Friday, August 12, 2011

Daily THOUGHT #46 "Owning the Stage"

It's time that we began polishing our acts!

Greetings my fellow viewers. Thank God it's Friday! The weekend is here. Even if you have to work this weekend, find some time to just relax and take a load off from all that you had to endure this week. You deserve it! My band, Plan3t 3 will be traveling to Mobile, AL. my hometown, tonight, then to Birmingham, AL on Saturday and finally back to Huntsville, AL on Sunday. So you all be sure to pray for our safe travels please. It would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!

Today I would like to speak to you about "Owning the Stage". Yea, I know I always say talk or speak to you about something when I am actually writing and you are reading, but just imagine that I am talking to you anyways, you'll get it. I know that several people have already labeled this topic in regards to entertainment, seeing that I started my greeting talking about Plan3t 3. Well, kind of...but not quite. See the way that I look at life, I believe that everyone has a stage. Whether it's being a janitor, being a teacher, being an engineer, being a poet, serving in politics, managing a restaurant, running a business or just simply volunteering in the community. These are all stages.

Take a minute...think about your life right now at this current state of it's existence...What is your stage? What is your time to shine? When do you perform the great abilities that you have within? The reason I loved high school so much was because there were so many organizations that a student could be involved with and they all some kind of way connected to one another. Everyone had there own stamp on things and you knew what that stamp was based off of who the individuals were. When "Owning the Stage" it's imperative that you make your mark so that you may leave your mark. "Everyone will leave a mark when they are gone, but it you make your mark, it will leave itself". Practice regimes and consistent reminders of the passion behind your drive are two vital components to a successful stage performance, remember that.

Well what about stage fright? How do you factor that in? Simple...thank God that you got it. This lets you know that you are human. Once you figure that out, it's then time for you to pursue your abilities as a super human. Yes, a super human...Someone who can connect with the energies and spirits of any arena (arena = situation and environment) and deliver in the most affective way possible! You are bound to meet challenges in your life that seem as hurdles, don't let that boggle you down, just jump them and keep it moving. By reaching a certain level you can then begin to feel at home on the stage and allow an entirely different side of you to be exposed as your foster the responsibilities and inner characteristics of your profession, hobbie or task at hand.

So many times we are on stages and don't even know it. Be careful or you could end up providing the the drama for undeserving spectators. A lot of time when you are involved with a massive amount of people, you are always on a stage. I don't know about you, but I like to look at my life to be something like a movie. I wish I had cameras around most of the time, so that people would gain an understanding to why I am the way that I am. Growing up you have to be on stage for your parents, guardians and elderly family members. Not to mention, you have to be that way with your siblings and anyone else who may be in the same age group as you in order to develop your own persona and way of things. Use what you have learned growing up to guide you in the present and future.

Anytime that you get on the phone to talk to someone, try and get someone to buy in to whatever it is that you are promoting or marketing you are on the stage. Same way if you are driving somewhere, only this time there are way more people sharing the stage with you. Regardless of the task, allow your personality, feelings and emotions to flow when you are on the stage. Be sure that you get feedback from your audience and make sure that your audience knows your appreciation for them and your task at hand. Live your life as though you were being filmed. That means give your all at all times, do what would meet your approval and enjoy everything that is before you! It's the weekend my people. Make the best of it! Happy Friday!


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