Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Daily THOUGHT #76 "Giving Thanks"

"Have offerings when things in life speak for themselves...You had better paid attention!"

Attending church a few Sundays ago, the preacher insisted that we give thanks for the blessings that we know God has told us will be ours. He informed us to have faith in the visions that we believe will define who we are in the near future. The preacher's words helped me realize that there is an answer, you just have to understand how to find it. By giving thanks to what is given other things will be presented that will aid in the quest of your journey. With these signs, we must too express thanks and proceed in task. There is always someone with less, physically and emotionally...give thanks for that.

How are you all today? I am well, just sitting here thinking about how I want to express things to you in the blog...There is so much that I'd like to say, but I know I have to narrow it down a bit for my non-readers =^) It seems that we as humans indulge in so much that we desire for self reasons, to the point we don't even realize nor show any form of concern for the living conditions of our people as a whole, an international society. There is so much that we wish to gain as individuals, that we even unintentionally dismiss the existence of other people in our life.

When you are unknowing to how important something will be in your life, you will tend to treat that something with little attention to detail. This is especially when when you develop self anger over another know like when you really have someone that cares for you, but you keep blowing them off because you can't get over some petty issue that has nothing to do with them..then weeks later, they are with someone else doing very well and very without you mad...I wonder how this would have ended up if there was a little appreciation initially?

So soon the faces that we grow so fond of seeing vanish away in thin sight and we wonder, in awe of how somethings could actually come to pass. The moment, though never really recognized as much anymore, is quite precious. We must respect every opportunity that is granted to us as if we were in our last days. This is how to create longevity of life. Though we may not have the freedom to truly live in this nation, we do have the freedom to think and give thanks for life. Common courtesy grants a thank you...This man gave his life.

As you carve your baked, fried or roasted turkey or whatever else you eat, remember to give thanks, definitely for the simple things. Let loved ones know that they are loved and love your self as you should first. Do not take for granted the moment that you cherish most on this day, indeed it stands for a purpose. Use what you gather and solve the puzzle to what is before you. I pray you safe journeys if you are traveling for the holidays. I offer that you submit yourself to being in tune with your surroundings this holiday creates. Learn that you may give. Peace...


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