Thursday, October 25, 2012

DAILY THOUGHT #97 "Who's Traveling With You?"

"If you're going to bring someone along, make sure they fit your mood... If you are going to go along, make sure your mood fits the destination!"

Greetings. We have made it to the middle of the week, I know that you are very excited. I'm so excited that my fingers are moving super fast just typing this. We are only a few days away from the best HBCU Classic on Earth... The Magic City Classic, between the Alabama A&M University Bulldogs and our nemesis the Alabama State University, whatever they are =^) Hey! It's classic week, I had to get at least one joke in. If you plan to travel down to the game in Birmingham, I wish you traveling grace and I can't wait to see you there.

Where are we going nowadays? Where do our ambitions carry us to? How far is to far away in the eye of life's journey? I personally know that I am seeking rest in my life... I want to be peaceably happy. I want to be secure in my finances, active in my community, engaged with all citizens and proactive with my gifts and abilities. Though it may seem like a lot, it's really not. These are simply the things that we should be doing on a daily basis anyways.

Ever had that moment where you just needed a little extra boost in order to get something done? Ever had to get that word from that very close friend as a source of motivation? I know that I have. When I marched in the band at A&M, I loved going to Friday night rehearsals because I knew everyone would be extra "crunk" (excited and of high enthusiasm) and it would push me to play even harder and with more intensity. This was a rush that made me feel complete as a bandsmen. It would not have been the same if I were by myself.

Imagine being the only member of the U.S. Army... Who do you think would fear you? More than likely, no one. Let's compare this to life. Someone had to feed you, clothe you, and bathe you... Someone showed you how to walk, play your favorite sport and to read and write... someone taught you the lessons of love and friendship and someone showed you the things that you don't care for in life whether intentional or not... So why do we believe that we should just do things on our own?

Now for many people, they have come to the realization that others are needed in life to be successful and knowledgeable. However most people struggle with finding the right influence needed to grow and prosper in the world. So many times, positive people have their lives turned around simply because they choose to hang with the wrong crowd. I like to tell my students all the time "Stand out instead of fitting in!" With this attitude you learn to set standards for everything that is involved in your daily walk. When you set standards you create a minimum level of expectation for everything that you share your time with.

As you move into the coming phases of your life recognize that you are what you eat. Ever noticed how eating certain things leaves a lingering smell on your breathe? Well hanging around certain people has the same effect. We as humans are influenced by what we see and hear. So understand that whatever you keep around you consistently will eventually become apart of your life. Surround yourself with positive, uplifting things and all will be well for you.

A mentor of mine told me that there is good in every situation regardless of how bad it may seem. So if you desire to walk with a certain crew... learn from miscommunication, learn from great experiences and most importantly... learn from the actions of other and observe everything that you can in order to travel prosperously. Speak to someone you don't know. Peace.


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