Friday, August 5, 2011

Daily THOUGHT #42 "When Life Gives You Lemons, Build a Restauraunt"

Be able to make the BEST out of all situations. And if the world isn't willing to understand...Let them Wonder!!!

First off let me take the time to bring you proper greetings! Hello great friends of mine who take time to read the things going on in my head. I am very appreciative of you. Your actions are quite humbling to me! For those of you who check the blog out on a regular, I would like to apologize for this long gap since July 18th, the last time that I posted. I kinda had to go on a mental journey to grasp a hold of what I truly had with this blog as well other situations in my life. All the occurrences since then have helped me realize so much and I am going to do my best to share this with the world, hopefully my experiences will make a difference in someones life.

Funny how we take time to watch every reality show on television, but don't even recognize the one right before our eyes. Amazingly enough...A camera rolling for my every encounter, I believe would make millions. Honestly, I feel like everybody has the life like that. Only we choose not to give attention to the details of our daily walks. Life has so much involvement that is manifested through the moving energies and spirits of this earth realm. Our connections with higher powers influence us to do things that we feel are great, as well things that we feel are not so good. The way that we channel these emotions and direct their ordinance will be the deciding factor in how this thing called life really is.

Drinking from the fountain of purity and justice doesn't always taste the best, nor is it always the greatest temperature, nor is their always a lot of it, but by the time you finish the glass and let the atmosphere soak in, you will feel better as a whole. It's time that we drag ourselves out of this enclosed box of complacency and selfishness. It's time that we drag ourselves out of these unnecessary states of depression and anger. It's time that we drag ourselves out of this time of ignorance and misunderstanding. Why drag yourself? Simple, so that you will feel every possible inclination of negativity that has evolved in that time of trouble.

So many times we pass up on things in life, simply because we are unaware of what may come in the future. Because of the simplicity of our surface thinking, we only rely on the past to make a decision for right now. "Where as any wise man would reflect on the past, evaluate the now and consider the future." Our everyday situations are more than just something that happens at that moment. People must begin to realize that your every move, thought and incident is dealing with and affects lots of people, not just you and the situation. We must begin to examine every possibility before we conclude with an answer or ordain our solution.

Fantasia came out with a song not too long ago called Bittersweet...I like to look at lemons the same way. The initial taste is extremely bitter and tart, especially if the fruit is fresh, but there are so many sweet things that you can do with a lemon. Think about a nice cold, refreshing glass of lemonade or iced tea, baked and grilled fish cooked with sliced lemon, fresh garden salads topped with lemon juice as a dressing, pasta topped with lemon juice for flavoring, lemon pepper, cleaning appliances with lemon as the main ingredient, home air fresheners with lemon, lemon juice on vegetables used as a preserver, lemon peels used as fertilizer and the list goes on and on.

We have to take the bitter moments in life and treat them the same way. When someone does you wrong, it's okay, smile. You can be the one to be bigger about the situation and if you are sincere, the outcome will be in your favor anyways. When something that you expected to come through fails you, you don't have to allow that to pull you into a state of captivity mentally and emotionally. Find out what you need to be doing at the current time and if what you desire is truly meant to be, in due time that destination will arrive as well. When you are receiving mixed signals from someone, be patient enough to walk alongside them, but stern enough to let them know nothing lasts forever. Be fair and true to yourself above all. If you don't know how to make sweetness from your own bitter situations, you will never be able to build restaurants just from lemons. Lemons make more than just lemonade, just as afflictions and bad situations make more than just drama and troubling times. Figure it out. Be happy and make a difference in the world. Speak to someone you don't know today. Have a great weekend!


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