Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Daily THOUGHT #78 "When You've Lost Your Remote Control"

"With the single press of a button, you can view the many differences of life...Who's buttons are you pressing today?"
Hello there everyone and Happy New Year to you all. I hope that everything is going well for you and that you are walking into an even better and more prosperous year as we have kicked off day 3 of 2012. Can you believe that we are already here? Isn't it just astonishing that 2011 has already left us, never to be seen again. There are some people who were not able to make it into the new year. Lets keep their spirits and the lively hood of their families in prayer and uplifted as we go throughout our daily processes. Lets also be mindful to be thankful for new life that entered the world in 2011. Let's use 2012 to show them the true meaning of love and positivity.

I must say that this has indeed been a much needed and I would like to feel much deserving break from the world, since I graduated from Alabama A&M University on December 9th last year. Last year, that sounds so awkward, referring to 2011...but that is indeed when it was. It seemed so soon that everything came to an end. I still don't believe that it has completely hit me that I am no longer an undergraduate student. Seems like life changed a channel on me without even asking. Speaking of TV, I can say that I truly have been watching a lot of that and I thank God for the "Remote Control". Now I know some of my older viewers will look at this and say: "These lazy young people" and I will say to that: "Okay, I have my lazy moments but this is just me being resourceful and remaining comfortable"... "Thank you!"
= ^)

There's nothing like having your room setup where you can lay how you want in your own bed and have your own television set up perfectly for viewing. Those long days at work or just those days when you want to be alone, having that personal space to come home to is a feeling like no other. To survive in today's society, personal space is imperative...simply because we don't take time anymore to involve our surroundings with the personalities, mentalities and characteristics of other individuals whom we presume are not of the caliber acquaintance we desire to associate with. Simply put, we don't interact to much with others in this lifetime. That is so sad though, don't you think? Just imagine, between the hundreds to thousands of people that we pay no attention to daily, are probably keys to opening doors that lead to progression in the future of our lives, but how will we ever know.

Webster defines remote as: "distant in place; far off; distant in time, past or future; not directly producing an effect, not proximate; slight, inconsiderable, aloof or abstracted and defines "Remote Control" as: "control of a mechanical or other operation from a distance. Now what does any of that have to do with my title, you say? Simple, today's blog is all about distance control. Controlling the distance in time between the actions of our life, (i.e.- talking to family members, exercising, fasting, reading, praying, volunteering, listening to music, entertaining friends, traveling, relationships, practicing a craft, writing/recording your thoughts and just living a little). I don't know about you, but sometimes, I get so caught up in things that I feel I have to do to the point I neglect to check off life's necessities from my list of things to do. We gotta do better in the new year, not just because it new, but because we have been given yet another shot at life!

As a customer of DirecTV, I am blessed to be able to do everything I could imagine and even more from the "Remote Control" alone. Sure enough some of the main functions are on the box, but if you have special shows saved or you have been dabbling with various functions, the only way you will retrieve what you've been doing is by using the "Remote Control". Now, eventually batteries will die, but just as in life sometimes you will have to recharge...do it! And when you take time to recharge, reflect on everything that you did prior to that moment. Use the embedded image to guide you in route to all future expectations. Another neat feature about DirecTV is the fact that all the remotes will work on any box! Isn't that just amazing?

I like to look at the job of an organization President as the perfect example of "Remote Control" comparison to life. There is a Vice President that will preside in the President's absence and as well usually construct various projects and committees. There is a Secretary that records the minutes of all meetings and as well keeps in contact with all members of the roster. There is a Treasurer that keeps record and documentation of all the organizations fiscal business and creates several fundraising activities. There is a Parliamentarian that contains order in all business functions. There is a Chaplin that keeps the organization centered with divinity and of course there is a Historian who keeps record of all the activities service related functions that the organization offers. Basically this means that the President will only have to preside over meetings, create ideas and goals for the year, represent the organization in public voice and make sure every person is doing their job.

Now what happens when the President tries to step in and do the job of one of the other officers? Or what happens when the President fails to follow up on the progressive advancement of the other officers being governed? Or...what happens when the President is unable to balance personal life with the responsibilities and duties of the office? If any of this happens, indeed "You've Lost Your Remote Control". With trust and communication, things can be controlled for a distance. And for the sake of yourself and you closed ones, knowing how to operate from a distance will be beneficial in life as well.

The more we involve ourselves with something, the more habitual it becomes. Why not function in a manner that will allow us to cultivate happiness and sustainability. DirecTV has a feature that will allow you to be able to go back to the 4 previously viewed stations, if using the remote. What's "Your Remote Control"? How do you use it to operate your life? What cool features does it possess? Does it allow you to go back to previously viewed stations, or does that require too much effort and thinking? Well now is the time to decide how it will function. The power is in your hands, use it to do what you want in life any and everything is possible. Enjoy your week my people! Speak to someone you don't know. Peace...


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