Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Daily THOUGHT #91 "Give Me More!"

"If all your knowledge is received, instead of being gained or observed, your life will bring debts you could never imagine"

Greetings my people! How are you? I hope that all is well with everyone. It's Tuesday, so I know as things are starting to unveil you are preparing more and more for the end of the week. Be patient in your endeavors and all will pass before you know it. Take this time to get organized and place your priorities where they belong. This will qualify you for an all expense paid, productive week. The rest will solely be on your interpretation of and reaction to circumstances that may come your way.

So tell me this... when is too late? When do you feel is time to let things go? When must you pull the leash and take away any forms of freedom? These are questions that run through the minds of spouses, parents, teachers, employers, friends and even our enemies. "We as humans tend to put so much faith or confidence in the hands of others, to the point we over extend our expectations." Think about a love of your life that seemed to be perfect the moment that you laid eyes on that person... there could be no better match huh? Well everything seemed to be that way until you truly learned the ways of this individual. Then of course these feelings quickly and drastically transformed.

Those who are pet owners, particularly those with a dog, are familiar with walking their animal periodically. Usually, unless it's in some open field or vacant area of some sort, the owner will use a leash. "The use of the leash is simple symbolism of how much margin of freedom one should have and the power to take away that same right at anytime." When we encompass our emotions and allow them to direct our paths, we sometimes become too lenient or over protective with our ideas. When there is no balance of forces, this creates various altercations that will either end up in our favor or prelude to our doom.

Now don't let these words stir you up too much, because what we must realize is the control of our situations is in our hands. If humans would ever come to this realization, then the desire to be given something all the time will gradually descend. I like to refer to a phrase called "spoon feeding" all the time when I speak with young people. I inform them each time, that this is something I will not do for them regardless of the circumstance. Some may think that I'm not to nice because of this, but those who are wise about life completely understand.

The world from the beginning of time has been made up of individuals who determined there destiny by going out and getting something. The risk takers are the individuals that humans read about in class or during personal general study. Those who were brave enough to embrace their ideas with ambition and to chase their dreams with enthusiasm and determination are those who are remembered for lifetimes. How do you want to be remembered in life? These are questions we must ask before we take action... with anything. Pure laziness would be an understatement if used to describe the overall personality of our people.

"We have become lazy in our traditions, our customs, our standards, our efforts, our beliefs, our study habits, our methods of teaching, our advising, our communicating and our loving." So many times the source of all our daily encounters are developed from a desire or love, attention and acceptance. We have become programmed to believe that being given something is a form of deserved love. True enough we should always give in regards of expressing appreciation and genuine concern for another person, but we should not expect things in life to be handed to us. Many times we have the tools, but we choose not to build... we have the information, but we choose not to read... or more so often we have the vision, but we choose to remain in solitude.

The challenge, what humans must realize, is not the incidents that occur daily... but life in itself. Life is designed to confuse and mislead us. Earth has become a domain of individual ratifications and stipulations. Because of our natural rebellious intuition, it still remains difficult for guidelines and principles to remain overtime, as individuals often find themselves eager for change. My challenge for you this week is an easy one. Find more ways to provide for yourself. Find more discipline in yourself that will guide your steps of preparation.

I am very confident that my people will soon be back on track to living peacefully and prosperously... but it will take the efforts of all individuals. "What we speak is what we endure.. What we endure is what we allow... What we allow is who we are!" Who are you? Have a great day! Speak to someone you don't know...


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