Friday, May 27, 2011

Daily THOUGHT #5 "Follow YOUR Gut?"

UGH!!! Leave Me ALONE!!!!
LETS GO LAKERS! (clap…clap…clap, clap, clap) LETS GO LAKERS! (clap…clap…clap, clap, clap). Ok, feel like I had to say that before I started today’s Daily THOUGHT “Follow YOUR Gut?” Please pay very close attention to the question mark, that is what makes this topic of discussion what it is. Now mind you, my favorite player is still Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant is my second favorite. I am just a HUGE Phil Jackson fan. He is a life coach…Many of you will not understand that, just think about it. This is why I will follow him wherever he would go. He focuses on the mind and the mental intellect of his field. “Once you put the ultimate emphasis on the brain work of your craft, you can be the best at anything.”

Now all that to say this, it is amazing to me how each night before I write on a topic, my story comes to me right before I go to sleep, while I am sleeping or sometime late in the evening. So ironically, my THOUGHT came to me again late last night as I was watching SportsCenter right after the NBA Eastern Conference Finals game went off. Real sports fans know about this. Whenever the game goes off, we tune in right to ESPN to get the highlights, interviews, historical facts and all that other good stuff. Our mental psyche, at that time, is set on sports that’s really why we do it.

Anyways, as I was watching, one of the analysts brought up this chronological video of LeBron James. In this video it talked about how he made his decision to leave the Cleveland Cavaliers in the summer of 2010 and report for duty in Miami, for the Heat’s organization. It then went on to talk about how the Heat lost their season opener to the Boston Celtics, started off with a horrible record, had men crying in the locker room, constant altercations with the coaching staff and the list goes on and on. Now who in the world would want to leave a city where you were treated like royalty, embraced by fans with so much compassion and love, given the key to the city and pretty much allowed to do whatever you wanted to do on and off the court for all this drama? Apparently someone who said to themselves: “Follow YOUR Gut?” and then replied yes.

So many times in our lives when we get gut feelings we push them aside as if they are of no importance or because our reaction is nah, never-mind that can’t be right. Remember “When you say never-mind, you tell your mind…Never!” That’s just a little food for THOUGHT. Any who, we have to remember that everything happens for a reason. Everything that we think of, every person that we pass by on the street, all the vital people in our lives and every place that we go or end up not going to, all is for a reason. When we are surrounded with situations, we then get butterflies and have to select a pathway to take on a trying decision. “In order to make the proper decision, you must acknowledge what is a gut feeling and what is impure imagination.” Once you recognize what it is act upon it! What all could possibly happen? You win or you lose. Someone says yes or they say no. You progress or you regress. But more importantly you either lie to the world or you are true to yourself!

Now this is what LeBron James did and please understand how difficult this is for me to write about him, LAKESHOW all the way! See because LeBron James is a superstar athlete, he feels that it is necessary for him to become an NBA Champion, to prove that he is worth all the hype and maybe because he loves the game enough to want one too, but who knows with this new generation of professional athletes. He also was willing to show, like once quoted by the late Malcolm X, “by any means necessary” he would reach for his goal. But, like all of us have or will one day encounter, he was faced with an extremely tough decision. Stay in Cleveland, keep the fans happy, keep the vulture like media off his back, stop people from saying that this generation just wants the easy way out and build a legacy with his team, like such legends as Michael Jordan, Larry Bird, Magic Johnson and Kobe Bryant have done or trust his gut, travel to South Beach, Florida and make a historical move that would proceed to only the highest expectations.

