Thursday, May 3, 2012

Daily THOUGHT #86 "Unleashing"

"Pass the word to those around you. When the word is good you will hear good things in return..."

Hello there my people! How goes it? Things go well with me. There are spirits in the atmosphere, but I believe that I am ready to embrace them. I've gained certain tools from life's lessons, have I not? I've pretty much mastered the art of analyzation. Or have I?

You know the enemy (any adversary to the mission at hand) is constantly or better yet always building an army of many names. Some people, so blind to surroundings become an announcement during roll call. Has your name been called and you been marked present in the midst of these situations? Have you ever observed when you've been the spokesperson or the one taking roll?

"Humans have a tendency to create their own levels of which they feel all forms of understanding; courtesy and respect go out of the window. Not realizing, by breaking procedure in certain environments one creates consequences that snowball negativity. With this new atmosphere chaos is only temporarily un-present."

I look at my people (persons of many origins) and laugh at how far off we are from realization of what is behind, in front of and before us! Why laugh, do I!? Well it's simple... There is nothing else that can be done... in attempts to remain peaceful and positive of course. If you don't chuckle, you will lose sensibility. My people will push you!

I wish we'd use our several attributes and create conclusions and solutions that produce advancement, longevity, tradition, respect and intelligence. Fear of acceptance halts several demonstrations, but we must soon disregard that attitude or expect to continue suffering emotionally and physically.

"Why not challenge yourself to unleash who you are, not what you are!?" Many times we get so complacent and habitual in mannerisms that we create a persona that is not necessarily beneficial to our various opportunities and abilities. "We must remember to cultivate our gifts regardless of our surroundings... When this is done, the snowball effect is now in your hand and with sincerity and humility, any true desire is maintainable!"

I challenge us to unleash that which truly is inside of us. But you must recognize, before you begin "Unleashing", you must understand what is behind, in front of and possibly before your life. "Every situation is the Preamble to a new path in your life. Develop a pattern which displays how you want to be remembered."

I think I'll talk tomorrow about "How We Place Our Shoes"... Good day my people! Peace, I wish for you...


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