Friday, May 11, 2012

Daily THOUGHT #88 "Why So Serious?"

"Being a Joker with everything in your life is not always the best thing to do!"

Plagued by the ignorance of the fallen community... Shaken by the strong hand of a plotting society... Ignored by the emotions of the crying child... I often imagine if the current generation of youth will wake up and understand the constant movements of regression we take daily as we live out this obstacle called life. I wonder where does their anger stem from, for them to be so young? I ponder where they wish to exploit their energies.

It seems as if the true responsibilities of life are distant in the minds of our youth. Gradually granted forms of freedom, only to be misused and held in no high regard, are facets of tradition and opportunity that we as an international body have lost. Over and over again we find ourselves replaying the slave mentalities that Black's had to endure centuries ago. "Only this time the shackles aren't on our ankles or hands, but around our minds and hearts." We become so closed minded to the positivity of life that we never recognize those things that are good, letting them just pass us by.

We place so much focus on the ideas of others... longing for acceptance, yearning for approval and hoping for love! Do we really hope for love however? If we did, we wouldn't avoid it when it appeared before us. Humans have the tendency to create their own definitions of what things represent. Therefore when time comes to absorb a meaning of something (i.e. what love may have truly been for that situation), we miss it because it fails to meet or agree with our personal criteria. "Why So Serious?"

Does life take all your time away so that you can't relax and let go of your worries? Do you ever feel as if circumstances are just sequentially becoming overwhelming? Well of course you should... if you don't understand the elements of balance. One must be able to delegate personal tasks, just as a principal delegates daily expectations to his staff. "We have so much control over the tests of the world, but we have to remove ourselves from fear if we are to prevail."

Many people frown at the trial of having multiple options when faced with trying dilemmas or even the movie to watch or what restaurant to eat at. "Why So Serious?" Why not embrace the multiple choices of the world while you can?

I long for a time where my people will be serious about things. I pray daily that my people would be able to know their place in the overall master plan. By knowing so, we are then able to walk in directions that are not only benefiting to us individually, but also collectively. "You are not truly accomplished until you have served as a benefactor for others!" By becoming selfless in thought and action, you become extraordinarily beneficial in the lives of many.

As you go into the weekend, let your mind be free. While you are free, explore all the things that you can and be of assistance to someone, even if it's just a smile or hello. I wish you well. I hope that you will be safe. I pray that you will get serious, regardless what may be your endeavor! Peace...


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