Monday, November 7, 2011

Daily THOUGHT #71 "Huge Decisions"

"All of your ideas are there for a reason...You just have to learn how to order your steps!"

Happy Monday everybody! How are you this fine November day...? I am doing pretty well, I just got back from New Orleans...about 5 hours ago, 0_o ...right! I'm extremely rested though and for the first time in a long time I'm mentally motivated. So many times we come up with the brightest ideas, but we have trouble figuring out how to make it over those unseen and the extremely large visible hurdles. "The THOUGHT of having patience is something that will temporarily be beneficial to you and your mental psyche, but is that not just another way of one having to wait to accomplish or receive something?" That's how I look at it.

Ever since I have started assisting at J.O. Johnson High School, it has been nothing less than entertaining. There is something that works me up hysterically every evening =^). None the less though, the most important thing I have been exposed to is the current high school society. Reggie what do you mean by high school society? Well my friend it's simple...The environment, the atmosphere, the kids, the parents, events, activities, opportunities and actions in the realm of a high school, all contribute to forming the high school society. The world, America especially, is comprised of so many micro societies. One who is able to adjust in a sporadic form of exposure is indeed crafty, but is that serving any purpose?

Sometimes we will be faced with challenges that will indeed make us desire to leave an environment entirely all together. Because of our personal views, pressure buttons ( or things that work our temper), energies from those certain irritating people and the speed of progress and purpose or lack there of maybe..."We be ready to go". I like to believe that everyone is placed in every situation for a reason. Any of my regular viewers know that this perception is very dear to me. What we have to realize as citizens, is which role do we play? In life there is the initiator, the receiver, the disputer, the supporter and the non-partisan that will budge based on sufficient persuasion. With each decision, it is important that each of those people be in consideration of the other in order to move forward in a positive direction.

It's amazing to me how life will present a person with an opportunity to really shine, be successful and well known by the people. When this opportunity arrives, one of three things will happen. Either a person will turn down the opportunity and travel in a different directional path all together, a person will either find a way to get everything done while involving others...or finally, a person will take total advantage of this opportunity but in a self-righteous manner...Not saying that it is wrong to turn down things that come your way, because sometimes that's the best decision...but for a person to be the opposite of selfless when a break through chance comes about, then one's character is truly defined.

As we examine our talents and intelligence, it becomes rather easy for us to know what it is that we need to be doing in the world. The thing that we must always reflect on is how we got there. Someone took the time to prepare us for the future of our endeavors or some situation gave us the motivation to pursue our ideas. How will you face the challenge of being in life's mirror? When you see your chance to be a bridge builder for another individual what actions will you take? Too often we don't think about the aftermath of a situation and how it will be beneficial or non-beneficial, simply because we become socially indecisive. When we allow the idea of being approved by others to enter our brain, it is then when we begin to loose focus with the task at hand. How many times has this happened in your life?

Something they used to say in the church all the time, back at home, was "Time is winding up...Will you be ready?" Take a second and ask yourself that. Each day we have to decide if we will get out of the bed or sleep a little while longer. We have the choice of breakfast or not eating anything at all the entire day. We see missed calls and messages, we have an opportunity to return those or disregard them as if they don't even exist...and at some point in life you will be faced with the decision of determining, realizing and understanding what time has in store for you! When this decision comes you will more than likely be faced with the choice of doing something that you really enjoy and will get you all the materialistic things and exposure you could never even imagine or doing something that you love deep down inside, that may not have the best benefits right off, but because you are genuinely being of great contribution to others...Doors will open and you will be amazed on levels never expected. Go back and read this again and think about that.

I am so blessed to see things when I see them. Now, as one of my twitter followers told me, everything that I want to do is in my hands. My effort, enthusiasm and faith will determine if I'll get there and how long it will take. We are faced with "Huge Decisions" everyday...Don't let this be something that slows you down from daily progress. Look at the challenge as nothing but a workout. In the early stages, when you go workout the idea is to push yourself to the limit of not being able to go anymore. From this point you will be able to increase the workout regime as well the intensity level. Look at life's decisions the same way. With an open mind and belief in prosperity, tasks that one day seemed to be the most difficult ever will be nothing to handle. As I work on this myself, I encourage you to procrastinate less and take action more. From now on, look that those "Huge Decisions" in the eye and let them know who is in control. Consider the effect it will have on others and watch how positive things will be in your life. Have a great week! Speak to someone you don't know. Peace!


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