Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Daily THOUGHT #90 "Words of Wisdom"

"A wise man not only carries wisdom wherever he goes, but he also shares it with whomever he knows..."

Greetings my people! Happy Tuesday to you! How is life treating you? I hope that things are well on your end. "Things are definitely on the up and up for me at this time... not because I have received everything that I desire, but because I know that great things are in store to those who walk accordingly, and I am completely focused on doing just that." The path we choose to walk is filled with various options of adventure, the longer we walk, the more we discover.

Over the past few months, I have really had an opportunity to watch and observe the mannerisms of human behavior. The human is first influenced by inner emotions. These emotions are derived from the personal experiences of home and family initially. "How one is loved and nurtured is vital in the understanding of our purpose in life." Although we each are made to independently complete a mission while here on earth, we still survive only when we are instructed by valuable resources.

The home, though rarely analyzed, is a representation of many situations. The human feels it necessary to be free in the place of residence. As one grows in age, there are various principles and methods that are adopted while building character, discipline and assertiveness. These same traits are expected to be displayed in all circumstances that may occur while at home. Why do we embrace so many persona's in life? Especially at a young age, but even as adults... we sacrifice so may things for the idea of having a happy home, whereas when we are off doing things that are more personal or that may pertain to our individual goals, we break those barriers of solitude and selflessness for the acceptance of our personalities.

"Knowing when something should be done is nothing compared to doing something you know needs to be done when no one else is willing to do it." Discipline is more than being quiet when you are at an assembly... Discipline is a craft, your craft! Discipline is a self awareness of all surroundings whether physical, mental or spiritual. Those who are able to encompass all three elements will truly be happy with their days.

Smiles are hard to come by nowadays. Seems as if everybody is suffering from something, not knowing how to manage... Was there ever a time or will there be a time again when people are comfortable enough to live life together? "When we all absorb the actions of mother nature, it makes it much easier for us to cope with the dealings of life." John F. Kennedy arguably had the chance to be known indisputably as the best President of the United States of America in history. If it had not been for the selfishness of one particular individual who felt he was worthy enough to end another man's life, citizens of our country would have witnessed this act of miraculousness. "We always seem to want, to have the great things in life, but when they are right before our eyes, we turn to darkness instead of visualizing light!"

Today, my "Words of Wisdom" are very simple. We never know the impact that we have on the lives of others. We never truly know who is watching every move that we decide to make. We never know who is actually listening to what we have to say when there is complete chaos in our surroundings. We never know who is actually moved by what we consider to be our normal personality. With that being known, who will you be for the world to see? Saying hello or serving as an ear alone, sometimes makes the world of a difference. "Be the image that makes life better, not a reflection of an image that makes life worse!" Peace...


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