Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Daily THOUGHT #85 "Puzzling Appointments"

"Some journies are meant to be blindfolded"

Well it's my planning period, so I guess I'll take the time to write the world today! Hello world! How are you? I am doing very well I must say. I'm just walking through mazes, stimulated by the daily affirmations of thoughts amogst my life. What's going on in the world, other than opportunity to experience the scripting of that which we call life right?

Today I want to focus on "Puzzling Appointments". Have you ever wondered why situations seem to fall directly in place when your imagination is trigured in on the matters of the present time? This is viewed by most as coincidence... You think of something, and then it or something relative comes to pass. This indeed, is not a mistake, but a privilege for one to take advantage of the art of intuitive expression. "We are given pathways to various destinations daily. How we respond determines the direction we go and how long it will take to get there."

If you are fortunate enough in life, you will be exposed to the importance of everyone that you see on a daily basis. Several times we as humans, get so wound up in the atmosphere that we deviate from the purpose of our presence in that particular environment. It is an understatement to say "everything happens for a reason"... "Timing isn't everything, but everything is timing" We must remember that as we travel our various journies.

Many people wonder why they miss appointments, forget obligations, show up late to important events and come up short when anticipating something excellent as an outcome for a situation. This is nothing to necessarily panic about or search out rocket scientists for. This is something that is tackled with simple preparation and initiative. Each day there will be obstacles placed in the pathway of our goals and desires. These are not there to hender you pursay, but they can if you let them. Humans must come to a realization that our plans are mere humor to the makings of mother nature and all that she inhabits.

We are surrounded daily by energies and preceptions that create the areas of which we live. We you say something, it opens opportunity for that thought to manifest. Humans must realize, sooner than later, that the tongue is indeed the most powerful instrument on the body and with it we control life, death, positivity and negativity.

As you go forth in your life recognize that we are placed near the desires of heart all the time, even in moments that seem the most troubling to us. "When we are able to dig deep enough to find humilty above the circumstance and integrity above temptation, we then are in route to tenured success!" Be the one that stands firm when strong winds are blowing and the one that stands out while others are fitting in. You never know where you are even when you've been there before. Allusions in life are sometimes distractions to make us miss the bigger picture. Be able to know when you are in line with destiny. Be able to take advantage of your "Puzzling Appointments"... You may find that your piece of the puzzle fits perfectly with the piece that is right there next to you! Everything thing is for a reason! Have a great day my people! Peace...


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