Friday, November 4, 2011

Daily THOUGHT #70 "All In Time"

"Proper Preparation will eliminate many of the puzzled faces that life can bring..."

Hello there my people! I pray that all is well with everyone. How have you been? I have been pretty well. I know that most of you are like damn, is this guy ever gonna write a blog again? Well I am back. I had to take and educational sabbatical. During this time that I was away, I really had an opportunity to observe the ways of the world and more importantly observe the people that are in my life and those that seem to pass by from time to time. I guess I see things a little different from others simply because I have learned to base the advancement of an idea on the situations that foster around any given environment. You must learn to observe and analyze more than just what you think is before your eyes.

I just recently celebrated my birthday two Saturday's ago. I was extremely blessed to hear from so many people on my day. It really made me appreciate the things that I have had to endure, because apparently I am vital to someone. What I do here on the earth has made a difference and as long as I live I will continue to do my best at all I do. Amazing how we celebrate our birthday once a year, when in actuality our birth is everyday, well at least to me it is! I feel that each day we have the pleasure of walking God's great creation, is a new day of birth. What does it mean to be born or born again? Well according to Christian religion practices a child is made by a man and born from a woman and to be born again is to be baptized in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. I completely agree, but I also feel that there is more than one way to skin a cat.

Each day we gather several thoughts that tend to disappear as we begin to focus on things that at the current time seem to be more important. Next time you get a chance jot down all the ideas that you think of and make a note of the ideas that you totally disregard. Eventually believe it or not, the idea will come back and you will have yet another opportunity to act upon what you previously thought or let it pass by yet again. Humans, though we find several ways to hide our emotions, are some of the most fearful creatures that walk the earth. So many times we act as if there is nothing that we worry about, whereas in actuality our uncertainty of things makes us react the way that we do.

When you put a pitcher of kool-aid in the refrigerator, though it may take a while to cool off, one knows that eventually that beverage will be at a perfect temperature for drinking and a great thirst quencher. Why is it so difficult for us to see that process in our daily life? Well actually that answer is simple...We get so caught up in trying to follow procedures and attempting to comply to the views and opinions of others that we get off track from the destination of our own progression journey. We each must take the time to figure out how we fit our piece into the puzzle of whatever environment we are in and then how long it will take for the task to be completed.

Ever just had a strong feeling on your heart? You just feel as if you know something should be a certain way, but instead of embracing this idea, it then becomes an emotion. "When humans allow ideas to turn into emotions, some driving force is quickly approaching"...remember that! The spiritual and energy realm is now open for business when this happens, everybody will soon have their two cents to contribute. This can be good, but do humans possess the patience, humility and desire enough to acknowledge and understand the concepts of others, let alone attempt to accept them?

As the world turns and the days go by, we have an opportunity to live the life that we desire as well make things better for our fellow man. What are we doing to improve the state of society, other than complaining about it? What are we doing to challenge the wrong doings of the people that lead and govern nation? What are we doing to examine to purpose of true human relations? It is not possible for a country to move forward and be successful if we are not on one accord. We don't always necessarily have to agree with one another, but we do have to be willing to respect the values of others, just as we would want in return. Take a deep breath and then recognize how grateful you are. Attempt to be an inspiration for someone else and walk forward knowing that you have a true purpose in life. Be safe this weekend...


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