Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Daily THOUGHT #69 "My Dear Ole Normal"


Happy Tuesday everyone! It's Homecoming Week here at Alabama A&M University and I must say that I am very happy to be here! I hope that all is well with everyone. I am doing pretty well today, just dealing with the daily tests of life and observing these signs as the Lord shows them to me daily. Open your eyes for just a little while and I promise he will begin revealing things to you that you never would imagine. See for yourself, don't just take my word for it.

1969 was a very important year. Broadway Joe becomes the first QB to guarantee a Super Bowl win and does it over the heavily favored Colts. America sees the first ATM machine and very fitting for this week, Scooby/Doo airs for the first time...All my MMW Screamin' Demons will understand that importance. And while we are talking about things on "The Hill", this was also the year that Alabama A&M became an official University, retiring the AAMC abbreviation. This was also my Father's freshmen year, how symbolic.

Anyone who has had the privilege of attending a HBCU knows exactly how beneficial it is. I feel that a student here truly learns the way of the world and is able to reflect upon the experiences, in hopes of one day making a difference in the world. We hear so many times people complaining about the way things go, but quite frankly, I believe that all things are for a reason, anyone who knows me knows that I feel like this strongly. The way we are as humans, we always tend to pull all of the negative out of situations rather than observing lessons and finding ways to build bridges. It's so amazing when I look back on all that W. H. Councill did to ensure that minority students would have an opportunity at education, even in one of the most racial regions in the United States. This is indeed powerful.

What sacrifices would you make in order to help out others? Would you be willing to give up your own opportunities and chances at self manifestation in order to bring justice and possibility to the lives of those who may be quite hopeless? I like to think that those who truly observe their surroundings and analyze their most trying situations would live with great chance of doing so. So many times we look at out life experiences and say why me? I look at them and say thank you! Sure enough I have not always been like this, but now that I am able to see that the future is more important than anything that I am thinking is vital presently. I must use these daily tests and signs in order to help others.

Many people come from various backgrounds, but we all have one thing in common and that is that we can do all things that we truly put our mind to. When I was a freshmen here at AAMU we had to take a course called Survival Skills. Now sure enough they still take it now, but they don't have to do as much as we did. Now this may seem great to the incoming freshmen, but in the eyes of someone who can look back on the past, that might not be as rewarding as they anticipate it to be. We have to truly learn how to adapt to the world all while analyzing out THOUGHTs.

Every THOUGHT that you have is for a reason and is meant to be displayed to the world. Now whether it is for our best interest or not, that is up to you to determine. Great deliberation well help you understand what should be shared and what should be kept. What we have to do is start expressing the THOUGHTs that we know are meant to better mankind and life in general. We have so many glimpses of how things could be in our mind, but do we ever share them with the world?

Live your dream my people and believe in yourself, that you can accomplish whatever it is that you set your heart and mind to. The founder of Alabama A&M University made these truths to be self evident and for that we are grateful. Again Happy Homecoming fellow Normalites. May the true spirit of service be shared with all citizens of the world! Be blessed. Peace!


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