Now regardless of how you feel about LeBron James or the Miami Heat, they are one step closer to their goal, winning the NBA Championship. Not to say that I believe the Heat will win the title, but because he trusted his gut, he is in position to see his dream become a reality. Now what if he would have stayed in Cleveland? Who knows what could have happened? We don’t! We can only imagine. So in your life “Follow YOUR Gut?” Yes! Don’t leave your mind in a state of shoulda, coulda, woulda’s. Think of everything thoroughly, know what happens and learn from your actions! Oh yea, Cleveland’s coach Mike Brown was fired that summer as well and now he coaches the Lakers. The past two seasons when the Lakers won back to back titles, the Mike Brown coached Cavaliers had the best regular season record in the league. Oh yea, another thing you do know that the Cavs have the #1 pick in the draft this year or did you know that the former coach of the Lakers, Pat Riley is the President of the Heat? Derrick Rose, the NBA MVP just released a commercial called 9.8 ounces, advertising his shoe. 1998 was also the last time the Chicago Bulls won the NBA Title. Just a little history and GOD working affirmation right there. “Follow YOUR Gut!” You’ll figure it out. I have faith in you! Have a wonderful weekend. Be Blessed!


Thursday, May 26, 2011

Daily THOUGHT #4 "Loving YOUR Enemies"

Mark Jackson once quoted "Trials & Tribulations are the pathways to where you wanna go!" Remember that as we discuss "Loving YOUR Enemies" today.

So many times we face situations not even knowing that we are on trial, being judged and being marked by the pen of our fellow neighbor. Too many times we create situations where we end up regretting that we made any form of contact with some of our fellow neighbors. It’s amusing to me how quickly we tend to take offense in daily circumstances simply because we are unaware of the entirety of a subject. I witness all the time people conversing on how they can’t stand “so and so”, where in actuality they only know so and so’s name, nothing else really about them! So how in the world can you determine your feelings about this person that you have never come in contact with?

This is simple because you are “Loving YOUR Enemies”….Now wait Reggie, I thought “Loving YOUR Enemies” was about showing compassion towards those who do evil to you? Well faithful reader, it is…But you know, that I like to travel around the whole world of a topic, to make you think about it. See because we feed into the gossip of the next guy we miss out on the opportunity of learning and getting to know “That Guy”, yea the guy that everyone chooses to talk about or attempt to figure out. Hmmm…

Crazy how they gossiped about Jesus and he just kept right on….Doing for the people was his aim. The ultimate aim we should have in our lives. We tend to get so caught up in the imagery and animation of some people’s stories that these stories determine how you think. When you are being controlled by the thoughts and tales of others, not only have you become weak minded, but you have also fallen in love with YOUR enemy. Now how in the world is that falling in love? Duh! Anytime that you are intrigued, moved or energized by something….you love it. It then becomes a drug like addiction and for some reason you can’t live without it. You continue to run back to it and you openly, whether you know it or not, foster and promote the horrible diseases that come from being involved with that mess.

This is YOUR Enemy because it wishes to bring harm, and bring harm in the masses. When you surround yourself in something it will eventually make hindrance in your life, if it’s not positive. The people you hang out with will eventually become you, if you have no self discipline and the ways of the world will kill if you don’t have self sympathy. Sit on that for a minute, it’ll come to you.

I once told a student who was very upset, while I was subbing, that you have life so why are you so down? She responded because she was tired of people talking about her and treating here wrong, so on and so on. Mind you this was at a middle school. This was interesting to me because to the common eye, one would see her as a good student who shouldn’t be dealing with that. But then, that’s when it really clicked with me! She is a good student, that’s why she is being tampered with affliction. See my people even little kids can be possessed by the Enemy. Think about when adults are doing positive things, there is always somebody lurking, trying to blast their imperfections or just finding some way to be un-just or spiteful. We cannot blame the people for their evil doing, if they know not what they do or from which it comes. An evidently from the way we are living, we don’t know much. We will discuss that Sunday! I told her, why are you getting bent out of shape, obviously you are doing something that has attracted their attention, which is making them focus on you and not do something with their own life! I went on to tell her; frankly you should be quite flattered! You must be really important. Thank them daily, for the desires of your heart and their inability to understand the true meaning of life should be your motivation!

