Tuesday, October 23, 2012

DAILY THOUGHT #96 "The Morning After"

"Don't wake up with regrets... It's not worth it!"

Hello there my people! How are you this fine Tuesday? I pray that all is well with everyone. I am doing well, just going through the day best I can. "Although it's difficult... sometimes we have to realize that being the bigger person is a necessity. Even when you don't want to mend broken issues, we must remember that if there is no bandage the pain will continuously linger in the form of a undesired memory."

Moving on... Am I the only one that was amazed by the order of the Presidential Debate last night? Man... this moderator wasn't playing any games. It reminds me a lot of the current schools systems across our nation. The same kids (candidates), but different attitudes and behaviors for different teachers (moderator). Why is it such a hard task for people to conduct themselves accordingly in all places? Why are we so inferior to positivity? These are questions that I seek answers for on a daily basis.

What is the motivation of the everyday human? Eat, sleep and see what's sparking up the world I guess... I figure I'd be asking too much for our motivation to involve: constant self meditation, common generosity, equality, 100% effort, and consistency in promises. One day...

Our world is faced with so many afflictions. Did you ever think that situations as such don't just fall out of the sky? Something leads to everything. Remember that. In recent weeks, I've found myself reflecting on the aftermath before the occurrence... Yeah, take a second and let that sink in. When you are intelligent enough to analyze the results before something happens, there is a far better opportunity that you will be happy with the outcome.

Now I'd be untruthful if I told you that I don't let things get to me or that I've never done something that I regret... But I would be doing a dis-service to myself and others if I didn't mention ways to prevent similar instances from happening. We have the power to control so many things with our mind and our tongue. We just have to be brave enough to trust our feelings and carry out our ambitious desires.

How many times have you done something to a friend and grew to regret what you did? You feel beneath yourself and you seek instant reconciliation... When we begin treating every person on the earth with the same regard we give to our friends, regardless of the circumstance... Our living situations will be so much better.

I don't want to prolong this blog, because the topic is very simple. Remember this... Although things may be in good standings now, that does not mean it will be that way forever. If you are doing things for the good and nothing is working out... remain steadfast in your quest to find answers. If you are doing things for the bad and everything is working out... be certain that a gust of wind that will knock completely off course is headed your way very soon! Do what you know is right and worthwhile. Have a memorable purpose that will last in the minds and hearts of all people, even after you are dead and gone. This attitude will propel you to unimaginable heights. Trust me. Be blessed and speak to someone you don't know today! "The Morning After" will be great if you do so! Peace...


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