Monday, July 18, 2011

Daily THOUGHT #41 "Where there is a WILL there is a Way"

Find YOUR WILL & Blaze Your Trail...

Happy Monday everyone! I hope that you had a wonderful weekend, mine was pretty eventful. I am really looking forward to this weekend the most though. If you are unaware, this Friday July 22, 2011, 6pm at J's Special Occasions, 5080 Meridian St., "Success 4 the Future" Charity Foundation 4 Kids ages 3-18 will be hosting the 1st "Reading is Fun...The Mental" Benefit Dinner in efforts to raise money to donate 5,000 books to kids in the community as well renovate the Councill High School building in Huntsville, AL to be used as a Student Learning Center and temporary headquarters. Tickets are $10, if you are in the area PLEASE support this worthy cause. Businesses also please contact me so we can discuss ways to advertise your company. "Where there is a WILL there is a way"

I wish people would be more willing to support the endeavors and ambitions of people like it was back in the day. It seemed like there was a desire to stand up for something. There was a reason to know the people that were around you. There was a true purpose behind being educated in something. There was a true respect for history. As time has progressed, we have begin to dismiss the simple things that gelled and held things together for the uplift of a collective people. We have moved into a market based society and technology ruled environment and because of that we relinquish our passion to be exposed to and involved with what's going on in the world.

Too many times we come up with bright ideas or speak certain things that even surprise us when it comes out of our mouths. But instead of analyzing what just happened, we kind of brush it off and shrug our shoulders to it. Think about that one situation in your life where you could have been gone, but God spared you. Imagine that same situation occurred,but he just shrugged his shoulders and let whatever was going to happen to you happen and that be it. You would be in pretty bad shape. We must treat our ideas and what we consider crazy and ironic events as God did when he spared us. If we do, the manifestation of overflow is directly around the corner.

When you have a WILL to do something, you then begin to speak the things that you need in order to make things work, and turn that dream of yours into reality. By talking to yourself and to others about your ideas, you then open the door that leads to other rooms, all pertaining to the mission and task at hand. Next time that you think of something you want to accomplish, speak it and do it with confidence and watch how results begin to prosper! Don't think to far out on this one, but it's all in the tongue!

As you tackle the heavy burdens that are destined with this thing called life, speak over and control your situations. You have the power to make things the way that they should or shouldn't be. Which will you choose? Your chance to change the world may be right before you. Remember God don't wait forever! Say today that you will have a positive week. Continue to speak it and watch how things pan out! Take Care!


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