need for it anymore. Anything that anyone wants to find out is more than likely on the internet of some CD where you can listen to it...and yes I know CD sounds so outdated for some of you all. The emphasis of book production, like pandas, is almost extinct. There seems to be no room for imagination anymore. Even on television, there is usually nothing left for the eye to wonder about anymore, everything is just displayed and thrown around as if to say there is no need to develop your own ideas, just base your understanding off of what you see and hear, that's what the folks behind the screen want us to do.

Humans have the tendency to be fooled so easily, simply because we are ignorant to how society works, starting with those who control the industries. There are religious industries, political industries, food industries, every day need industries and of course the temptation industries. All of these which can and do work positively but just like any great movie, there is something in the milk that isn't clean eventually. We find ourselves in overwhelming amazement simply because of the actions administered by those who have the access to deliver. All of this is because we thrive on adding complexity to tradition and creating our own legacies based on the works of the past but with new and innovative developments.

We find churches who emphasize on the value of the dollar in regards to salvation. A lot of these ministries then find themselves as indoor Christians, not really living up the responsibility sent from above to lead others to Christ. It becomes a show and people are conducting their own business rather than God's business. We listen to and then are led to believe the promises of our political leaders, as they feed us mumbo jumbo that serves as nourishment during campaign time but becomes non-existent during the term of office. Why is this why is everything so corrupted? It's simple...Personal Agendas! When you do things for yourself versus the impact it will have on others, you are doomed for trouble! What may seem to be working out great is only footsteps away from disaster!

We make things difficult for ourselves, simply because we don't enjoy facing the reality of things until it beats us up! Seems like you can't get much done when you are being polite to people, but when you raise your voice or act out of the stereotypical professional character, things seem to get done! We must move away from this mental war of believing that force is needed to control any situation. We must begin to reflect upon our surroundings just as a young child would. Young children always look at situations as a new journey, a new direction to see life. We as adults must do the same thing. Each day that we start our day, do the Simple Things that will make you be at peace. Remember simple gestures that will make things move smoothly and even swiftly. Pay attention to detail, so that you can recognize how everyone feels during an altercation or celebratory occasion. We are but who we are around, remember that...It's deeper than anything you might be able to think of!