We have to love regardless of who it is or regardless of what they have done to us. The great Dr. Cornel West once stated that if the United States of America had responded to 9/11 the way that Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and the majority of the blacks did during the Civil Rights, we probably wouldn’t be in half of the foolishness that we dwell in now! He also went on to say that if Blacks would have responded to racism and in-equality (i.e.- American Terrorism) the way the Bush Administration did to 9/11, then we would still be battling segregation, physically and with war like motives even in 2011. Think about that people! The wrong doing we do unto one another can cause turmoil for a lifetime. So above anything else, “Loving YOUR Enemies” can be good or bad, depending from which way you look. Just know that we are 2 care for the people of the world, even if those same people do wrong unto you!


Mature Judgement amongst Immature People...

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Daily THOUGHT #3 "Realizing YOUR Dreams"

Ever find yourself in a situation and wonder how in the world did I get here? Ever wake up in the middle of the night frightened out of your misery because the unenviable has met you face to face? Or maybe you just sit and wonder; gazing into that place of paradise where no one can bother you and nothing can affect you. All in all these are YOUR Dreams.

Allusions of the perfect idea or fantasy that neither Webster nor Reggie Hill have yet to find words to express, congregate in your mind and take you on a roller-coaster ride that sometimes sends trembling sensations to your knees. All while you try to muster up the courage to face this overwhelming rush…Moods of insecurity, disbelief and lack of ambition stand in your way from getting to that last scene…Just before your eyes open.

Anything is Possible =^)
But, why do we open our eyes? Why do we allow or visual sight to block what is within us. When one prays or meditates, it is usually natural and expected for them to close their eyes. Why is this? Is this some sacred reverence to a higher being because our eyes are closed? Yes and no. No because you don’t have to close your eyes to talk to the higher beings, but yes because when you do your spirit is released. “We tend to hold our spirit in for the sake of what could happen instead of releasing it and determining what will happen.” You have the ability to control a lot of things, even YOUR Dreams if you know how to.

Dreams are a collection of thoughts that are scripted based on ones situations and surroundings. When you sit and think about something, you are dreaming. When you read something, look at a picture or hear a song and you develop some pictorial image in your imagination, you are dreaming. And finally, when you reach that plateau in your life and people are willing to honor you for your work, you are dreaming. Simply because the use of your imagination was so far out there, that it touched the masses.

“Realizing YOUR Dreams” is but a simple task, if you are willing to work at it. You have to do the research and write the plan. Many times we have dreams and let them slip away from us. We have to realize that everything, even our THOUGHTS and mistakes happen for a reason. Research means that you are going to travel until you reach the source of anything that you are seeking. Planning is nothing but formulating strategically and chronologically. Once you do this, develop how you are going to get there…and regardless of what is thrown at you, keep going until you reach it.

“Realizing YOUR Dreams is not just making a dream into reality. It is recognizing that some unreal THOUGHT is running rapid in your mind.” Don’t you run from it though! Face it head on, understand it and embrace it. Once you do this, you can then determine if it is for you or against you. Dream on my people and make your Dreams a story that everyone wants to tell


Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Daily THOUGHT #2 "Developing YOUR Purpose!"

"Be one to live forever, while forever lives"...

“An effortless passion is like a timeless discovery…” Find that which makes you move in ways you never imagined. Come one with something that inspires you to think, live and give freely. Any feeling of expression that you would not hold back from displaying in front of the mirror let it be seen by all eyes without worry of any undeserved interrogation. Who are we to judge?

Speak freely through your walk, act freely after your talk and live freely with all those who cross your path. This means you must hold your head up high and be very confident. Follow through on your word then become interactive with your family, friends and fellow man to understand why you all have been connected together and for what Purpose. This is an inner soul Development! One must be free in spirit and personal meditation to understand this. 

When you find this inner passion, you then embark upon the God given gift that has been bestowed upon you to share with the world, YOUR Purpose! Each of us were put here to engage the people, draw the people & be a reflection of an image, that overtime, because of the society that we live in, becomes buried extremely deep within our hearts. When you find this passion, you then can begin to watch this Purpose of YOUR’s rise from the dead and stand as a weapon in the fight of Progression versus Regression, Poverty vs. Abundance, Ignorance vs. Intelligence and of course Good vs. Evil. “You having passion for something will make You develop YOUR character...” What type of character are you aiming to have?

