Thursday, August 11, 2011

Daily THOUGHT #45 "Playing the Role of God"

Are you sure that's what you wanna do?

Hello my people! I hope that everyone is doing well on this great Thursday. Remember, only one more day until the weekend begins, so if you got plans go ahead and dot all your i’s and cross all your t’s so that everything will go according to plan and so that you will have the most enjoyable experience. In the words of that guy from Adam Sandler’s “Water Boy”…You can do it!

Today I want to discuss the topic “Playing the Role of God”. Seems like the society we live in has so many people who feel they hold the responsibility of controlling everything in the world. There is no problem with diplomacy, meaning international relations, but it must be a relation not a ruling. Now when I say playing the role of God, I am not just referring to people who think they are in charge of everything. I am also making much regard to those who cast judgment. Something that I have always lived by is, until you live in a glass house…Don’t be casting stones to no one! It may take some of you a little while to understand that.
As I examine the daily routines of life, I see how emotional and confusing humans are. We tend to get so worked up over nothing and then take it out on everyone and everything around us. It’s as if we expect everything around us to be perfect even though we have so many faults of our own. Look at some friendships that you are in. Ever had someone get mad at you about something, not tell you why they got mad, but just mope around, say nothing to you and treat you like you don’t even exist? Well I know I have. What amazes me though is how people claim they want things one way, but don’t take the time to actually go through the process of making that happen. See if you want to play the role of God and judge people, you have to be willing to guide them in the direction of which you want them to go. If you make perfect sense of the matter and they still don’t understand you, that’s when you let it go until they are on your level. This will take sincere patience.
See what people don’t realize is that we are little Gods and Goddesses put here to have complete dominion over the world, but until we tap into our inner abilities we will always be in a state of inability and misunderstanding. What really trips me out is how people misuse those who really care for them. It’s like humans don’t want to accept positivity, balance or love. Why is that? I believe because we are so worried about the judgment of others that we would rather do a few people who are genuine to us, dirty and wrong, only to please another majority of people that probably don’t righteously have concern for you. Uphill battles are so difficult, especially when the battle is with yourself.
It takes a lot for someone to realize when a friend or even foe truly understands you. Having another individual be able to recognize and label your every move whether positive or negative is sometimes difficult to cope with. For a long time, I know this was something that I battled with, but now I thank God that I have friends and enemies on that level, because they can pin point your faults and help you even when you don’t want the help, as well congratulate you when you are successful, particularly for a project that may have been rather difficult for you. Now Reggie how does that work with your enemies? Simple, your enemies congratulate you by hating…Got to be doing something right to have people looking to find you doing something wrong. Also enemies serve as motivation; the idea of accomplishing something when others try to deny you or say that you can’t is a feeling like no other!
When you look in the mirror, you should see a God or Goddess. You have the power and opportunity to do whatever it is that you desire, you just have to have the heart and persistence to get it done. This also means that you have the responsibility of making things work around you, from emotions to actions. Life is on you, do with it what you need, want and should do. Take your place in making a difference.


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