Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Daily THOUGHT #72 "Real Meditation"

"Life will stretch you into many positions, but when you are prepared mentally...None of that really matters!"
Hello there my people! How are you? I am well, just resting from yet another interesting day. Plan3t 3 played for the AAMU Veterans Day Program and once again it was an amazing eperience. I love playing with these guys and the performance is always quite entertaining. For some reason music has that effect on me. It takes me to a whole nother realm of relief and release. Being able to release your emotions into something is always good for the inner spirit and works wonders as you adust to the ways of the world.

Do you ever take time to really focus on things? I know over the years, this has been a real serious issue for me...but the more that I indulge in the ways of the world, it becomes that much easier to figure out things on my own. As you get older you will learn, to really be successful at something, you have to take the time and dedicate yourself to whatever it is that you desire to do. I like to think about the evolution of society when I contemplate on my ideas. There was always a beginning to everything that you are associated with...and if there was no drive or persistence before, it would not exist.

We as humans have to learn when and where to be completely focused on a matter. Many times we go through situations that make us believe it is necessary to devote all of our energy and emotions to that particular accurance. Knowing when to do so is what will separate a person who is able to adapt and someone who chooses to ignore surroundings. Somedays the enemy will make us endure something, so that when we get around certain people we will turn into loners. By turning into a loner, you disregard the feelings and conversation of others, now don't get me wrong...this is not always intentional but it does happen and when it does, you may miss something that is vital for your life.

Being able to meditate takes serious discipline. One must be able to isolate the mind and body all at the same time. As we go through difficult trials we find it rather easy to be able to dismiss the body from being surrounded by other individuals, but it's not so easy when you attempt to dismiss the mind as well. Professional artists are the best at meditating, I feel. Having to perform in front of massive crowds and constantly traveling can ware and tear on even the best of us, but with proper prepartion, anything is possible. How do you prepare yourself for the challenges of life?

Whenever you are ready to devote your abilities to your imagination you will then discover that there is nothing but potential and affirmation before you. By being able to concentrate on something whole heartedly, you will then see that there is truly a purpose for every idea. Take time to sit down with yourself. Focus on what you believe is important and then formulate the solutions that will get you to the proper destination. Time is not always promised, but as long as you are living, you have time to do anything you want to. Pave your own paths so you don't have to depend on others to make things happen for you.

"Real Meditation" is all you need if you want to organize your ideas to implement action. Don't allow fears to prevent you from reaching your goals and don't let people stand in the way of completing whatever you may feel is an important task. Turn some music on or read a book...seems to work for me! Enjoy your Tuesday, write you all tomorrow! Peace...


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