Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Daily THOUGHT #2 "Developing YOUR Purpose!"

"Be one to live forever, while forever lives"...

“An effortless passion is like a timeless discovery…” Find that which makes you move in ways you never imagined. Come one with something that inspires you to think, live and give freely. Any feeling of expression that you would not hold back from displaying in front of the mirror let it be seen by all eyes without worry of any undeserved interrogation. Who are we to judge?

Speak freely through your walk, act freely after your talk and live freely with all those who cross your path. This means you must hold your head up high and be very confident. Follow through on your word then become interactive with your family, friends and fellow man to understand why you all have been connected together and for what Purpose. This is an inner soul Development! One must be free in spirit and personal meditation to understand this. 

When you find this inner passion, you then embark upon the God given gift that has been bestowed upon you to share with the world, YOUR Purpose! Each of us were put here to engage the people, draw the people & be a reflection of an image, that overtime, because of the society that we live in, becomes buried extremely deep within our hearts. When you find this passion, you then can begin to watch this Purpose of YOUR’s rise from the dead and stand as a weapon in the fight of Progression versus Regression, Poverty vs. Abundance, Ignorance vs. Intelligence and of course Good vs. Evil. “You having passion for something will make You develop YOUR character...” What type of character are you aiming to have?

“To be effortless is to have no worries and to know the exact path of which one wishes to travel.” Now seeing that none of us are perfect, this does not mean that once we sit down and develop our map to Glory & Manifestation that it will be laid out for us on a silver platter. This only means that we Develop a direction and know how not to go astray regardless of the temptations and distractions that may be in the way towards our destination. 

Effortlessness instills: Style, Personality, Elegance, Imagination and Humility. These are the qualities needed to “Respectfully” survive. During survival we discover many situations, circumstances, joys and moments that have us speechless because one particular scene in life has now moved from “Headline movie in the World of Dreams” to the factual experience in one’s life. A pigment of allusion becomes a state of reality. How then will we react?

“To be timeless is to have no end, to have no end is to be immortal; to be immortal is to be legendary…”  Legendary status is not achieved by sitting around and waiting for things to happen. To become legendary means that you are willing to devote your time and effort to a cause that will leave an everlasting impact. It then becomes the decision; is this for you or for everybody? “There is nothing on this Earth that we can do alone, but die!” So I suggest we start thinking collectively if we want the in between time until then to be Productive and Peaceful. 

Develop YOUR Purpose that you may live happily and with NO regrets! Develop YOUR Purpose that you may serve as an inspiration to others, because regardless if you think so or not somebody is looking up to you! Develop YOUR Purpose, so that you can say you contributed to the betterment of our International Society. And please be very aware of the drug selfishness. Once you get a taste of that it may be hard for you to fully Develop YOUR Purpose cause you won’t share with anyone. If you don’t share with those before and after you, how will you know where you are going? Think about it. I end today the same way I started. “An effortless passion is like a timeless discovery…” When you find something that you can do effortlessly and you are very passionate about it, embrace it because that is your gift to the world! Once you free your mind to live with this passion, YOUR Purpose now becomes an Immortal Discovery!