Monday, May 14, 2012

Daily THOUGHT #89 "Our 2 Cents"

"The simplicity of given worth is sometimes the folly of understanding true value..."

Hello there world. I hope that all is well with everyone. I pray that all Mothers are recapping an amazing Mother's Day weekend. I also pray that all families are still taking the time to give the deserved praise which all great Mothers should have. This, just as any other monumental holiday which calls us to give reverence to a particular entity on a particular day, should be celebrated at all times, year round... not just on the day man decided to make it annual. "Show love to others all time that you can. This is indeed a mission of worth."

I am so thankful to have a Mother like the one I have. She serves as an ear, a comforter and a guiding light in some of the darkest periods of my life. I am so grateful for her "2 cents" that she shares with me whenever we communicate. Today however, I want to take a different outlook on the terminology "Our 2 Cents". Do you ever find yourself in position to take control of a seems like the right thing to do but you eventually find out there's nothing right about it at all!

Let's take superstar athletes for example. When these individuals are placed in situations where someone must come up with the big play or someone must lead the team from defeat to victory or when their is a powerful message needing delivery... but the coach can't give it, it becomes the nature and instinct of the superstar to take control and offer his "2 cents". If it works out, the person is praised and placed on a level where such abilities are always expected... but indeed we are human.

Many times in life we fail at the big moments, not because it wasn't meant to happen, but because we were not prepared for the opportunity. "We gather our lives and forget to gather our surroundings." Many times we are placed exactly where we need to be, but because we are in search of our own understandings of understanding... (yes, take some time and think about that) we tend to miss the forest from the trees. I wish my people would gather a desire to observe. With observation, one can conduct research and with research one is able to produce statements and formulas that lead to solutions.

All in all, everyday of life is structured for the human to find solutions to all occurrences that are presented on a daily basis. Life in turn, trickles various understandings to multiple people at many different times. Those who are like minded, usually are determining the same solutions, for similar situations around the same time. With this in mind, we should truly be able to figure out our purpose, as well help our fellow man in determining theirs.

As you go about your daily activities, don't get so caught up in trying to figure everything out, that you miss the things that are right there in front of you. So many times we find ourselves angry at someone else because for some reason, some person always has something to say in regards to what we are wishing to do individually. I like to call those kind: passenger seat drivers. They always seem to have all the answers. Some days, we do the same thing to ourselves. Everything we need to know will be placed before us, but because of our own personal emotions or misinterpretations, we suffer.

Examine, examine, examine and make a decision that will have a long lasting positive effect. Consider any and everything of a situation before coming to a conclusion. When the only person you consider is yourself, you will reap all ends of a matter... both good and bad! When you make decisions based on the wellness of every entity involved, you prepare much deserved prosperity in your life. Seek things that are worthwhile. Have a great week. Speak to someone you don't know! Peace...


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