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It is with great pleasure that I am able to share with you the Official Newsletter of the growing Music Enterprise: Forever Birth Records, Inc. I welcome you to embrace with me the minds of many and the opportunities of all. Through this medium not only will we advertise what is going on with FBR, Inc. but we will also deliver pivotal information that may be life changing. We hope that through this blogger we will be able to solicit the ideas of many concerned citizens, all while publishing uplifting articles that will serve as forms of motivation.

Forever Birth Records is built upon 3 Foundational Elements: Charity. Education. & Economic Advancement. Through our 3 Branches "Success 4 the Future" Charity Foundation 4 Kids ages 3-18; Completion College of Music, Industry & the Performing Arts & The Label, FBR, Inc. aims to find ways to change the world for the better. We hope that this site will be an outlet of good deeds for our International Society.

What to Expect? Each day, I will give a daily thought & periodically we will have interviews with various pilots of the Music, Education & Business Industries. We speak the TRUTH! So if that offends you, we apologize for the immaturity of your intellect, we hope that by indulging more into our blog you may then grow away from the surface thinking mentality that has prevented our society from growing as a whole. 

If you wish to learn more information about Forever Birth Records, Inc. (i.e.- investment procedures, employment opportunities, bookings, etc.) please email us @- if you have and questions for "The Scoop" (i.e.- you would like to write an article or advertise your charity, school event or business) please email us @-

Thank you for visiting us. Enjoy your stay & please come back again soon. Listen to the words as they speak to you without talking....This is "The Scoop", Official Newsletter of Forever Birth Records, Inc.


Reggie Hill
Forever Birth Records, Inc.
"The Scoop"
Editor in Chief

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