Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Daily THOUGHT #77 "The Replay Button"

"Many things in life are right before your eyes, you just have to know what you're looking for"

Hello there my people! How are things for you? I am doing quite well today, just enjoying these last few days off before getting back into the swing of things...Can you believe that 2011 is only 4 days away from being over. I still remember exactly where I was and what I was doing on New Years Day as if it were last week or something. Today is also interesting to me because I am reflecting on the memory of my Granny...my Mother's Mother. Today she would have been celebrating her birthday, but I still am very thankful for the life that she did get to live and the influence that she had on mine.

So many times, even when we aren't sleeping, we wake up out of nowhere and realize that we are in a situation that has escalated to something way more than we imagined it could be. As we are going about our daily lives we have spur of the moment realizations that flash scenes in our head that warn us, remind us or bring us ideas to various encounters that we experience in life. Wouldn't it be amazing if you could just press replay and view how everything leads up to everything? I sure think it would.

Great TV shows tend to have several different scenes going on at the same time. Although the camera may be focused on one particular person or area, there is always something else going on...and mind you it's happening chronologically. Ever thought about how people just always seem to show up at the right time when you are watching a sitcom? Characters will be talking about a particular character and then that actor walks in...or characters will be in discussion of something and they end the conversation by suggestion things needed to be done by someone and then a character walks in...You know life is the same way.

I'm pretty sure that all of you are familiar with the phrase "history repeats itself". I like to believe that this is very true and more so applicable to the issues we face daily as a person, more so than an actual event happening more than once. This can too be confusing, so don't get it twisted up. A lot of times, especially at the young age, people will experience partnerships with a significant other and things will either go swell or not swell at all. From this...assumption, expectation and mental embroidery is established. "Mental embroidery is the development of patterned thinking that comes over time due to repetition of activities and/or overwhelming experiences."When this happens, the inner self is molded. Better hope for positivity!

Each day we develop habits, simply because we chose to do something again that we did before. So many times in our life we will do things and not even realize that we are doing it, simply because it has become so natural. I see myself now, so much like my father in aspects that I never thought we would have been similarly comparable...this comes with age, maturing and concept understanding. We must soon realize that we can not truly understand the manners of life if we are not familiar with the concepts that have been developed to make things work. Parents and guardians have hopefully experienced these concepts and are able and willing to share with young people. Because of this, the parent raises the child instead of the child raising the parent.

Earlier this football season the AAMU Bulldogs took on the Tuskegee Golden Tigers. Now let me tell you, those TU fans were something serious. They had to be the rudest people that I ever had met and when we won, it made their attitudes worse. Now any average Joe would have taken this experience as a reason to bash the character of a visiting institution and as well place a stereotype of all Tuskegee students and alumni for this shameful act of school pride...but instead, we should think why? Why entertain the workings of the enemy? Why allow him to destroy something that was meant for good. Why allow this incident to PRE-determine future encounters?

Just as sure as God is everywhere, so is the devil. He is lurking the same way and waiting for our first slip up. Because the devil knows the things that are promised to us and the goals that we are supposed to reach, he will place block holds in our path to prevent us from getting there. Just imagine if I had got into a serious altercation with Tuskegee fans as it was leading up to be and then I developed a feeling for anyone who was associated with that institution...because of this demeanor I could miss out on friendships, possibly a job and who knows...maybe an opportunity to have my life saved! Who knows...we can't determine what is before us.

"Life is too short to dwell on the past, but too long not to sit and replay certain situations that define who we are." Are we really moving forward in life with an idea of prosperity or are we allowing things that happened to us to shape our relationships with others and our overall outlook on how to live. Pictures are a great Replay Button, both physical and mental. Take advantage of life's snapshots but don't let them hold you back. Just as sure as you are born you will die. Just as sure as you are loved you will love...and just as sure as you are wrong to others others will be wrong to you. If you don't like Jessica because she wears a red shirt, don't mess up a chance to have a great friendship with Tiffany because she had on a red shirt when you met her....Think about that. Have a productive remainder of the week my people! Peace.



  1. Mental embroidery,wonderful term.

    Keep releasing the cognition. Follow me back. I am on the blog journey too.