Monday, October 22, 2012

DAILY THOUGHT #95 "How Long Will It Take?"

"Do something to make things better in your life... It's up to you!"

Hello there my people! How are you? I pray that all is well with you! I a doing wonderfully. Today is my birthday, so I am more blessed than grateful to see another year and continue this walk towards my God given purpose. Seeing that I plan to become President of the United States (#46), it's just amazing that the 1st Black President's final Presidential Debate falls on the day I was born. Be sure that you tune in tonight and witness both candidates. Also, make sure you get out and voice your opinion about the direction of our nation by voting. But, more importantly, open your heart and mind to receive the signs God wants to give you!

Symbolism is an acquired gift in my eyes. Because we are humans, we tend to view our surroundings based on our emotions and experiences, instead of actually embracing that which is before us. How do you embrace what's before you? Very simple, just engage! Because of fear we don't speak to one another, we avoid asking and answering questions and we tend to not trust and mistreat our abilities. Life was not designed to give us all the answers automatically, but neither was it designed for us to live in a manner of fear, complacency and complete misunderstanding.

I am so thankful for the relationship that I have developed with my inner-self over the years. Because I have learned to relax my mind and spirit, I am able to jump the hurdles of life with a little more ease. Many times we are turned down for things, just to see if we will continue seeking our desires. I like to call that the test of life. Just this morning, I went to the library at Huntsville High School to use the internet. The librarian told me there was no computer with access, seeing that all the students have laptops now. I then went to the front office. They suggested the library....right. So then I decided to walk around and amazingly I found a computer lab with internet access. This is the kicker though, as I began to introduce myself to the teacher in the room, she informed me that we met already when I spoke at her church, while running for the School Board. Crazy how things work out.

While I was in New Orleans this weekend, I had plenty of time to think... clear my head, and prepare myself for the many ambitious goals that I wish to accomplish before the end of 2012. I was also able to see the beauty of marriage, the consequences of being disobedient and the satisfaction of doing what you love to do and getting paid for it. Why can't everyday be like that? Why is it so difficult to simply enjoy life? This is something that I would ask everyday... now I don't have to anymore.

See what you must remember is this... there is someone who is greater than anything else ever to grace this planet, the Creator. What we must realize is that he has a plan that only he knows. Once we come to that resolution, we then must understand that we each have a unique purpose in the fulfillment of that plan. Then we must also understand that somedays we will be in the dark as far as what we should do. Other days we will feel there is no purpose for us to even exist... but the moment when things seem to be amazing we must understand that it was only a gift of grace.

Many people say that world peace is impossible. I totally disagree. Where there is respect, there is peace. Many people believe that our economy will never be balanced again.. definately not a surplus. Once again I totally disagree. Where there is opportunity, there is action. Many people believe that there is no way to be happy everyday of your life. I have learned over the past few weeks... that I totally, absolutely disagree. Remeber people, there were times when people survived with none of the things we are fortunate to have today. There are times when people survive with no access to understand what was going on in the world. And of course there are times when people may have everything taken away from them, but their life... that is mercy!

So I ask you today... "How Long Will It Take?" for us to realize that we have so many wonderful things going for us... to realize that the world is at our fingertips, we just have to grab it... to realize that we can get along with any person in the world, we just have to have the heart and mind to do so... and to realize that life and all it's situations are what you make it! Be the master of what transpires in your life. Think positively, have endurance and always believe that the best will come and it will be apart of you! All is well my people. Thank you for reading. Tell a friend about the blog and speak to someone you don't know!


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