Friday, November 18, 2011

Daily THOUGHT #74 "Settle Down"

"Be thankful God gave you music & humor...No situation is too bad for this pair to handle" 

Hello there my people, how are you? I am doing quite well thank you! Well to those who asked how I was doing...=^) any who, what's going on in the world today? It seems like everything is just so hostile to the point where it's intellectually humorous...Example: Person- OMG did you really just get into a fight over some he say she say and then you find out the mess wasn't true? Now you're facing time and you got beat up 0_o! I myself look at situations as such to compare...Example: Did you really just allow the assumptions of human's, prospective THOUGHT to allow you to stop doing what you believe you were put here to do? Don't worry, some of you will catch on a tad bit later.

I guess we act the way we act, because we feel that people need to understand our story and our struggle before they may approach us in any form or fashion, not similar to those forms and fashions that we are familiar to. We have such great guards up, that it makes life to move extremely slow but end so quickly. We miss out on connections we were supposed to make, simply because we did not pay attention. Then we sit and think and wonder why things become what they become...Or do you think about that?

We get so worked up over some of the simplest things. I wish that we could learn to exert our energies into the positivity of the atmosphere. This means, instead of finding time to get irritated at things, especially when you are in the surroundings of people you exert that effort into making the best of the situation. Now this does not mean that everything will always be peachy, if you don't want them to. Even when we face storms in life, we must understand that sooner or later rains will stop and reigns will begin. But what will you do with it and how will you allow it to effect your life? That's what tends to mess us up, because we don't think of that before the time hits.

I tell friends all the time how I wish people could sit up high and look down at the paths of life. We seldom recognize it, but we all are placed in positions at certain times to make great moves that would become an international benefit. Dismissal of selfless humility and disregard to the unknown amazing backgrounds that our peers posses lead us in directions that make us prolong the progression needed to live life in any given manner desired. "We walk with so much to give and receive...but for most, reality doesn't kick in until every connect is disconnected."

I firmly believe that it is possible for the human society to learn to simply deal with each other. It just  takes enough people willing to respect life before personality. When you are able to understand that something has lead the human mind to act out the way that it does whether good or bad, you will truly understand how to live. By taking time to understand this chronology of yourself and others you will begin to see great change in all aspects of the imagination. Change being results of amazement, that we never would have THOUGHT of?

So as you take your daily walks into the world my people, "Settle Down"...Observe your surroundings, fulfill your purpose and do what you need to do in order to keep things in proper progression. It'll all add up soon, I promise. Have a great weekend, be safe and be sure that you go ahead and plan as much as you can for the upcoming week, it'll make things a whole lot easier once you realize it's Monday again. Speak to someone you don't know! Peace...


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