Sunday, November 6, 2011

Sunday Reflection #7 "COMING HOME"

"The glory of life alone should be enough for one to Spring Forward..."

Greetings my people! How are you? I hope that all is well with everyone. I am doing pretty well myself, just bringing closure to an amazing AAMU Homecoming experience. It was so great to be amongst my Bulldog Family. We had a great time and reflected on some amazing memories. Those of you who have been following my blog know that this was the first year that I wasn't marching in the band, so to be in the stands as a fan is a whole different perception. You recognize so much more and you are exposed to things that you never even imagined would happen. I thank God for that opportunity. I met some great people and shared some everlasting memories.

Today I want to focus on "COMING HOME". Any of my MMW members who may read this know the familiar saying that we chant during Homecoming week. This reflection will be quite similar to that, in a sense. As I walked the on campus and downtown Homecoming parade with J.O. Johnson High School, I saw so many signs and so many people that were influential in my current life movement. To observe the entire atmosphere was overwhelming and to feel the energy that was around me was very interesting. God will use some of the most simple things to tell us about life. If you take the time to actually view what he is trying to tell you, you may find yourself discovering the answers to the questions that have had you stumped for sometime now.

So I went to New Orleans this weekend for a gig and let me tell you it has shown me so much. This was a homecoming for the person I rode with, so it's only fitting that I mentioned it. When you go home it gives you an opportunity to reflect upon the teachings and experiences that made you who you are before venturing off into your own patterns. Seeing old faces and visiting old places allows the fire to be re-lit or blown up some more when these connections are made. You never know when you are playing the role of narrator when surrounded by or interacting with other individuals.

He will take the actions on someone else to show us what's going on in our own lives. Yesterday I watched two people walk to the same spot but from different locations. From where I was positioned, I could see the both of them, but they couldn't see each other. When they reached the same spot, the young lady tripped over a wooden frame and fell right into a young man who then was forced into the glass fire extinguisher case that was directly behind him. If he had not been there, at the exact moment that she had arrived, she would have went through the glass case, that's how intense her fall was. Look at God! He actually does this with us all the time

By "COMING HOME", you come to your senses. Whether things are what you want them to be or if the experience is something that you really didn't want to endure, it lets you know how things in life truly are. As we get older we begin to develop different interpretations of the way things should go. As we surround ourselves with various people we begin to indulge in certain activities as well habits that create our lifestyle. Though you may begin at home, in due time you will leave the nest and branch off to your own individual things. When this is done and you return home, you will then compare what you learned there to what you learned wherever you are currently. How does this impact your life? How does this make you viewed amongst the people that you began everything with? What do you do to pay homage to what you've learned from both experiences?

Life has such a funny way of informing us how the world is. Now the hard part is us being able to differentiate a distraction from the enemy and a message from God. As time progresses as it will, things will become more identifiable to you. Once this takes place, you must ensure that you are acting upon what is before you instead of letting opportunities pass you by. It's so simple to be complacent and un-enthused with the matters of the world. It's even easier to allow someone else to deal with situations, that may be difficult, even when you know that you could be of assistance. Why are we so hesitant to act on our intuitions? Why do we feel it's not our responsibility to care and look out for one another?

"COMING HOME" is a mental state of being. When you first enter the earth all you really have is your eyes and a brain that is waiting to absorb like a sponge. Your surroundings create your first impression of how the world will truly be...You have the hardest time trying to get to the people (the birth process), when you get there they smack you (good ole' doctor), isolate you (baby waiting room) and force you to do whatever is wanted (tests and release). A real citizen will be receptive only because this is what one is born into. But, when the time comes for you to lead, observe and welcome others...What will you do?

We are so blessed to have life my people, respect and cherish that for we know not when that simple gift will be taken away from us. Call home from time to time, get up with your friends and other relatives as often as you can and learn to love life for what it is, not what you particularly want it to be. Once we as humans learn to release our personal desires in order to understand the conceptual framework of society our nation and the world as a whole will be so much better off. Pray for others, be selfless and learn to appreciate the idea of having breath. One day we will all go home. Where will your home be? Have a great week, stay positive and speak to someone you don't know. Much love world! Peace...


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