Thursday, May 26, 2011

Daily THOUGHT #4 "Loving YOUR Enemies"

Mark Jackson once quoted "Trials & Tribulations are the pathways to where you wanna go!" Remember that as we discuss "Loving YOUR Enemies" today.

So many times we face situations not even knowing that we are on trial, being judged and being marked by the pen of our fellow neighbor. Too many times we create situations where we end up regretting that we made any form of contact with some of our fellow neighbors. It’s amusing to me how quickly we tend to take offense in daily circumstances simply because we are unaware of the entirety of a subject. I witness all the time people conversing on how they can’t stand “so and so”, where in actuality they only know so and so’s name, nothing else really about them! So how in the world can you determine your feelings about this person that you have never come in contact with?

This is simple because you are “Loving YOUR Enemies”….Now wait Reggie, I thought “Loving YOUR Enemies” was about showing compassion towards those who do evil to you? Well faithful reader, it is…But you know, that I like to travel around the whole world of a topic, to make you think about it. See because we feed into the gossip of the next guy we miss out on the opportunity of learning and getting to know “That Guy”, yea the guy that everyone chooses to talk about or attempt to figure out. Hmmm…

Crazy how they gossiped about Jesus and he just kept right on….Doing for the people was his aim. The ultimate aim we should have in our lives. We tend to get so caught up in the imagery and animation of some people’s stories that these stories determine how you think. When you are being controlled by the thoughts and tales of others, not only have you become weak minded, but you have also fallen in love with YOUR enemy. Now how in the world is that falling in love? Duh! Anytime that you are intrigued, moved or energized by something….you love it. It then becomes a drug like addiction and for some reason you can’t live without it. You continue to run back to it and you openly, whether you know it or not, foster and promote the horrible diseases that come from being involved with that mess.

This is YOUR Enemy because it wishes to bring harm, and bring harm in the masses. When you surround yourself in something it will eventually make hindrance in your life, if it’s not positive. The people you hang out with will eventually become you, if you have no self discipline and the ways of the world will kill if you don’t have self sympathy. Sit on that for a minute, it’ll come to you.

I once told a student who was very upset, while I was subbing, that you have life so why are you so down? She responded because she was tired of people talking about her and treating here wrong, so on and so on. Mind you this was at a middle school. This was interesting to me because to the common eye, one would see her as a good student who shouldn’t be dealing with that. But then, that’s when it really clicked with me! She is a good student, that’s why she is being tampered with affliction. See my people even little kids can be possessed by the Enemy. Think about when adults are doing positive things, there is always somebody lurking, trying to blast their imperfections or just finding some way to be un-just or spiteful. We cannot blame the people for their evil doing, if they know not what they do or from which it comes. An evidently from the way we are living, we don’t know much. We will discuss that Sunday! I told her, why are you getting bent out of shape, obviously you are doing something that has attracted their attention, which is making them focus on you and not do something with their own life! I went on to tell her; frankly you should be quite flattered! You must be really important. Thank them daily, for the desires of your heart and their inability to understand the true meaning of life should be your motivation!

We have to love regardless of who it is or regardless of what they have done to us. The great Dr. Cornel West once stated that if the United States of America had responded to 9/11 the way that Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and the majority of the blacks did during the Civil Rights, we probably wouldn’t be in half of the foolishness that we dwell in now! He also went on to say that if Blacks would have responded to racism and in-equality (i.e.- American Terrorism) the way the Bush Administration did to 9/11, then we would still be battling segregation, physically and with war like motives even in 2011. Think about that people! The wrong doing we do unto one another can cause turmoil for a lifetime. So above anything else, “Loving YOUR Enemies” can be good or bad, depending from which way you look. Just know that we are 2 care for the people of the world, even if those same people do wrong unto you!


Mature Judgement amongst Immature People...

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