Monday, May 23, 2011

Daily THOUGHT #1 - Cherish YOUR Day!!!

As I pondered in my head just before I woke up, my mind was debating on what to choose as my first Daily Thought. Just before I opened my eyes it’s like something just clicked and said discuss how wonderful the day is when we come into the world. My confirmation was the fact that at the moment I made this decision, mentally I may add; I woke up at 10:22 am. For those of you who are not familiar with me, October 22 is MY Birthday. Later this week I will write about signs, tests & affirmations, you definitely want your face in the place for that.

Any who, we must learn to remain in celebrative spirits everyday of our lives just as we celebrate and engage festively on our Birthday. For too long in society we have placed certain emphasis on the wrong things. By us placing these emphases and accepting the results, we then force ourselves to dwell in and deal with circumstances which may not be pleasing to us. We must remember our child like motives and ways of expression. We must indulge in the happiness of life verses settling for the faults and wrong doings of our International Society.
We each were given life that we would give life & lead a flock. But, when we allow distractions to cover our eyes, we find ourselves worrying about pointless things and settling for a surface thinking mentality. We must expand our horizons, just as we wish to expand our list of activities on the day that we are born. That birthday of yours is extremely special.

As you grow older you should come to realization that for a purpose, you were put here. Each of us is made in the image of the Creator. When we choose to go astray from what is on our hearts we are then tempted by the ways of the world. Amazingly, that same creator is like the parents we are blessed to have on this earth, forgiving & just-full. We must however, make sure that we don’t abuse our privilege of life with the ways of man.

Cherish Your Day, for it is special. Cherish Your Day, for there is only one You! You are just like the day on which you came, each year it comes and each year it goes, never to be seen again once it passes. Your life is the same way. No one else will live the life that you lived, face the trials & tribulations that you faced nor will anyone else leave the impression that you leave on the world. 

Make your birthday a day of importance. Cherish the life that you have because it is for a reason. Give onto others that they may also appreciate the day you came into the world. Live festively all days as we celebrate also, the life of others. And finally, live your life from your first day until your last, in a manner that even when you are dead and gone, your life will still live on in the lives of others!
Find that baby like JOY in YOUR Life...


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