Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Daily THOUGHT #43 "The Things We Leave Behind"

What have you left behind?

Greetings fellow viewers! I hope that all is well with everyone. I have been pretty well myself, just living life and observing all of its experiences. I am so grateful for all of the ups and downs. I hope that your energy and spirits are in the same light. Positivity is so easy to possess, it's just very hard to express.

 Things are starting to pick up here in Huntsville where I am located. Grade school is back in and the students are gradually rolling back into the city, ready for college. I am very excited about this upcoming semester, seeing that it will be my last here at Alabama A&M University. From 2005 until now I have learned so much, but now it is time to let some things go. Now don't misinterpret that statement. That simply means that there will be some closure in my life, so that new doors will be able to be opened.
Life has a funny way of balancing itself on a regular. Some people like to call it karma. I like to refer to it as human spiritual and energetic nature. This is the process of human energies connecting with the inner spirits of our feelings and emotions, creating the atmospheres that we dwell in. Sometimes you find yourself constantly opening a door for someone or speaking to people you don’t know and then sooner or later you see the same thing in return. This is how things always come back to where they start… something like a boomerang.

 Now don’t think that when you do something that means that the exact same thing will be returned to you. See the balance of the earth is determined by our THOUGHT process and our reaction to what we think. Depending on where your heart is, a simple gesture of helping an old woman get her groceries in the car could result in an overwhelming reward that you would have never imagined. We must recognize this is equally vulnerable to the not so nice things that we do in the world. Imagine being a professional entertainer, going out of town, having a horrific attitude with your fans and others involved. It wouldn’t be to ironic when the sound system goes out, someone misses a cue or you leave something valuable in the city when you depart from the concert. Even though this was one action of having a bad attitude, it was only the prelude to an awful experience.

 All things aren’t meant to be left behind, but because of our inability to balance the mind and heart at the same time, we tend to make decisions based solely on emotions or something that we thought of, not really examining thoroughly and contemplating complete logic. Complete logic consists of the combination of expression and idea. When successfully adhered to, one will review how he or she got in the situation, what is going on in the situation and what will be the latter result, based on decisive actions. It’s about time that people start understanding that we all connected and what we do affects more than just us, it changes the international community.

 I always hope to live a life that will be carried on for centuries and centuries to come. That is what I want to leave behind, a legacy of selfless humility and excellence. We each should be living so that our life will become a story that is relived through the expression and lifestyles of people touched by what we do. Someone is always watching you, so be the example that will create positivity for the future. Pass things down so that others will understand heritage and traditions, stray away from things that bring you down mentally or physically. Do things as you would wish to have them returned to you, cause before you know it…right back at square one. Have a great day. Be blessed!


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