Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Daily THOUGHT #79 "Your Righteous Mind"

"We must embrace our Righteous Mind and release our natural being!"
Hello there my people! How are you? I am doing well, blessed and highly favored in the Lord! Doesn't that just read like a wonderful introduction? I would think so...but not because of the wording, but because of the concept. I got life, so I am blessed. I have a vision, that with faith I know will one day be seen by the masses, that's favor. Today I want to discuss with you some of the things that are obvious, which we should recognize and speak on. I will also bring to light, somethings that aren't as apparent. "Though things may not appear in full focus, we still must be able to understand what is of our best interest and what is not."

"Our daily walks in life are designed to bring us closer to something that we possibly can feel to be there, but in natural actuality have no evidence of this being true." Each day we go out with realistic tasks to complete, not realizing that there is so much more for us to observe and take into account for. Each of us have been blessed with various talents and abilities, that if nurtured and tended to correctly, would bring about manifestation in our earthly being that would be indescribable. How is that you ask? Because it is unimaginable...How in the world do YOU plan to tell me something about something you nor I have a clue on?....I'll wait for replies.

Our mind is such a futile being or muscle if you may. I much rather call it a muscle, because we can understand the meaning better when we do so. See a muscle, will have the tendency to ache, as well be very relaxed. With consistent and proper working, the muscle will expand and become stronger. We must learn to do this with our mental process of thinking. We must become stronger, so that we will be able to face whatever challenges may come our way. If your muscle is weak, when you are faced with a tribulation that may SEEM to be overbearing, you will give in and allow it to control the demeanor of your actions. When this is done all hell has broke loose!

How do we control those all hell moments? How are we supposed to be able to deal with the temptations that will lead us into wrong doings of our fellow man? How do we stand front and face the adversaries that wish to keep us prisoners from mental stability and reasoning? Simple, by tapping into "Your Righteous Mind". Anyone who knows the word of God knows that even the righteous shall face affliction. Look it up if you don't believe me. So why wouldn't an ole regular, non-righteous thinking people like us not face the same thing? Tests in school are only a minute parallel to the true tests that we are faced with daily. "Whether it be financial, occupational, educational, family, home, religious or friend related...we face tests that will make us depend on our Righteous Mind or our natural being." The choice is yours.

But wouldn't you rather not have to worry about things? Wouldn't life be so much easier if we could just know what was next...what was out there for us....what decisions will be great for us and those that well set us back far in life? Well I am here to inform you, that you can. That's nothing! You just have to have the will power to break your strong hold on your natural being. As I have stated so many times in blogs..."Every THOUGHT has and action and every action has a reaction." We must be able to tap into knowing what is the right action once the THOUGHT is placed.

What we think of and what we imagine is based on what the dominating atmospheric presence is. What you are dealing with is what you are surrounded by. Now don't misunderstand me here. This doesn't mean that since you are surrounded by your covers and TV, that this is where your knowledge comes from...but it does mean that what you view on TV, how long you stay in the bed, the emotions that you are encountering at home, vibes at the workplace, that yearning for a life partner (momentary or lasting) has an effect on what you think, which leads to what you do. When you are able to view the little things, you will jump those hurdles, which will leave you clear lane to run the rest of the race.

Now for those who are still a little unsure about how things work in the world...I am not saying that you have to be some big religious figure to understand "Your Righteous Mind". You just have to be willing to believe that it exists. As humans we have the right here to do whatever we please, righteously without any question of man, but because we are unable to balance our freedom, (i.e Lucifer, Eve and Adam) we must live in a world of rules and restrictions. In order to make your own rules, you must first learn how to walk in the rules that are given. Once this is done, you can use "Your Righteous Mind" to determine if this rule is best for you and if it isn't you will be able to display factual evidence why it is not.

"Naturally we will want to presume that things will always be a certain way, simply because of sequence of events or persuasion from outside parties." Begin to think without the eye of assumption and things will become more clear for you. This is indeed a promise. Its the middle of the week, so recap all that you have done thus far. Are you completing your objectives? Have you prepared yourself for the weekend? Get things in order. I wish you well in your endeavors. Please pray for my wisdom and understanding. I will keep you all uplifted. Speak to someone you don't know! God Bless! Peace...


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