Sunday, January 8, 2012

Sunday Reflection #10 "NO IDEA HOW TO GET THERE"

Man I would love to be the leading culinary artist in the United States, but with the consistent increase of scholastic tuition, especially for out of state students, I don't know how I would be able to afford it. Some of the best chefs in the world study and perfect their craft in places such as Italy, Paris, Ireland and even Greece. I have trouble getting gas money to get around the city...How in the world am I gonna get overseas? Does this seem like the typical THOUGHT process for many youngsters to you? Can you imagine a member of today's youthful generation making comments as such? I know I can.

Sadly proven, many of our citizens, ages 11-20ish believe that there is no hope for the future and no consideration for the advancement of the people. I remember subbing one day at a Huntsville area middle school and as I was reading to the young scholars a passage that I had written. One of the students raised his hand and asked me: "Mr. Hill, why do you care about society so much? They definitely don't care about us!" Immediately I had several ideas to register in my brain. First I was impressed that the young man was able to follow the message behind my illustration. This showed that he was paying attention. Next I was intrigued to figure out what in life would make him feel that way...and of course, I was formulating a solution.

"Being lost is not the end of the world...It's only the beginning of a new destination!"

Whether it is admitted or not, teachers, parents and even the worlds most influential leaders suffer with the "No Idea How To Get There" moments. This was one for me. Of course I knew what should be said to answer his question...but would that be enough? Would he be able to interpret and apply. "We have to be able to take the circumstances and opportunities of life, gain knowledge of it's existence and importance and then discover how to implement it's purpose in our daily walk of life." At this very moment, I knew that what I said would either change his life, go in one ear and out the other or completely solidify the reason why he had the predetermined position on society that he had.

Sometimes when I observe the mannerisms of our international society I too feel like I have "No Idea How To Get There". It still amazes me that humans conduct friendships, business and commitments as just another something that's here on Earth versus treating such activity as something that should be cherished, honored and advanced. So many people, because of their own personal encounters, have already alleviated the concern of others. But I mean, can you really blame them. We live in a society where so much emphasis is placed on the growth of our own individual ideologies that we seem to forget our purpose to contribute to the lives of our fellow man.

One of my favorite forms of music is choral gospel. From the words, the message, delivery, style of music and of course the feeling that is created...their is nothing less than amazing about this musical entity. One who is able to connect both mentally and spiritually will find movements in their life, never expected nor anticipated. But we must always remember that when this music is performed, that is then the culmination of proper preparation. Someone wrote the music, someone taught and rehearsed the music and of course someone had to sing and play it. Musicians know how difficult learning music can be at the beginning...and for pieces that are advanced in caliber, it can be quite frustrating trying to master the music. When this happens, focus becomes disrupted and various snow ball effects that aren't too positive begin to occur. How do you manage?

Even though I probably shouldn't have, based on the new laws of the school system, I told the young man and the rest of his class about Jesus Christ that day while I was subbing. Why should he have cared about society? Why should he have wanted to give his all, for people who had no concerns of giving anything? Why should he, having all power at his reach, allow the simple minded people of the world to determine his fate? Why should he tolerate being treated with such disgrace, knowing how pure and holy he and his purpose was? Why...because that's the right thing to do. Jesus took the time to know the hearts of the people. Jesus took the time to embrace his enemies not detour them. And Jesus, most importantly, took the time to understand his walk must be centered by the will of God!

That day all of the students in class were touched, did their work, participated in class activities and told me how they would go about interacting more positively in society. There is so much in your life that can be done, you just have to plan, pray and declare. I challenge you to do this: 1). Take time and think about all the things that are important in your life. Map out the things that you want to see done in your life as well the things that you want to be done with. Create a chronological time table of goals to be accomplished. 2). Thank God for everything he has, is and will do for you DAILY! Pray that God will guide you to walk into your role of fulfilling his will, that it may be done. Pray that God give you the strength and ability to obscure obstacles and temptations. Pray that God will help you to remain humble and selfless. 3). DECLARE AND SPEAK INTO EXISTENCE THE POWERFUL WORLD CHANGING DESIRES THAT YOU HAVE IN YOUR HEART FOR YOUR LIFE! For those who do not know, the tongue is the most powerful instrument on your body. It holds the power of life and death and certainly the power of manifestation.

It doesn't matter if you have a clue at all how you are going to complete whatever task that you wish to finish. What matters is you have a plan and that you believe. Any and everything is possible. "When you speak things and do things...that of which you spoke and did will find it's way to you!" You can bet any kind of money on that! May God bless you as we begin the second week of 2012! Speak to someone you don't know! Peace...


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