“To be effortless is to have no worries and to know the exact path of which one wishes to travel.” Now seeing that none of us are perfect, this does not mean that once we sit down and develop our map to Glory & Manifestation that it will be laid out for us on a silver platter. This only means that we Develop a direction and know how not to go astray regardless of the temptations and distractions that may be in the way towards our destination. 

Effortlessness instills: Style, Personality, Elegance, Imagination and Humility. These are the qualities needed to “Respectfully” survive. During survival we discover many situations, circumstances, joys and moments that have us speechless because one particular scene in life has now moved from “Headline movie in the World of Dreams” to the factual experience in one’s life. A pigment of allusion becomes a state of reality. How then will we react?

“To be timeless is to have no end, to have no end is to be immortal; to be immortal is to be legendary…”  Legendary status is not achieved by sitting around and waiting for things to happen. To become legendary means that you are willing to devote your time and effort to a cause that will leave an everlasting impact. It then becomes the decision; is this for you or for everybody? “There is nothing on this Earth that we can do alone, but die!” So I suggest we start thinking collectively if we want the in between time until then to be Productive and Peaceful. 

Develop YOUR Purpose that you may live happily and with NO regrets! Develop YOUR Purpose that you may serve as an inspiration to others, because regardless if you think so or not somebody is looking up to you! Develop YOUR Purpose, so that you can say you contributed to the betterment of our International Society. And please be very aware of the drug selfishness. Once you get a taste of that it may be hard for you to fully Develop YOUR Purpose cause you won’t share with anyone. If you don’t share with those before and after you, how will you know where you are going? Think about it. I end today the same way I started. “An effortless passion is like a timeless discovery…” When you find something that you can do effortlessly and you are very passionate about it, embrace it because that is your gift to the world! Once you free your mind to live with this passion, YOUR Purpose now becomes an Immortal Discovery!


Monday, May 23, 2011

Daily THOUGHT #1 - Cherish YOUR Day!!!

As I pondered in my head just before I woke up, my mind was debating on what to choose as my first Daily Thought. Just before I opened my eyes it’s like something just clicked and said discuss how wonderful the day is when we come into the world. My confirmation was the fact that at the moment I made this decision, mentally I may add; I woke up at 10:22 am. For those of you who are not familiar with me, October 22 is MY Birthday. Later this week I will write about signs, tests & affirmations, you definitely want your face in the place for that.

Any who, we must learn to remain in celebrative spirits everyday of our lives just as we celebrate and engage festively on our Birthday. For too long in society we have placed certain emphasis on the wrong things. By us placing these emphases and accepting the results, we then force ourselves to dwell in and deal with circumstances which may not be pleasing to us. We must remember our child like motives and ways of expression. We must indulge in the happiness of life verses settling for the faults and wrong doings of our International Society.
We each were given life that we would give life & lead a flock. But, when we allow distractions to cover our eyes, we find ourselves worrying about pointless things and settling for a surface thinking mentality. We must expand our horizons, just as we wish to expand our list of activities on the day that we are born. That birthday of yours is extremely special.

As you grow older you should come to realization that for a purpose, you were put here. Each of us is made in the image of the Creator. When we choose to go astray from what is on our hearts we are then tempted by the ways of the world. Amazingly, that same creator is like the parents we are blessed to have on this earth, forgiving & just-full. We must however, make sure that we don’t abuse our privilege of life with the ways of man.

Cherish Your Day, for it is special. Cherish Your Day, for there is only one You! You are just like the day on which you came, each year it comes and each year it goes, never to be seen again once it passes. Your life is the same way. No one else will live the life that you lived, face the trials & tribulations that you faced nor will anyone else leave the impression that you leave on the world. 

Make your birthday a day of importance. Cherish the life that you have because it is for a reason. Give onto others that they may also appreciate the day you came into the world. Live festively all days as we celebrate also, the life of others. And finally, live your life from your first day until your last, in a manner that even when you are dead and gone, your life will still live on in the lives of others!
Find that baby like JOY in YOUR Life...


Sunday, May 22, 2011



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