Thursday, May 10, 2012

Daily THOUGHT #87 "Sustaining the Rebuttal"

"The world hears your heart even when you believe no one is listening...So don't beat yourself up when life absorbs the mannerisms of the world... Be patient in your endeavors, but steadfast in your ambitions!"

Hello there world! How are you? I am well, steady doing the usual, trying to survive this life one day and one situation at a time. The school year is winding down, so emotions are high, energy is sometimes being misused and individuals are expressing themselves in manners that are not necessarily appropriate for the expected scholastic atmosphere but fortunately, the time is passing by pretty swiftly. What are you doing as we grow closer to summer's season. I am very excited.

Many times I find myself going to restaurants or places where there is employee and customer react, and the service is not always that great. Now I do keep in mind, unlike most people that there are things that can happen, that will happen and sometimes are happening right then that we have no clue on... and this causes an employee to display a certain negative demeanor. This is not to serve as an excuse, but to blueprint some form of understanding. I myself, personally believe that whatever occupation one pursues, should be not only representing of the style one wishes to live but also, a rib to that persons life.

"When we choose professions that balance our personalities and emotions, we are indeed in route to success." With a clear objective, no obstacle will hold forever. Life has its ways of presenting tribulation, but he who withstands is surely granted a worthwhile reward. I admire those are able to be humble even when denied deserving opportunities. So many times in life we see the good person having to suffer and the not so good person, prevailing in all situations and living a lavish materialistic life. I too am one who has a fancy for different valuables, but I am also loyal to that which is truly important in life.

Ever feel like everything you plan just won't work out? Ever actually took the time to map out your goals and desires for a particular time period, and as you attempted to check off your list, more and more situations and tasks seemed to appear? I know I have. I think about my Great Aunt who tells me all the time how she will go to the store to pick up two or three items at max and then leaves out with a basket full of groceries. She chuckles because she knows that her intentions are not always carried through as expected.

When this happens to us in life do we chuckle or do we frown up? When we make plans and these plans create their own path how do we respond? Any wise man knows that the enemy is forever lurking when positivity is brewing. Because the enemy knows us and others so well, the enemy will place us in situations that will not only take us off topic, but instill anger where we were peaceful. Sometime in life things will appear from your plans and turn out better than you would have possibly imagined, but when this rare instance is obsolete and turmoil is around the corner how do you react and how do you survive?

Stand firm in your beliefs and remain committed to your desires and responsibilities. Times will come where you will believe that there is nothing that will go right and your ideas have no purpose. When these tests make themselves evident, prove yourself worthy by "Sustaining the Rebuttal" life attempts to throw at you. by continuing to push forward you eventually will stumble upon that lighted path needed to place you in the right direction. Speak to someone you don't know today... and when life tells you no, you just say OK, because eventually you will be strong and wise enough to tell life how things will be. Think about that! Peace...


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