Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Daily THOUGHT #84 "State of the Union Address (MY WAY)!!!"

"Have the courage to stand before even the most prestigious of people and advise them in ways of change...If indeed it is for the better. Stand firm on your beliefs regardless what man says..."

Hello there everyone! How are you this fine Tuesday? I am well, seeing that I am alive...that's about it though. I wanna get back in school, but financially I don't know if that is going to be feasible at the moment, well at least not where I want to go. The school system I currently work for has been sending my money to the wrong account. I've been waiting on something in the mail for about two weeks now, it still isn't here and the sender has no idea what could have happened to it. This Alabama judicial system has about pinched my last nerve and just my plans in general are not coming together as swiftly as I anticipated. I know that this is a life test for me, as well I know that things will soon get better, but I mean goodness...When is enough enough?

I guess that's why it was so easy for me to decide what I wanted to blog about today. I have began to space my posts out, in attempt to present a more detailed topic of discussion each time that I write. If you have not taken the time to read the previous blogs, I suggest that you do so. I guarantee that you will find something that will be life changing for you, but don't just take my word for it. Experience the manifestation for yourself. Today I will do my best to bring forth various issues that are causing turmoil for our international society and ways we should attempt to improve.

The term union has so many different meanings and interpretations...Some include the foe of the Confederacy, a recreational site on a collegiate campus, sexual intercourse, a relief for the poor in Great Britain or simply known as the act of uniting. Today in the "State of the Union Address (MY WAY)!!!" I want to tackle issues that alter the union of civilization. There is so much that distracts us from doing what we need to do. How do we overcome this? How do we prevent this from cycling? Is it possible to avoid the negativity?

To all nations I challenge you to be selfless enough to understand the foundational development of your peers and neighboring siblings, whether they be minutes, hours or even days away. "Friends will never thoroughly understand one another until they have evaluated and realized the background of that particular individual of which they socialize with." A man that wishes to pursue a woman will need to know the developmental cycle of that species if he wishes to be successful. If he doesn't know the things that make a woman tick or if he doesn't pay attention to the little things that make the woman smile, his experience will not end in his anticipated results.

Overtime woman has sought after independence where man has sought after the chance to provide and lead. Society however has revamped these efforts with technology, marketing, political scheming, judicial ideologies and just the lack of love from person to person in general. Why is this? Will we ever see the days again where people can leave there front doors open in none gated communities? Will we ever see the days where police officers don't have to be stationed in the public school again? Will we ever see the day where the judicial system focuses on the harm of things done against people and to neighborhoods versus a judicial system that focuses on out dated written documents to govern a modernized people? How long will we have to wait for the perfect person? Do we stand a chance in seeing another 100 years as a population?

Easily said, the choice is all up to us. Amazingly I watched an episode of Family Guy last night that was set in 1984. Peter asked Death if he could go back in time when he was 18 and when he did, he was able to appear to others as the Peter of that time, but mentally and physically for himself he was the present day individual. While back in time, he did somethings different from that which he did back then. With this alteration, when he returned to present day, he was no longer married to Lois and Al Gore was President. Of course you know Family Guy used this chance to tell how differently things would have been and how much better our society and the world as a whole would be now had Gore been elected. People make the difference. Peter was granted the opportunity to go back to 1984 again and re-right the wrongs he had committed. Because of his human nature it took him several times to do what he needed to do, only ending in violence because he screwed up so often. Sounds like us today huh?

My fellow citizens if I could go back in time, I would go all the way back to Adam and Eve, at the moment when Eve was approached by the serpent. I would have advised her to think differently and left. How do you think the world would be now...You think we'd view our friends and enemies the way we do? Would poverty even exist? Would someone have came a long later and still screwed things up again? We don't know but again, we do know that now it is up to us!

Until we have a strong enough judicial system to stand against violence, robberies and murders the same way they exert all possible energy to stand against traffic tickets, marijuana possession and our own personal living patterns, we will continue to suffer in the streets which will climax with suffering in the household. I challenge officers and judges to stand for something more than a quota! My last post broke down exactly how a school should be ran. There is no reason for police security to be in a public educational facility. I challenge students to have self-discipline and conduct themselves in orderly, productive manners. We all know that the perfect person does not exist...but all people can be respectful. "When you are able to give respect even to your adapted enemy, you are truly in route of the perfect heart!"

Keep that last quote close to you and you will go far! We each have ways that we can adjust to make the overall picture better, let's do it. Be sure that you tune in tonight 9/8central to any major network as President Obama gives the annual "State of the Union Address". Whether you are a supporter or not, you need to be aware of what's going on in the country as well...You need to know his plan to move forward. Will he attack GOP candidates tonight? Will he stick to the current issues at hand? Will he finally put Congress in their place? A lot has to go on tonight.  This is an election year. Let's make our voice heard so that we will be better on track to improve the conditions that we live in. Speak to someone you don't know. Peace...


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