Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Daily THOUGHT #6 "School DAYS"

Wake up! Those were the words that are most reflected upon when watching the movie “School Days” (School Daze) directed by Spike Lee. For those of us who are familiar with this movie, we recall when the character Dap, played by Laurence Fishburne repeatedly screamed at the top of his lungs this very phrase, wake up! Trying to get his people to see a bigger picture, but was he too, blinded by his own personality? Why is it that we have to return back to one way of living as a people? Why can’t we allow ourselves to embrace all forms of living? Now I do feel what the Brother Man is saying, “If it endorses the campaign of equality and service and not the politic of self understanding or self righteousness.” We too commonly disregard those that we call Leader, simply because of some flashy saying, some form of a societal allegiance, or their ability to instill fear in those who are guided. All of this starts with the school…

Sunday School is the first place that something of this nature should be observed. Now what exactly are we observing Reggie? Well my friend, we want to acknowledge the role of a leader in a childes life from a tender age and determine what examples of their leadership will form the foundation of the childes future and becoming character. Yea, a lot! Now this is truly untested until grade school starts. Sure enough you have to try very hard, as a child, to keep still in church, but it also clicks in your head for a long enough moment that “wait nobody else is acting a fool so let me chill out too” feeling. And sometimes, in life you need those. These are the feelings that keep us from falling flat on our faces in several situations. However when one enters grade school, this whole “everybody is being good” atmosphere is thrown completely out the window with no concern of its return or existence.

Now here is the test! Can you take these same tactics and control your flesh in these new circumstances? Yes this is where all that “home training” comes in. We must also understand that this home training is more than just what you get at the house. You do know that your home is not here right…? Talk about that later. Our homes are first with family, the community and our church. This is what you must carry with you when you go out into the world! Now when you face the temptations to act in anger or unjust ways, you have something to recollect. I find it funny that our Leaders yell at the people and do not expect the people to yell back. Let’s look at society. Leaders- “We are cutting back on jobs, taxes and gas will be higher than ever, schools won’t have the equipment needed and oh yea the judicial system will treat you as they feel, not necessarily according to what is right!” People- “Well I guess it’s time to round up the gang, make a few robberies, sale a lot of drugs, commit some murders, drop out of school and go get pregnant!” Nothing else should be expected! I like to call that the “dumb double” you tell me something dumb and my response will be dumber, something like the example I just gave. “You get what you give”!

“School DAYS” should be way more than this. But what are we doing to put adventure in the lives of the children? In one of my previous blogs, I mentioned how everyone has some purpose (Developing YOUR Purpose) and how this should be passed on to someone else. “School DAYS” are about making learning fun and exciting and making the expansion of the brain accepted and admired. We are all children of something until we are gone. Why not add as many schools as possible under your belt. What are schools? “Schools are simply a place where you learn and work with others.” So this includes fine arts, athletics, social clubs, honor societies, camps, parties, movies, concerts, interns, jobs, friends, mates and enemies. I told you, we are all children and now you see how we are always in school.

Somebody was smart enough to invent a notebook, a camera, a telephone a computer and several other things. Use them and continue to make “School DAYS”. Yes! Create opportunities that are before you, by being able and willing to learn. I like to tell my students all the time, something that Mr. Wesley used to tell us. “You got two ears and one mouth; listen more and talk less!” Put yourself in those situations, where you will have to listen to something. But only do this if you are then allowed to think and dialogue about the matter. Take pictures of great moments. The memories will help you in the future. Don’t lose contact with the people you started with; they were the ones with you when you had nothing. Just have fun! Find something that you enjoy and let it be your escape from the world. Because this is your image, think about that.

I close as I finished. Wake up! “School DAYS” are all around us at all times. You are always learning something. Apply your “Daily THOUGHT” process to everything that you do and see and things will get better. Speak to somebody and learn together. We have all the power to change whatever we want to. Let’s do it! Get out and do something soon, so you can experience a class that you would have never learned about. When you got that feeling to say something, don’t hold it in, because at that very moment you may be becoming a teacher for someone and you not even realize it. Live your “School DAYS” free so that one day you can be freed. Class is always in session, so be sure you find ways to remember everything you ever learned.


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