Sunday, September 2, 2012

Sunday Reflection #12 "A Woman to Cherish"

"Pain endured from birth increases love to unimaginable heights... it is our duty to cherish that endurance and carry on the responsibility of love, just as a Mother carries her child until time to debut to the world!"

Hello there my people. I hope that all is well with you. I am blessed and thankful to see yet another day. College football season has started and the Labor Day weekend is underway. I can't help but to be happy regardless of how the enemy attempts to attack me. I heard something on TV the other day. A man stated: 'Even when you are upset, if you smile... you will be in a good mood!' Think about that as you face your challenges of the week. I promise you will see positive results.

It's been a while since I last did a Sunday Reflection, but I felt today was especially important so I had to do one. For those who are unfamiliar with the difference in my posts, a Daily THOUGHT is an expression of worldly situations and how to cope with them... Whereas a Sunday Reflection gives reverence to the almighty and how he works in the world. We are so blessed to have a Father who is merciful and everlasting. The gifts that he provide will never be compared to the works of man.

What does it mean to cherish something? Does it mean that you care for it dearly? Or does it mean that you care for it so much that you would never let it go? I believe that cherish has several interpretations. Some may view cherish as a term that represents voluntary sacrifice... meaning because you cherish something you would do anything for it. Others may view cherish as a reflective term... meaning it's nothing to really be handled physically, but admired and adored emotionally and mentally. Either way in order to cherish something it must be of worth.

We find ourselves as humans searching daily for an answer to the questions of life. Never satisfied with what we have, we search for something that we can call our own and be proud of to possess. We endure many hardships, hoping to find that ounce of completion in materialistic things and approval of our peers, to the point where we forget the simple blessings which we had been granted since birth. But how can you cherish something that you know nothing about? What if I had been separated from the acts of love when I was born? What if I was conceived into a world of negativity and lack of opportunity? What do I do then?

Many times we struggle in life because we don't know where to look for the answers. Or when we look for them, we become impatient simply because things don't move when we would want them to. If you haven't realized by now I am here to tell you, that your journey was not meant to be traveled swiftly... but it was meant to be paved that others will be touched by and follow your trail. What are you doing to create a pathway of harmony and success in your environment. What are you praying for on a daily basis?

Well I will tell you all one thing that I pray about everyday... and that's how thankful I am to have a real Mother in my life... "A Woman to Cherish". She has been my backbone in so many difficult situations. She has mentored me through so many circumstances. She has shared with me so much information that has been beneficial to my intelligence. She has cared for me in my lowest hours. And most importantly she has given me the space and encouragement to become just what God has destined for me. If I were to tell some people the things that go through my head on a daily basis, it would make them perceive that I am a fool or some crazy psycho who needs some form of medical attention. These same things however, when shared with my Mother, are door openers that help me to understand how to deal with the spiritual warfare of our international society... as well symbolism that proves I was selected from a special tree of life that I should be extremely proud of and thankful for.

Whenever I decide to find the woman that I will spend the rest of my life with, I hope that she will resemble the spirit, humility, beauty, work ethic, intellect, humor, dedication, determination and love of my Mother! Anything less won't do. Many woman do not understand how powerful their responsibility is to the world. I thank God that my Mother accepts the adversities of life and meets them with prayer, positive outlook, and the power of Jesus Christ that each of us have down on the inside... waiting to be released. She has blessed my life abundantly and I only hope that in my lifetime I will have made her proud.

As you go forth in your daily routines, take time to think about the important women in your life. My Mother and I will talk for hours even when we intended to ask one question and get of the phone... but that's love. If you cherish something, don't let that be vocal alone... make it known through your actions. Be patient and faithful in your endeavors and all your desire will be met and all will be well. Thank God for the little things that you have and watch how many great things he will send your way! My Mother taught me that. Happy Birthday Mama! I love you. Speak to someone you don't know people. Peace...


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