Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Daily THOUGHT #3 "Realizing YOUR Dreams"

Ever find yourself in a situation and wonder how in the world did I get here? Ever wake up in the middle of the night frightened out of your misery because the unenviable has met you face to face? Or maybe you just sit and wonder; gazing into that place of paradise where no one can bother you and nothing can affect you. All in all these are YOUR Dreams.

Allusions of the perfect idea or fantasy that neither Webster nor Reggie Hill have yet to find words to express, congregate in your mind and take you on a roller-coaster ride that sometimes sends trembling sensations to your knees. All while you try to muster up the courage to face this overwhelming rush…Moods of insecurity, disbelief and lack of ambition stand in your way from getting to that last scene…Just before your eyes open.

Anything is Possible =^)
But, why do we open our eyes? Why do we allow or visual sight to block what is within us. When one prays or meditates, it is usually natural and expected for them to close their eyes. Why is this? Is this some sacred reverence to a higher being because our eyes are closed? Yes and no. No because you don’t have to close your eyes to talk to the higher beings, but yes because when you do your spirit is released. “We tend to hold our spirit in for the sake of what could happen instead of releasing it and determining what will happen.” You have the ability to control a lot of things, even YOUR Dreams if you know how to.

Dreams are a collection of thoughts that are scripted based on ones situations and surroundings. When you sit and think about something, you are dreaming. When you read something, look at a picture or hear a song and you develop some pictorial image in your imagination, you are dreaming. And finally, when you reach that plateau in your life and people are willing to honor you for your work, you are dreaming. Simply because the use of your imagination was so far out there, that it touched the masses.

“Realizing YOUR Dreams” is but a simple task, if you are willing to work at it. You have to do the research and write the plan. Many times we have dreams and let them slip away from us. We have to realize that everything, even our THOUGHTS and mistakes happen for a reason. Research means that you are going to travel until you reach the source of anything that you are seeking. Planning is nothing but formulating strategically and chronologically. Once you do this, develop how you are going to get there…and regardless of what is thrown at you, keep going until you reach it.

“Realizing YOUR Dreams is not just making a dream into reality. It is recognizing that some unreal THOUGHT is running rapid in your mind.” Don’t you run from it though! Face it head on, understand it and embrace it. Once you do this, you can then determine if it is for you or against you. Dream on my people and make your Dreams a story that everyone wants to tell


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