Friday, November 30, 2012

DAILY THOUGHT #98 "Where are We Going?"

"Determining the Destination and Getting Up and Going are the easy part... Figuring out the signs and  staying on the right path, that takes focus... Are you mentally prepared?"

Hello there my people! How are you? I hope that all is well with you... I am fine, just dealing with the daily tests of life hoping to better myself and those around me. We each should tackle our circumstances in that manner. I believe when we have a spirit to be positive and improve ourselves regardless of the stature of the problem, we will be better off in the long run.

Do you ever get upset with yourself? Do you ever feel that there is so much more that you could be doing with you life? Well I think that it is safe to say that I was recently in a similar mood. For some reason I had a "liver's block"... Now don't get this confused and assume that I am talking about my liver, that's in my body... Yes I've had a few drinks in my day, but not enough to have a liver block (laughing to myself on the inside). Just like an author or lyricist that seems to go blank in the brain for a period of time, I kinda did that with my life.

A person of my faith and personality lives by the signs given on an everyday basis. From things such as conversations, commercials, events, newspapers, work, practicing my religion, meditating and socializing I receive my answers to the many questions of life... even those that haven't been asked yet. But the task of processing the information and applying it to situations in life is where the difficulty emerges. Sometimes there are so many thoughts that you can't seem to register which would be best for that moment in time. And if you are quick to become overwhelmed, thinking at a pace that I do might be detrimental to you.

Eventually, thanks to the big man in the sky... we receive revelation on how things should be in our lives. We get the answers that we seek so much. I came to a realization that you really do get everything that you ask for, it just may come at a time that you didn't expect it or it may be presented in a form that is completely different from what you may have originally imagined.

Why do we desire things? Why do we wish to be categorized in our methods? I believe that people seek to be different in everything that they do, but never to the extent of alienating ones self from the approval of others. Life since the beginning of time has revolved around appeal. Because of this we constantly find our international community at a stand still economically and extremely chaotic in the realm of peace and war. If we took time to examine, compare and execute we would find ourselves living much easier and more successful lives, this I genuinely believe.

So the questions arises today "Where are We Going?"... What is next on the plate of the human society? What expectations and limitations will we set as a people. A lot of times we seem to forget that everything is for a reason. Think about your ears; they are on both sides of your head, so that they can work with your eyes in contemplating things going on around you that you may not be able to see and as well so that you sound might be balanced from all angles. Who and what are you listening to? I hope your heart and those that wish the very best for you.

Obstacles come like night and day.. Just as solutions appear all the time like the change of gasoline prices. We just have to have enough will power to actually speak against how our flesh wants to feel when things don't go the way that we would want them to. Because our leaders have become so selfish, we are forced to deal with decisions that are not always feasible to the life styles which we want to live... but does this mean that it's the end of the world? No... there is always some form of delivery on the other end you just have to be willing to receive it.

So from this moment forward do me a favor... map out where you plan to go: emotionally, physically, financially, romantically, educationally, and especially spiritually and watch how things come to fruition in your life... this I promise you! Be considerate to the feelings of others and be compassionate to the issues of the world. Poverty, racism, starvation, segregation, violence and killing still consume the majority of our society. I f we walk forward with a will do attitude and true compassion to love our fellow man we will see everyone financially satisfied and in harmony. Speak to someone that you don't know. Peace...


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