Sunday, November 20, 2011

Sunday Reflection #8 "HOW SOON THE SOWER REAPS"

"Just as sure as today is shall return and repeat what it wishes!"

How good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity...Hello there my people. How are you? I am doing very well this fine Sunday afternoon. I pray that everyone has had a great day prior to reading this blog and I hope that it continues to get better. If you have not planned things out for the week, I would like to advise that you go ahead and do so. It will make things so much easier as the unexpected events begin popping up out of nowhere. And for those of you who walk with a positive mindset, you can very much so believe that negativity will be seeking you out. Be ready and stand firm; all will be well.

I guess it's safe to say that my mind has been racing at speeds I have never seen before. A lot of people like to phrase their mind moving fast, as them thinking about a lot of things. Ironically I am the exact opposite. I like to believe that when you are thinking about a lot of things your mind is moving slow. Let's look at children....You gotta be doing something really interesting to keep the attention of a child. If the child doesn't feel that a subject it worthy of acknowledgement, before you can think about it, the child has already found something else to occupy time. That, to me, is an example of a fast mind, a mind that is ready to move on to something different very quickly. Imagine the things that you could do if you slowed your thinking pace down and truly tackled the many tasks that are at hand.

"See, when you become a life farmer." By becoming a life farmer, you take on the responsibility of securing yourself and aiding others. Every time that you come up with an idea or even just a thought, you should plant it. We as a people have so many places where we are able to plant our seeds of life. From here we should be able to watch atmosphere grow as time nourishes the process of manifestation and cultivation. Once this is then in place, it is our job to share. We must share with others our experiences, so that many will be prepared and informed about the world versus few or none at all, knowing nothing at all. Amazingly, when you search to give, the Lord will find a way of delivering opportunity to act on the matter.

Because of this we must be very careful what it is that we sow with others. When you have a chance, you should take a a little time and examine how things line up in your life. What have you been doing? What is going on that has you in a slightly unpleasant mindset? Once you gather those answers, figure out how you got to that point. There are so many options of places where we as humans may plant our ideas....How do you know what's best for you? I will tell you. If I want to plan an event that will involve people from various states and regions of the nation, it would be of my best interest to plan this at least a year in advance. By doing so, it allows all parties to sufficiently prepare and rid themselves of worry. Knowing things ahead of time, ensures that there will be structure. When there is structure, circumstances can arise because there is an already existing firm foundation.

Just the other day I found myself getting upset with someone over nothing and before I could think twice about it, someone was doing the same thing with me. A month or so ago, I received knowledge of an incident where someone (Person A) was smoking and blew smoke into the face of someone who was sleeping (Person B)...Later that night someone (Person C) unexpectedly returned the favor to the original culprit, while he was sleeping (Person A). Every day I am wowed at how things work out. When you take money from people...someone will take money from you, that's just the way that it works.

Everyone knows the phrase "time flies by so fast", but does everyone respect it? I seriously doubt that...because of we did, then I know that we would handle our business a lot better and in a more timely fashion. If we respected that, we would love our friends a lot better than we do...understanding that our time together is not promised. If we respected that phrase, we would understand our life placements and know how to do what is needed to prosper. Instead, we allow things to pass us by, we take advantage of those who will let us and we tend to often disregard those who truly have our best interest at heart. Simple actions that have such impacting conclusions.

Please understand that when you do things, it will return to you. Usually on each blog I write, I tell people to speak to someone that they do not know. I bet you wouldn't believe that since doing so, everywhere I go...people who I have never met before in my life always seem to speak to me and many attempt to hold conversations. This is something that I take mental note of. Be sure that you do the same. When you find yourself doing things that are beneficial to more than just yourself, watch how things begin to happen in your life, take note of it and give God the glory for allowing you to be able to witness him at work.

This week is in your hands to go well or go sour. Do what you have to do (pray, organize, execute) and you will see positive results all week. Speak to someone that you don't know. Remember to keep your inner selflessness! Peace...


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