Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Daily THOUGHT #44 "Being the Examiner"

Don't waist your time being mad at human beings!

Well people it is Wednesday, that means the middle of the week. So since you’ve had an opportunity to see the flow of things, examine the mishaps, miscommunications and all those faults you made and don’t look at them as a bad thing, but as a foundation for how to improve. You still have the chance to manifest whatever it is that you want to see done in this week, mentally, physically and emotionally.
Today I want to talk about “Being the Examiner”. There are so many things in this life that we are able to examine, the ride from the house to work, the weather, the rise of gas process, the TV, your children growing up and most importantly the energies of the world. So often we find ourselves in moods that irritate us or make us to become shallow, inexpressive and sometimes even very rude, simply because we are on the outside looking in. Now Reggie what do you mean about being on the outside looking in? Well fellow viewers it’s simple. See I believe in life we get so caught up in the things going on in our daily process of living that we forget others are experiencing the same patterns, only sometimes better or worst depending on the time of the year and their specific situations.
Somewhat like cooking, of course you can know all the ingredients to a meal, but if you don’t know the correct proportions of what should be used, that mouth watering food sensation might not be as delightful as you expected when you take that first bite. People are the same way. Sometimes we feel that we know so much about folks, when we really don’t, that we really understand what they are reacting to. As I take time to meditate on the feel of the universe, I find myself connecting with the energies of all the things that are around me. When you allow yourself to open up mentally and spiritually you will become overwhelmed with the amount of reception you receive even from unimaginable sources.
Posture, conversation, attire, the way someone walks and talks and the people that surround someone are all great solicitors of how a person feels.  You can look at situations in everyday life and see how you are connected with others. Just this past Monday I went to freshmen band camp and the new Trumpet Section Leader, who shares my same last name I may add, had the same shirt on as me. We didn’t plan that. Just yesterday while I was at rehearsal with Plan3t 3, I walked outside and saw some of my band family at the gas station. Ironically another Trumpet player, the previous section leader, had the same shirt on as me as well. And today, my bass player Sweet Fig and I arrived at practice first, but no one was here so we went to McDonalds and low and behold who do we see? Mr. Black, the guy who made Plan3t 3 possible, man how God works. These are not coincidences my people, we are spiritually and energetically connected. Those are the vital people in your life, the ones that you are connected with, on a larger scale than physical understanding. 
Remember the clues that Mother Nature and Father Time leaves for you on a daily basis. When you see things reoccurring, reflect on when you were first exposed to whatever that is. When you see things repeating themselves, examine how it makes you feel and how it affects you. When you see things passing you by that you love and need, prepare yourself to be ready when it comes around again. When something distracts or harms you, learn how to let it go and when you do, be done with it. When you notice a certain energy from the people around you, don’t be afraid to embrace it, because in actuality that moment was meant to be. Examine life and everything that it has to offer. Love your life for it is special.

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