Thursday, November 10, 2011

Daily THOUGHT #73 "Early Signs of Responsibility"

"When you don't think, you don't know what's to come...And if you don't know what's to come, how do you understand Your Responsibility?"

Greetings everyone! I hope that all is well with you on this wonderful Thursday! I am doing very well myself I guess. I'm breathing, so that means there is room to do anything that I feel as well there is room to improve where I feel I am at fault. If you are breathing, then you should feel the same way...every new day that you are allowed to see should give you the urge to make things happen and through persistence and organized strategy you should be able to accomplish any task.

Have you ever had to baby sit a younger sibling, smaller cousin or maybe some random child because it was your occupation? If you haven't just be patient, your time will come...But to those who have, amazing how much responsibility is placed on your shoulders for a short period of time huh? Regardless if it's 30 minutes to go to the store or an entire weekend because of a business or recreational retreat, the duty of being the adviser is a very serious job and takes real consideration and preparation.

Ever been the head honcho of an organization? This meaning that you have been the president, CEO or chairman, etc. Any person who accepts one of those tasks must truly be dedicated. The security of that particular organizations successful continuation is placed on the shoulders of such officers. One would have to be able to balance the business matters as well take time to tend to the needs of the people that are being led. And please, don't forget that one would have to care  for his or herself as well, all in the midst of fulfilling the purpose of the position. This is not meant for everyone to do.

We should be very grateful to all have been made differently. We should thank God that we look different, act different, see things differently and of course possess various talents and gifts that are unique to every single individual. We all have our own personal world changing's just a matter of us figuring out what it is and what exactly we are supposed to do with it. Have you ever just THOUGHT about what your role in life is or is to be? Do you ever picture the impact that the world would have on the world if we knew what we were responsible for?

Yesterday taught me a lot, from early in the morning until late in the night and it all was quite fitting seeing what day of the month it was. When I publish "Daily THOUGHTS Volume I" you will understand, but until then just imagine that all the signs I ever needed to recognize something were right there in my face and ready for me to either acknowledge and progress or ignore and regress. How ever responsible I wanted to be with the given atmosphere and information would determine the end results of many things to come in the future.

If you allow it to, the mind will roam off to places that we as humans would never really think of being physically or even mentally. But, when this happens it creates opportunity and belief. One who is able to realize that action is needed to make anything happen will endure days of trial and tribulation but in the long run will be able to embrace a desired lifestyle. This lifestyle will be one of amazement as well something for others to look up to. You should be living your life, knowing that others are watching your every move...and you should definitely be watching your every move, knowing that so many people good and bad want to live your life.

At a very young age, one will discover traits that turn into hobbies, after school activities and things to do whenever chores and homework are done. What we don't realize is that each of those tasks are to be treated with great respect and admiration. Whenever we indulge in any matter, we must first focus and realize that there are more people that will be effected by our actions than just ourselves. We also must realize that what we do will create a lineage of things that will be done.Our ideas are always supposed to be carried out, it's just a matter of timing...I will talk about that more tomorrow.

If you have been chosen to be in a position of great responsibility, do not take it lightly or become passive. When this happens all things that could possibly go wrong will go wrong. We must be just as those innovators and movement speakers of the past were. When they established an idea, way of being or something that would improve society...they cherished it, nurtured it and constantly worked on ways to make things better. We as a people must learn to do the same thing and very quick like if we want to see improvements in our land anytime soon. "Early Signs of Responsibility" are all around us, we must pull our personal guards down and accept what is being provided through the signs of life. Once we do this we must then march forward in the efforts of making change in someones life.

Go forth my people and fulfill your purposes and live out your responsibilities. The state of mind and life we live in will be so much better when this happens. Enjoy your day and speak to someone you don't know. Peace!


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