Friday, May 27, 2011

Daily THOUGHT #5 "Follow YOUR Gut?"

UGH!!! Leave Me ALONE!!!!
LETS GO LAKERS! (clap…clap…clap, clap, clap) LETS GO LAKERS! (clap…clap…clap, clap, clap). Ok, feel like I had to say that before I started today’s Daily THOUGHT “Follow YOUR Gut?” Please pay very close attention to the question mark, that is what makes this topic of discussion what it is. Now mind you, my favorite player is still Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant is my second favorite. I am just a HUGE Phil Jackson fan. He is a life coach…Many of you will not understand that, just think about it. This is why I will follow him wherever he would go. He focuses on the mind and the mental intellect of his field. “Once you put the ultimate emphasis on the brain work of your craft, you can be the best at anything.”

Now all that to say this, it is amazing to me how each night before I write on a topic, my story comes to me right before I go to sleep, while I am sleeping or sometime late in the evening. So ironically, my THOUGHT came to me again late last night as I was watching SportsCenter right after the NBA Eastern Conference Finals game went off. Real sports fans know about this. Whenever the game goes off, we tune in right to ESPN to get the highlights, interviews, historical facts and all that other good stuff. Our mental psyche, at that time, is set on sports that’s really why we do it.

Anyways, as I was watching, one of the analysts brought up this chronological video of LeBron James. In this video it talked about how he made his decision to leave the Cleveland Cavaliers in the summer of 2010 and report for duty in Miami, for the Heat’s organization. It then went on to talk about how the Heat lost their season opener to the Boston Celtics, started off with a horrible record, had men crying in the locker room, constant altercations with the coaching staff and the list goes on and on. Now who in the world would want to leave a city where you were treated like royalty, embraced by fans with so much compassion and love, given the key to the city and pretty much allowed to do whatever you wanted to do on and off the court for all this drama? Apparently someone who said to themselves: “Follow YOUR Gut?” and then replied yes.

So many times in our lives when we get gut feelings we push them aside as if they are of no importance or because our reaction is nah, never-mind that can’t be right. Remember “When you say never-mind, you tell your mind…Never!” That’s just a little food for THOUGHT. Any who, we have to remember that everything happens for a reason. Everything that we think of, every person that we pass by on the street, all the vital people in our lives and every place that we go or end up not going to, all is for a reason. When we are surrounded with situations, we then get butterflies and have to select a pathway to take on a trying decision. “In order to make the proper decision, you must acknowledge what is a gut feeling and what is impure imagination.” Once you recognize what it is act upon it! What all could possibly happen? You win or you lose. Someone says yes or they say no. You progress or you regress. But more importantly you either lie to the world or you are true to yourself!

Now this is what LeBron James did and please understand how difficult this is for me to write about him, LAKESHOW all the way! See because LeBron James is a superstar athlete, he feels that it is necessary for him to become an NBA Champion, to prove that he is worth all the hype and maybe because he loves the game enough to want one too, but who knows with this new generation of professional athletes. He also was willing to show, like once quoted by the late Malcolm X, “by any means necessary” he would reach for his goal. But, like all of us have or will one day encounter, he was faced with an extremely tough decision. Stay in Cleveland, keep the fans happy, keep the vulture like media off his back, stop people from saying that this generation just wants the easy way out and build a legacy with his team, like such legends as Michael Jordan, Larry Bird, Magic Johnson and Kobe Bryant have done or trust his gut, travel to South Beach, Florida and make a historical move that would proceed to only the highest expectations.

Now regardless of how you feel about LeBron James or the Miami Heat, they are one step closer to their goal, winning the NBA Championship. Not to say that I believe the Heat will win the title, but because he trusted his gut, he is in position to see his dream become a reality. Now what if he would have stayed in Cleveland? Who knows what could have happened? We don’t! We can only imagine. So in your life “Follow YOUR Gut?” Yes! Don’t leave your mind in a state of shoulda, coulda, woulda’s. Think of everything thoroughly, know what happens and learn from your actions! Oh yea, Cleveland’s coach Mike Brown was fired that summer as well and now he coaches the Lakers. The past two seasons when the Lakers won back to back titles, the Mike Brown coached Cavaliers had the best regular season record in the league. Oh yea, another thing you do know that the Cavs have the #1 pick in the draft this year or did you know that the former coach of the Lakers, Pat Riley is the President of the Heat? Derrick Rose, the NBA MVP just released a commercial called 9.8 ounces, advertising his shoe. 1998 was also the last time the Chicago Bulls won the NBA Title. Just a little history and GOD working affirmation right there. “Follow YOUR Gut!” You’ll figure it out. I have faith in you! Have a wonderful weekend. Be Blessed!


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